LastPass is one of the first non-Paypal apps to support Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner

lastpass galaxy s5 fingerprint feature

A new upgrade is headed to LastPass, the app that lets you set one password for ALL your passwords. Its status as a security app makes it a natural fit for the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner, and that’s the exact functionality we’re getting as part of today’s update.

The app works just like you’d expect — log-in using your master password, set up fingerprint authentication using the in-app instructions and you’re all set. The next time you’re prompted to input your LastPass password, you’ll instead have the option to simply swipe your finger across the Galaxy S5’s home button. If you haven’t already been scared away by the risks of biometric security than you can find the upgrade sitting in the Google Play Store.

[via LastPass]

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  • MK2

    I don’t use last pass yet, but sounds great with fingerprint. I’m extremely unworried (-*-) that someone will steal my fingerprint, run to their nearest capable lab, and then steal my phone before I can brick the thing.

    • rick slick

      I’m more worried someone will chop off your fingers to get access to your phone, LOL

  • Josh Sleeper

    PasswordBox is a direct competitor to LastPass and announced the same thing 5 days ago, fyi.

    • rick slick

      Hopefully KeePass will make something similar available. KeePass is open source, free, and cross-platform with Windows desktop, pretty much my choice of software over any private / paid options.

  • JayToTheRock

    This…makes the s5…appealing!
    But is it like my HTC one max where I cannot use the finger print reader if it’s rooted?

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    • HyperTallih

      virus, nice try.