Gold LG G3 retail box leaks online, 2K display and more reportedly confirmed as well



The LG G3 cometh. In case you needed further proof — other than leaked screenshots and benchmarks — our friends at The Verge have actually obtained a retail box for device, currently going by the codename “B2.” According to sources, the phone will come with the oft rumored super high resolution 2K display and, as the box suggests, a gold color variant will also be available (as is the trend these days).

While the box doesn’t give anything away as far as the design, The Verge was able to confirm that the LG G3 will look largely like the LG Isai FL that leaked yesterday (the front of the device with those tiny bezels). The Isai also showed a date of May 1st on its display, which could could be a hint to a possible announcement date. New rumors suggest LG could begin mass producing their own chipsets as early as this quarter for inclusion in their handsets, but we think the G3 might miss out on that timing.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 already on sale, LG has little time to waste to bring their next flagship to market. Now we just have to wait until they can make the LG G3 official, though we expect more leaks in the coming weeks.

[Korea Herald]

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  1. Very cool phone but probably not for me. As I love the outdoors and live 5min from Fort Lauderdale beach I’m not planning to change my Note 3 to any phone that hasn’t at least IPS67.

    1. Water Resistance seems to be the new growing most-wanted feature.

      1. Yup, a month ago I went rafting and couldnt take my phone with me… that was very annoying… plus very soon a lot of people and their S5’s (and Z2’s) are gonna be taking pics from inside the ocean… or pool… or shower (LOL)… and I dont want to feel jealous about it.

        1. I wanted to Jump to the Z1 [The 2013, I lost track of the numbers] for a convention this year. I wanted to take pictures in the swimming pool at the hotel. =.P

      2. That’s because the S5 made it popular.

        1. It made it essential, haha

          1. Indeed, a feature we all are looking forward to!

    2. My waterproofing is provided by Ziploc. :-P

      1. Mine too, but I cant keep doing it while watching my S5 friends Ziplocless ;P

  2. gooooooold!

  3. Excited for the 2K display. And rumoured screenshots have seen that the LG UI has changed. Let’s hope for the best.

  4. I except more leaks than the M8. Keep em coming.

  5. Not really interested but this should be good for competition. Love the goooold lol

  6. If it looks like the Isai, I might just buy it outright.

  7. I think the back of the box is a little more interesting?

  8. Having passed on the m8 this looks like my next phone

    1. I should have my s5 by friday but damit I might still have to get this phone. I love what lg has been doing.

      1. Oh yes, I almost almost got the g2 last year but since I had wanted to wait for the nexus I didn’t , this year I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting this phone, the near bezel free thing is real real sexy to me, plus that battery life on the g2 is seriously good.

  9. WTF where is the G4!?…..;)

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