Apr 21st, 2014

Flippypad Project Ara concept Aether Technician

There are few advances in the mobile that truly have us as excited as Google ATAP’s Project Ara. The world’s first modular smartphone project, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around everything that could be possible in a smartphone that features removable components. Sure, additional batteries, bigger cameras, or even a QWERTY keyboard are some of the modules that immediately come to mind, but what about when it comes to gaming?

We wont beat around the bush — the Google Play Store is chock full of amazing game console emulators. And just imagine playing all those amazing old-school games on the “Flippypad,” a concept controller module for Project Ara from the mind of the The Aether Technician. The controller would merely snap into one of the larger sized modules on the back and not only allow For gaming properly on-the-go, but keeps your screen protected as well. Battery life is always a concern with gaming on our smartphones, but outfit this controller with a few mAh of juice and it might not even matter.

The concept’s creator says that although the Flippypad isn’t a real product just yet, it’s possible his concept will inspire someone else to create something similar for Project Ara in time for its release sometime in January of next year. We. Can’t. Wait.

[The Aether Technician]

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