Apr 21st, 2014


While $200 for an off-contract smartphone like the Moto G sounds reasonable to many of us, there’s been talk around the blogosphere that Motorola could be planning on taking it another tier lower with an even lower-priced handset. On Friday, we took a look at some leaked specs of such a device in Brazil, showing what appeared to be a variant of the Moto G, only with slightly less internal storage and a dual-core processor.

This same smartphone — dubbed the Motorola Moto E — has now reportedly been confirmed by the Mexican tech site Xataka. According to their sources, the phone is expected to launch in Mexico in the coming weeks at around 2,999 pesos ($230) and although global availability wasn’t mentioned, we’re expecting to see this outside of Latin American countries as well.

Moto E logo Xataka

It’s important to note how much more expensive smartphone are in countries like Mexico and Brazil (more expensive than the US), so an even lighter version of the Moto G could be another strategic move by the OEM to capture that extremely low-end market. And even though it’s “low-end,” the Moto E could offer quite a lotta bang for the buck. Internal memory, while limited,  is so said to feature a micro SD expansion slot for storage of media and (some) apps.

Don’t forget there’s also been talk of a LTE equipped Moto G launching later this year, along with a Moto X refresh this summer. Motorola’s new smartphone portfolio could exactly what they need to gain valuable market share and with new help from Lenovo, they just might get there.

[Xataka | via phoneArena]

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