Jul 11th, 2014

HTC Dot View app update

HTC’s Dot View case is arguably the best thing to happen to device protection in a very long time. Not because the Dot View case offers the best protection, or even uses premium materials — it’s because it’s damn cool to look at. Straight up.

Today, HTC’s Dot View app is getting an update on Google Play and it looks to finally add many features/requests lacking in the previous build. Namely, there’s an actual interface giving users the ability to choose from various hand picked wallpapers tailored to the Dot View’s 8-bit like Creative Matrix Display. Should you have a wallpaper of your own you’d like to try out, you can even select one of your vary own, just keep in mind it might not look as cool.

Aside from customization options, the app is getting some new functionality as well. HTC added the ability to redial the 3 most recent calls, and new notifications can be found, viewable by swiping left or right with the Dot View case closed.

One of the smarter moves HTC made lately was unbundling a few of their system apps and making them updatable through the Google Play Store. Typically, users have to wait for manufacturers to push out an entire system update before getting nifty little features like camera tweaks or what have you. A trend started by Motorola with the Moto X, we have to say we like this method a lot better.

You can grab the Dot View update right now in the Play Store, or if this has finally convinced any of you to pick up the Dot View case, they can be found on Amazon for around $27 here.

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