Nova Launcher brings its Android L fixins out of beta, now available for all on Google Play

Nova Launcher Update screenshots

During this year’s Google I/O, the Android team threw everyone for a loop with the release of the Android L Developer Preview. Meant to help developers get up and running with the next version of Android and its all new Material Design, the preview wasn’t exactly meant to be used as a daily driver.

Still, there were many that had already found themselves smitten with its minimalist good looks and even though there weren’t too many changes in the launcher (at least not in the preview), there were small enough changes made that developer TeslaCoil saw it as the perfect time to update his app.

In an update that rolled out to the Nova Launcher Beta a few weeks ago, TeslaCoil introduced a few new key UI elements brought over from the L preview. Guess everything checked out, as these new Android L tweaks are now officially available in the stable version on Google Play. Users can look forward to vertical “L” folder previews, an “L” app drawer icon, “L” app transitions, as well as the usual optimizations and bug fixes. Even a whiter Google Search widget made the cut, not available in the Developer Preview, but shown off onstage during Google I/O.

Once downloaded, you can further complete the Android L look by downloading a Moonshine icon pack or system-wide themes for ROMs like Cyanogen. You can grab the latest update to Nova Launcher by following the Google Play link below.

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  • perhac88

    O this really makes me want to redownload Nova launcher. But love having Google now on on the left of my homescreen…….tough decisions….

    • thebeeobee

      What do you mean by the Google Now thing?

      • Danny Dodge

        Nexus devices with the Google launcher (and other devices compatible with the launcher) can swipe left to get Google now, its actually a homescreen page in the launcher.

        • thebeeobee

 I’m on a droid maxix but waiting for foxfi wifi tethering to start working before i go to 4.4.

      • perhac88

        I have the Nexus 5 so it comes with the stock google now launcher. The far left screen goes straight into Google now.

        • Danny Dodge

          Oh you DO have a n5, go get flashing buddy, you won’t regret it!!!! :) I sound like an evangelist huh

          • perhac88

            Haha eventually I’ll root it but I just got it about two weeks ago, and when I get a new phone I like to keep it pretty stock for a few weeks before i root it ;)

          • Danny Dodge

            Haha fair enough, I do the same kinda, I wait until the year warranty is nearly up before I mess with it (that way a replacement is cheap or a worthy upgrade if something goes wrong) – stock always has a nice distinctive feel no matter how much rooted and booted rocks… :)

    • Danny Dodge

      If you have a nexus 4 or 5 flash the dev preview , best of both worlds. I have it on nexus 4 with Franco sm kernel, its amazing :) the xda guys managed to port a ROM to the n4 that is apparently better than the n5 preview…

    • crapifiknow

      I loved the Google launcher but Nova always seemed faster…. But I’m with you I miss the left side Google now.

  • Ilay Ron

    What is the wallpeaper?

  • NinoBr0wn

    I wish Moonshine had more icons available. I have a handful of icon packs on my phone, and all the others update way more frequently than Moonshine does, which doesn’t have many icons in the first place.

  • iron2000

    Apex Launcher has them too!

  • Chief738

    Ooh we’re gonna have a lot of fixins?

  • Does This Hold Up