Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S) appears in India


Samsung Galaxy S5 wood DSC05784

It’s long been rumored that Samsung is planning release a higher-end Galaxy device later this year dubbed the “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.” This model will, according to rumors, feature a more premium aluminum body, 2K display, and 3GB of RAM — likely in an attempt at 1-uping one of the year’s biggest smartphone releases: the Apple iPhone 6.

Seems no matter how much Samsung denies the Prime’s existence, the phone continues making small appearances online. This time, an alleged SM-G906S/K has popped up in a shipping manifest in India, believed to the be a regional variant of the Samsung SM-G906S (Galaxy S5 Prime). Four of these devices shipped out of South Korea for “R&D purposes,” but other than that, not much else is revealed.

Samsung galaxy-s5-prime-zauba

Taking a look at the SM-G906S that recently made an appearance in a GFXBench, this alleged Galaxy S5 Prime — which could carry an entirely different product name  — could feature the following specs:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime specs

  • 5.2-inch 2560×1440 display
  • 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor with Adreno 420 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage
  • 16 MP rear/ 2MP front-facing camera
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat

For some, these specs are exactly what they expected the Galaxy S5 to launch with and could be the reason why Samsung is being so tight lipped on the project. Releasing a more premium version of your flagship device during the same year likely wouldn’t sit well with customers, especially after they purchased the “regular” Galaxy S5.

[RBMen | via BGR, PhoneArena]

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  1. Why don’t they just do away with the regular GS5 and make this the standard?

    1. The 805 is not even available yet… Plus why would they do that when all other OEMs are so far behind?

      1. Yeah I know the 805 isn’t available but I think the build quality for the GS5 isn’t as good compared to other flagships like the M8 and Z2. They should have higher standards. I don’t see the point in paying hundreds more ( and you know Sammy is gonna charge hundreds more) for a slightly better processor and better build quality.

  2. The only way I would bother updating my G2 is for an 805 or up so this is a step in the right direction… too bad it is a samsung ;/

  3. I would be you know what if I had already purchased the plastic S5

  4. Who can stop Samsung uh? Can u imagine the Note 4? Oh boy!

    1. How about a 4k screen with 3.0ghz processor… That would be an amazing product

      1. Plus bended screen, IPS68 and 4GB RAM (Google gotta hurry up here to make android 64bit)!

      2. Settle down, 4k screens aren’t even commercially reproduced for a cheap rate yet. The 4k displays on TVs are still pricey as hell. Wait for the “plasma popularity” to die down.

  5. if this is true, S5 owners just got trolled HARD.

    1. Time to face the truth: soon “6 months” will be the new standard window time between smartphone releases.

      1. that would be fine, but this thing could be released in june.

  6. If this is true and they lied the whole time, ill never purchase another samsung device again.

    1. The rumors were a Galaxy S5 and S5 lite model. So the onus is on the consumer when they purchase products. It’s not lying because they didn’t say “we are only making one phone a yr and it will be our only flagship.” We all know the Note 4 will be the best Samsung product in 2014 anyways.

        1. I am still partially right because there is not one flagship per yr, there are multiple.

          1. Yeah I get that. I know they release all sorts of s5 variants but this one was specifically denied over and over again. Just bad business

          2. Not really. Many people practice rumor denying in various businesses. I believe the iPad Mini was denied in 2012. Coaches and players deny about rumors. It’s a good business move to build two S5 variants, but this current one is overpriced. If it’s $450 and the main one is $650, that’s better.

    2. Every corporation lies. If you were stupid enough to believe them(especially when rumor after rumor after rumor pointed to them lying) then that’s on you

      1. that is one heck of an outlook. I guess if we are lied too its on us. I get there were rumors and sooooooo many rumors never pan out.

        1. Not what I said, but thanks for furthering my point that you are stupid. I said if you were stupid enough to believe them its on you. And it is. If you know someone is a liar and you blindly believe whatever they say then you’re foolish.

          1. Except you are the idiot, basically what your are saying is believe the rumor. If I believed every rumor I saw I would be as dumb as you.

          2. You really struggle with English don’t you? Never did I say to believe the rumors. I said you’re stupid if you blindly believe known liars. Please graduate 3rd grade before you reply again.

          3. Do you even think before you speak? You are completely contradicting yourself. In this case what should you believe? The rumor or the lie?

          4. You clearly don’t think before you speak, after you speak, before you hear something or after you hear it, so I’ll try this again. If you know someone is a liar, don’t blindly believe them. Listening to them and listening to rumors aren’t the only two options. If they are saying one thing, and rumors are pointing to something else(I hope you have the mental capacity to understand what I’m about to say) WAIT AND SEE!! You don’t have to buy the phone the first day/week/month its out. You can wait to see if(in this particular example) a more premium phone really does come out. It will likely soon become very clear whether or not Samsung lied and at that point a normal thinking person could make a smart, informed decision.

            Or just be stupid and blame Samsung for your own ignorance.

          5. Its ok man I get it now. My one and only problem is arguing with a person named dizel. Have a good evening sir.

          6. I’m glad you think that’s your only problem. Ignorance is bliss and you seem quite blissful…except for the annoying whining about Samsung lying.

  7. So the S5 prime is Samsung’s answer to the iphone 6 and lg g3 while the S5 takes care of htc one and Z2… Hmmm good luck sammy you rock… for me am a Nexus fan…

  8. Well , my contract is up at the end of June and hope this version comes to fruition..

  9. Hopefully there is some concrete info on this by the time my contract is up at the end of June. I like what I see but if just remains a rumor and nothing else then another phone will have to do.

  10. If this is true, samsung lied…and that doesn’t sit well with me…i wont buy from them again…money speaks

  11. Well they did it with the galaxy s3 in the UK I got the s3 with 1gig and 4 month later Samsung release it with 2 gig of ram… I’m glad I’ve got my nexus 5

    1. what you got was the international version instead of the US version. the INT had a quad-core exynos with 1gig of RAM while the US had a dual core qualcomm with 2gigs of RAM. samsung was forthcoming on both from the beginning.

      most US customers wanted the quad-core version for the processor.

    2. First of all, a gig difference isn’t the same as a premium and basic model

  12. Well I’m waiting. I know those with the S5 won’t like it but not EVERYONE bought the S5. Now I can only hang to this S3 for so long now, so c’mon with the release.

    1. Same here. I hope it’s more than just rumored.

  13. as an owner of a S5 that would be a slap in the face

  14. LOL @ people who purchased the S5. hahahahah

    Phone is beyond trash. Returned to my Nexus 5 after using it for 2 days.

  15. Having just bought the S5, if they do release this I will be so fucking pissed!

  16. Sold, now send me one.

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