This Project Ara dual-analog controller concept has us licking our chops

Flippypad Project Ara concept Aether Technician

There are few advances in the mobile that truly have us as excited as Google ATAP’s Project Ara. The world’s first modular smartphone project, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around everything that could be possible in a smartphone that features removable components. Sure, additional batteries, bigger cameras, or even a QWERTY keyboard are some of the modules that immediately come to mind, but what about when it comes to gaming?

We wont beat around the bush — the Google Play Store is chock full of amazing game console emulators. And just imagine playing all those amazing old-school games on the “Flippypad,” a concept controller module for Project Ara from the mind of the The Aether Technician. The controller would merely snap into one of the larger sized modules on the back and not only allow For gaming properly on-the-go, but keeps your screen protected as well. Battery life is always a concern with gaming on our smartphones, but outfit this controller with a few mAh of juice and it might not even matter.

The concept’s creator says that although the Flippypad isn’t a real product just yet, it’s possible his concept will inspire someone else to create something similar for Project Ara in time for its release sometime in January of next year. We. Can’t. Wait.

[The Aether Technician]

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  • WhoaManWtF

    This project Ara could end up being such a game changer, it is real interesting just to see all of the news on it.

  • Alan Shearer

    Hell yea oh fucking hell yea!!

  • Pal

    Not quite modular if it needs to fold closed perfectly like in the render. If form factor is as flexible as the phone’s configuration possibilities, we’ll need multiple controller pad sizes to accommodate them.

    But I suppose it won’t be much of a problem if the body style is kept to only a few sizes a year, and if they don’t keep changing the location of the slot locations.

  • Brandon

    Oh. My. God.

  • a)


    • Anfronie

      aaahhhh my ears!!!

  • Anthony McKay

    Project Ara telling the mobile world what’s up!

  • ChristianMcC

    Ooh, my…..:O

  • guitarist5122

    Um, no. Way more convenient just to use a Bluetooth controller… And less bulky

    • No_Nickname90

      What? How is it more convenient to add another controller if the controller is already connected in this concept?

      And you goin’ except that bulk. That bulk looks nice. LoL!!

      • guitarist5122

        You can have you’re bulky phone, I’ll just whip out my Bluetooth controller if and when I get the urge to play on my phone. After playing games on the tablet (which is also in the backpack), playing on a phone is about enjoyable as watching movies on a phone.

        • Juan Carlos Contreras

          The beauty of the Ara concept is that it’s the user has the choice on how he’ll customize it, so there should be no bashing of how one customizes theirs. Besides, You can still carry the “Flippypad” in your backpack and be less bulky than the “Pocket Moga”. I love this project Ara and can’t wait to get one!

          • guitarist5122

            I agree completely about the beauty of project Ara. Still a controller fits better in the hands than a rectangle and I still say gaming is better on a tablet.

          • Joshua Hill

            No one was bashing anyone. If anyone could be accused of bashing it would have to be No_nick as guitar was the one with the original opinion/statement.

          • Juan Carlos Contreras

            I was not directing that at anyone here. I was just trying to say with the customization of project Ara everybody will have their choice on what it will do, i.e. play games, better camera and/or extended battery life and nobody should bash on personal choice.

          • Joshua Hill

            If you weren’t directing at anyone can I suggest making your own comment instead of replying to somebody else’s comment and then stating ‘so there should be no bashing of how one customizes theirs’. I certainly interpreted that to be directed at guitar and believe most people would make the same interpretation.

          • Juan Carlos Contreras

            Can you send me the copy of “Comment Etiquette”, because I must of gone to my spam folder when it went out to all! I’ll post how I please! Troll off!!

          • Joshua Hill

            I wouldn’t waste my time sending a copy to a TROLL! Bye

    • tyler j

      What Bluetooth controller do you use?

      In my experience its always been just short of a hassle to game on the go with a controller. Granted, I used a sixaxis and gameclip, but this looks way better.

      • guitarist5122

        Pocket moga. Just carry it in my backpack. Works like a charm

  • Phil_A_Shio

    *unzips pants*

    I’m ready.

  • mrjoeyloke

    I want this!

    • SRC9

      I want this!

  • thedicemaster

    i just see 1 problem with this idea: what if you want to do something other than gaming?
    the gamepad would get in the way for single-handed use, portrait use, and phone calls.

    so it needs a way to fold behind the phone while still being able to stay in a half-open position while carrying the weight of the phone.

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Is there a problem with this being just a gaming device? That’s what I’m thinking when I look at this – Dedicated gaming device.

      • Dan

        Yeah, that would be pretty sweet to have a dedicated gaming device with a flip open screen… Why hasn’t anyone thought of that sooner?…

        • Jeremy Sheehan

          Nvidia shield? Nintendo ds?

          • Dan

            Sega Irony?

      • Robb Nunya

        If they get the basic setup out for $50, and I can add some storage and this for under $50, I’m certainly interested.

    • arudei

      well, if you’re done with it for a moment, just ‘remove’ it since ara is a modular smartphone.

    • Mista_Mr

      Someone could put a swivel point on it or make it flex like those lenovo yoga laptops.

    • Jay

      Or you could just remove it when you’re not using it and substitute it with another component or use a blank. I mean, Isn’t that the whole point with a modular phone?

  • 1stkorean

    Some of the problems some commenters have pointed out might be why it is called a Concept and not production.