Official Google Camera app available for download in the Play Store [VIDEO]


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Taking a quick stroll through Google’s applications on the Play Store this morning? You may have noticed that a newcomer has entered the fold, with an official Google Camera app being available to download at this very moment.

It’s a pretty clean camera app that gives you all the features you’ve come to expect from typical photo-snapping experiences, as well as some other unique things Google’s known for. The most notable is the addition of Photo Spheres, something Google implemented a long while ago but not many OEMs have incorporated into their own camera solutions.

Here’s what else you can expect from the app:

  • Photo Spheres for immersive 360º views
  • Lens Blur mode for SLR-like photos with shallow depth of field
  • Panorama mode with high resolution
  • 100% viewfinder for getting the maximum resolution from the sensor (no dropped pixels)
  • Updated UI that gets out of your way and is centered on an extra large capture button

And that’s just the start of it. We’re sure Google will be looking to add a lot more to the experience with updates over time, but for now be sure to head to the Google Play Store and dive in!

Note: Google says this will only work for those on Android 4.4 KitKat and higher, so don’t bother if you aren’t up to date.

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  1. Just updated on my Nexus 5 and the shutter speed seems faster, UI is very nice too!

  2. The best part is it yells at you for attempting to shoot vertical video. Finally, a good use of technology solving the world’s problems.

    1. Oh my gosh, really!? That’s amazing. LoL!!

      I HATE it when people make videos like that. I’m like there’s plenty of things happening on the side as well.

      1. If you try to record a vertical video it shows a translucent animation suggesting you rotate your phone 90 degrees. I don’t think it’ll stop you from taking vertical video, but it’s definitely telling you not to.

        1. I tried it, it doesn’t stop you.

          1. If it did, people would scream again…”waaaat cant shoot vertical videos?? Google sucks!”

  3. Shows available on my Note 3. Loading it now.

  4. I must’ve blinked when the app first opened, because I couldn’t find how to switch out of normal camera to video or photosphere, etc. I only noticed after I opened a second time.

  5. Only Android 4.4+ can install. Gotta wait for the KitKat update for my Razr HD in order to use.

  6. FAIL. There’s NO save to EXTERNAL SDCARD setting.

    So, I’ll have to default to using the AOSP camera and Camera Awesome! (for pre-buffered video) until Google deigns to add save-to-SD. Photosphere’s nice, though.

    1. no 16:9 either :(

      1. Damn it, you’re right.

    2. Whaaatt? Google released something with no support for sd cards? I’m shocked! :-P

      1. You should be shocked. SDCard support was added to Google Music, because it made sense to put music libraries, and it makes sense for huge 1080p vids and thousands of images too.

  7. No HDR option is showing on my Moto X

    1. Same on my Sprint Note 3.

    2. same here on my moto X. deal breaker.

  8. YAY, no more slide crap interface!! The blur is cool too.

  9. I like the notification to rotate on the video camera. End of the vertical video?

  10. The interface has improved a little, but not by much, also not allot you can do with it.

    Compared to the Samsung app camera it’s pathetic.

  11. Not compatible with S3

    1. You need 4.4+

    2. I thought the GS3 would be supported too, but then I saw the 4.4 clause..I know sucks…but the GS3 should be updated to 4.4 or just root it to CM…I’m really considering it…..

  12. They took the timer out? I hope they bring that back really soon!

    1. The APK tear down shows that there are still references to this (and many other features), so hang in there.

  13. This item isn’t available in your country.. I mean come on what is the point of blocking a simple camera app… sigh.

  14. I’ve got a galaxy note 3 on tmobile and the Google camera app is working just fine. I just tried it out and for ounce the panoramic feature didn’t crash. All the other stuff worked to! Happy about that. One thing though, it only goes up to 12.8 megapixels but that’s still cool. I guess that has something to do with the ratio !

    1. Did you have the HDR option? It’s not showing on my Sprint Note 3.

    2. The Galaxy Note 3 has a 13MP camera, capable of maxing out at 4128×3096 (12.8mp), or 4128×2322 (9.6MP, 16:9). While this app doesn’t have the widescreen mode of the stock app, it still maxes out at the same 12.8mp.

      So, nothing to do with the radio. It’s the limitation of the sensor combined with typical resolutions. The 13MP advertisement is just for rounding purposes.

  15. Does manual exposure work for anyone, once enabled? These buttons do nothing on my Sprint Note 3.

    EDIT: No HDR option is showing either.

    1. It works for me on the Nexus 5. Wow really had to dig around to find the other settings. Only advanced option for me is the exposure.

      1. Same, its my only “advanced” option, but does nothing. Also no HDR option for me. =o(

    2. Galaxy S4 GPe, same manual exposure issue, but HDR does work.

  16. I like the new UI. It makes a lot more sense than the previous one. Also blur works very well on my nexus4

  17. I wonder if this fixes the battery drain camera bug…

    1. Apparently not. That is a firmware issue (camera core functions are baked into the firmware so that third party apps can call them as needed). Rumor is that 4.4.3 update will fix this.

  18. I’m loving this update.

  19. I hope it fixes that camera bug. Doubt it, but I hope so. Just today my battery was depleted again.

    1. That is a firmware issue (camera core functions are baked into the firmware so that third party apps can call them as needed). Rumor is that 4.4.3 update will fix this.

  20. Works fine with Moto G.

  21. So far, i like. i miss the blue button, though, and the SCE settings.

  22. Well I’m only on 4.2 and too many downsides to 4.4 for me to want to upgrade, so I guess I’m out of luck. But since this camera app lacks basic functionality such as 16:9 and saving to SD I see I’m not missing much and I’ll stick with my existing, better app.

    1. This camera is a side-grade for users of Nexus and GPe devices that use the stock camera. It adds a better UI and simplicity, but loses a few features that should return in future updates.
      For those with non-Nexus/GPE phones, most people have a better native app.

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  24. Check out this site to view the lens blur images in a kind of stereoscopic way, works in Chrome on desktop and mobile.

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