Apr 29th, 2014

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Heads-up, folks. (Get it? Heads-up? As in, heads-up display? As in, Google Glass has a hea– yea, never mind.) Google has detailed another quick upgrade for Google Glass that should be making the experience a bit more pleasant to use.

Specifically speaking, phone calls will now be handled in a smarter way. Answer a call on Google Glass, and you’ll take the call on Google Glass. Answer it on your phone and, well, you get the idea. And if you answer a call on your phone but Google Glass isn’t active (that is, it isn’t on your head) Glass will know not to transfer the call.

Moving on, you’ll now be able to handle your photos a lot better. For starters, you can now set your Glass to back photos up no matter which network you’re on — the device previously only performed the action if you were on WiFi. Finally, you’ll be able to clear your entire timeline of photos and video with a single swipe instead of having to go through the lot of them individually.

None of these updates alone are going to make Google Glass a must have product, but each update comes together to form what’s eventually going to be a device primed and ready for retail. Google says to expect these changes over the course of the coming week.

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