Apr 24th, 2014

Yesterday, we reported a story regarding XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s forthcoming launch on Android. At that time we also learned that it might launch today thanks to word by the game’s designer, but 2K quickly put the lid on that rumor and passed it off as an error. Turns out they were just lying — it’s out now, and sitting in the Google Play Store.

xcom enemy unknown 2

Even better news? It’s only $10, which is half as much as we thought it’d launch for if going by iOS pricing. We can’t seem to find any difference between the two to justify the $10 price difference. The game seems just as rich in terms of graphics and content as the iOS version. Heck, the two even share nearly the exact same description on their respective app pages.

Early reviews in the Google Play Store seem to be mostly positive, so that should quell any fears you have that this game is anything but full, complete and playable.

xcom enemy unknown

You might want to be cautious if you don’t have a mid-range or high-end smartphone or tablet that wasn’t released in the past year or two, but everything seems good otherwise. Give it a go in the Google Play Store if you dare, and be sure to read our post yesterday to see just what it is this turn-based strategy gme has to offer.