Mobile Roar Podcast 41: Chris’ Galaxy S Fail

Despite all of our warnings, Chris still went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. How does he like it? Let’s just say if you’ve got a HTC One M8 to trade he is interested. Listen to him rant about how much he hates it, and listen to us say “we told you so!” We also talk about some of the weirdest phone names to ever exist, Google’s awesome new camera app, Wins and Fails of the Week, and our App Picks.

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  • MK2

    I’m surprised that I’m not hearing similar experiences with the slow GS5 on the Android forums. Lots of people having specific technical issues, but not the laginess. Now I have to see if work is gonna have the HTC.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I thought the combination of KitKat + Snapdragon 801 would eliminate any and all lag introduced in TouchWiz. Boy, was I wrong. It’s funny how, no matter how many specs you throw on a phone, its software still has the power to cripple it.

      Now, I’m just debating if I should return my Galaxy S5 for the M8, or simply wait until the G3/Z2 hit T-Mobile. Hmmmm…

      • Joshua Simpson