Sonos announces Google Play Music support

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Sonos — the company with those super cool wireless speaker systems for your home — has announced that they’ve partnered up with Google to add seamless integration of Sonos into the Google Play Music app. You can stream 20,000 of your personally uploaded tracks, and if you have All Access you can stream over 20 million of those tunes, as well.

You’ll be able to control playback (pause, play, skip, shuffle and repeat) and volume all from within Google Play. This also means you’ll have full access to playing playlists, radio stations and more over your Sonos system.

Simply hit the Cast button within Google Play, and it’ll pick up your Sonos system just as easily as it would a Chromecast. That, or you could do your bidding from within the Sonos app if you’re so inclined. Either way, it’s great that the functionality is finally here and doesn’t require shoddy bridge apps or Frankensteined solutions.

This marriage is so official that Sonos has their very own page over at Google Play. Be sure to take a look if you aren’t already part of the Sonos family and see if they have something that fits your needs. If you are, well, simply update your apps and you’ll be treated to seamless integration of your vast ecosystem of music.

[via Sonos]

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  • blest

    *looks around… * first! But sounds great, I may look into it

  • No_Nickname90

    Ah… I can finally invest in one of these. Lovely.

  • JRomeo

    This article doesnt really tell me what Sonos is, except that they are a cool wireless speaker system. I understand they partnered with Google, and if you have All Access, you can listen to lots of streaming music (which was already true before this Sonos deal). so I guess the difference is now that the google Play Music app will let you control Sonos speakers? is that the only difference? will it be a clickable button similar to how the chromecast button appears if you have a chromecast? or is it all done through bluetooth which makes me wonder, android is already compatible with bluetooth speakers to begin with…. even before this Sonos announcement…. so what is the difference again?

    • Montisaquadeis

      Sonos is basically a whole house speaker system where you can control individual rooms/speakers over Ethernet or WiFi. And they really aren’t that cheap either. play ones go for $200 while the big daddy Play 5s go for $500 and the soundbar goes for $700 while the sonos bridge is only $50 and the

      SONOS – CONNECT Wireless Streaming Music Stereo Receiver Component is $350

      • JRomeo

        hmm, so it doesn’t function over bluetooth then…. meaning your android phone has to be on the same wifi network? that could explain why Play Music app needed to incorporate some Sonos tech inside of it to become compatible !

        • Montisaquadeis

          You can pick and choose the components you want like say have a house full of play 1s for example. YEah they have to be on the same wifi netwrok for everything to work. Not sure if the individual speakers support bluetooth or not tho.

          Might want to check the site out as well.

      • JRomeo

        If i want to make my house a Sonos house. wireless speakers everywhere. do I need to combine components in a specific manner, or just pick whichever ones I like and they’ll all work together?

  • morjoie

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for this announcement. Finally, I get to hear all MY music through Sonos. Hallelujah!

  • uniquename72

    This is the only reason I didn’t buy Sonos 2 years ago. Very good news!

  • BJRCollins

    I still cannot find this “mini-player”