XCOM: Enemy Unknown now available for Android for just $10


Yesterday, we reported a story regarding XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s forthcoming launch on Android. At that time we also learned that it might launch today thanks to word by the game’s designer, but 2K quickly put the lid on that rumor and passed it off as an error. Turns out they were just lying — it’s out now, and sitting in the Google Play Store.

xcom enemy unknown 2

Even better news? It’s only $10, which is half as much as we thought it’d launch for if going by iOS pricing. We can’t seem to find any difference between the two to justify the $10 price difference. The game seems just as rich in terms of graphics and content as the iOS version. Heck, the two even share nearly the exact same description on their respective app pages.

Early reviews in the Google Play Store seem to be mostly positive, so that should quell any fears you have that this game is anything but full, complete and playable.

xcom enemy unknown

You might want to be cautious if you don’t have a mid-range or high-end smartphone or tablet that wasn’t released in the past year or two, but everything seems good otherwise. Give it a go in the Google Play Store if you dare, and be sure to read our post yesterday to see just what it is this turn-based strategy gme has to offer.

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  1. Link? I’m not seeing it on the play store:

  2. It won’t let me install it on a Tegra 4 HP slate 7 extreme.
    What tablets might it let me install this on?

    I want to buy this. If I could play it and since it appears there is no IAP I am pretty excited.

    1. It seems to be compatible with my 2013 nexus 7.

  3. Found it, £7.14 here and 3.63GB install.

    Id buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn’t two years too late.

  4. Yeah, seriously, where’s the link? Not coming up in Play search results. Not available in countries outside US perhaps? A little more effort is needed before posting articles like this, please.

    1. I’m in the US, I just don’t see it =(

  5. so did they keep the difficulty the same as the pc counter part?

  6. Where is it. I can’t find it.

    1. Thanks!

  7. 3.6GB… This is why I will only buy devices with microSD support. I don’t know what Google are thinking trying to cripple external storage functionality.

    1. You realize that with the newer versions of Android due to security changes that Apps2SD don’t work/isn’t supported anymore. Some manufactures have corrected it (Nvidia Shield immediately comes to mind) but even those solutions don’t support the majority of games. For example while Records of Agarast War (1.3GB) will go to the MicroSD card, GTA:San Andres will not.

      1. I use Foldermount to link the .obb file to my external SD for large games like this.

        1. Hmm I’ll have to look into that. I was starting to have space issues on the Nvidia Shield even with a 64GB MicroSD. Maybe I can get that to work and install some of the games I removed to make space.

        2. Yep – FolderMount rocks, now that the old BindMount app is no longer updated.

    2. Do you put PC games on external hard drives? I am NOT going to put this heavy game on an external memory.

      But if it works good for you, please let us know. I still have this notion that games on external memory, runs slower and are more prone to crashing.

      1. Only the load times are affected in my experience–the actual gameplay is fine. I’ll get this game in the next few days and report back.

      2. No, they are not prone to crashes.

        It just might take a little longer to load depending on whether or not the device supports UHS-I transfer speeds or not. Exynos versions of the Galaxy S4/S5 and Note 3 all support 60MB/s + so it wouldn’t make any difference on them.

        Not sure about newer devices running Snapdragon 801.

        Also yes I have some games on my 4TB external hard drive, USB 3 is quite fast you know.

        1. 60MB/s is very slow compared to real SSDs.
          USB3 is again slow, but so is a single 4TB disk.

          1. The internal storage in your phone isn’t much faster than 60MB/s so it shouldn’t make any difference if your loading apps from internal or external sd card.

            USB 3 is not slow, my 4TB disk is faster than most laptop hard drives.

            Not as fast as my Samsung 250GB SSD 840 or my internal 3TB raid array, obviously.

      3. Uh, yes, people often install PC games on external HDDs. The small, fast, system SSD + huge, slower, external data HDD is a common case. Very analogous to the phone with sdcard.

    3. Or tons of onboard storage.

      1. Users with 32GB storage or more won’t have too much of a problem with this.

        Only ones that will are users with 16GB devices, sure you copy over the sdcard with foldermount but in many cases in will cause slow loading speeds, well unless you use an Exynos version of the S4/S5.

        1. Ain’t that the truth

        2. Even 16GB devices would be fine, unless you have a lot of these games installed at once.

          1. Sure, if have almost nothing on your phone your good to go.

          2. Yep this is fine for me, I store all photos, movies and music on the cloud (or stream) so have plenty of space for apps.

          3. Imagine that. People with the crazy desire to have a choice of games to play at any given time…

    4. That’s why you should never try to save $50, and not buy a 32Gb variant/

  8. I happen to have $15 just laying in my wallet account.

    *impulse buy*

  9. I’ve already put 200 hours into this game on my PC. It’s a great game but I’ll pass on the Android version.

  10. Seems to run quite well on my Nexus 7 2013, odd stutter here and there but it’s very playable and the controls work really well.

  11. I’m going to give this a try I played the pc version and loved it.
    Downloading over lte now! Experimenting.
    12:45 pm initiated via tmobile lte
    Battery capacity at 80%
    Complete 1:08 pm battery at 73 % sweet.
    Works great so far on note 3 snapdragon 800.
    You can zoom in and out as well as rotate screen like in Google maps, controls are also compatible to mobile.
    Unlimited saves is also pretty awesome.
    FYI the game supports physx on non nvidia chips.

  12. Does it support cloud saves/game syncing between multiple devices on android?

  13. Im sure android users feel superior getting a port a YEAR later!

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