Galaxy S5 too pricey? Get some extra cash with the Amazon trade-in program



The Samsung Galaxy S5 finally goes on sale tomorrow (4/11) for most carriers here in the U.S. You can already pre-order the device from many places, including Amazon. It’s available for around $200 at most places. If you don’t have enough cash to pick up the latest and greatest from Sammy there is a way to make some quick dough.

Amazon has been running their trade-in program for a while now, but often times it gets forgotten. They allow you to trade in old phones for Amazon gift cards. You can then use those gift cards to buy a brand new phone from Amazon. Amazon currently has some very nice trade-in prices for last year’s phones. If you are looking to upgrade to the new Galaxy S5, or any other phone from Amazon, check out these trade-in offers.

Of course, you can also trade in items like cameras, textbooks, laptops, video games, and CDs to earn even more money. To learn more check out Out with the old, in with the new!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. They will give you $190 for an S4 that they will turn around and sell for $450-$500.


    1. Step 1: trick people
      step 2: …
      step 3: profit

  2. In what universe are these nice trade-in prices?
    I’d give my phone away 1st………………

  3. Yeah… And who in their right mind would trade an n5 for an s5.

    1. only people who like the letter “s” more than the letter “n”, I’m guessing.

    2. there are a couple of advantages the s5 has to offer… whether or not those advantages are your cup of tea is another story.

      1. You’re right. I was out of line questioning people’s motivation, I just see it as being too incremental of an upgrade and can’t/won’t do anything but pure android anymore…

  4. What a dumb article. Trade in is no more for me now that I have swappa!

    1. Don’t make swappa you in the face.

  5. What old-school music medium do people prefer? Tapes or CD’s?

  6. so basically swappa and ebay don’t exist to these people..

    you can still sell an iphone 5 for like 70% of the original price.

    1. Yeah, I wonder the same thing too… S4 is about $300 on eBay still…

    2. This is an option for those who don’t want the hassle of setting up a sellers account on eBay or other websites. There are leeches on eBay who will try and scam new sellers out of their device and money.

      1. which is why you don’t ship before payment. as far as leeching, amazon is just as guilty with this as anyone else would be. capitalizing on the lazy and naive.

  7. it’s official, Phandroid has SOLD OUT to AMAZON PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, THROUGH VIGLINK. With the “sales pitchy” coverage of the fire TV, to discovering 3rd party referral links on their website (using the Extension “Disconnect”) which include: “” which is a site that gives PHANDROID MONEY from the links they are happily providing you, I can surely say that I’m going elsewhere for my “unbiased” news. check how Phandroid’s hidden partner works here:

    Don’t believe me?…download disconnect for Firefox or Chrome and see for yourself. Even if you “mouse over” the trade-in link on the post you can clearly see that there is extra tags which include phandroid which is leading me to believe that link is some sort of referral commission link with tracking data which ties back to Amazon and Phandroid. Phandroid isn’t trying to show you a “deal”, they’re trying to get commission. I wish they would be more open about their “deals” with their commission based partners, and would be less pissed about this. This act alone makes me question a website that “reviews” products.

    1. Welcome to the internet?

    2. Relax dude, it’s just another option for people. Not everyone likes to hassle with selling phones.

      1. I agree, but maybe you should post something like, “what to help phandroid?” buy from here and support our cause. server costs, blah blah blah.. Or something like that. Even most youtubers who have been lucky enough get granted with corporate sponsors due to their mass audience even sometimes say that buying from this link will support them. I understand the need to make extra revenue for an otherwise “free access” website..but maybe some transparency would be nice…?

        1. So you think Phandroid shouldn’t be trying to make a few bucks to help cover the costs of server space or paying writers? I feel bad for you browsing the internet.

          1. Most people don’t realize servers cost money. I work as I.t./System admin and its mind blowing how often people want everything for free. Phandroid has always had interesting info.

          2. No, he’s not saying that…he’s saying don’t hide it and I tend to agree. Being more transparent about it is showing your readers that you’re being honest in the articles you write and gains trust. Hiding it makes us wonder if you’re feeding us a line just to make a buck.
            …just sayin’.

          3. WHY should they have to be transparent? They aren’t hiding anything important from you. They are paying for their server use, bandwidth, and paying their writers. Why is that any of your business? If you’re so concerned with it, how about you invest in Say, majority stake? Then you could get all the transparency you want.

            Do you demand every website that does this be transparent? Or would you prefer Phandroid move to a subscription based model?

          4. Waa wa waaa! You’re an idiot, how’s that?
            If your readers believe that the articles you’re writing have bias opinions because you’re being paid off to lie or stretch the truth to make a buck, then your readers won’t trust what you’re writing anymore…then you’ll start to lose followers.
            Make your money to pay for your servers in any way you want, but if I don’t believe what you’re telling me, then I won’t read your articles anymore.
            Do you understand that or should I type slower?

          5. You start off a reply with “Waa wa waaa” and you call ME an idiot? Oh the irony.

          6. No, starting off a reply with “Waa wa waaa” makes me an a-hole…it’s you, the one that cannot grasp the concept of said reply (and several others serving up the same point), that makes YOU an idiot…dumb as a bag o’ hammers.
            Go ahead, grab the final word because I give up trying to explain…can’t fix “stupid”.

          7. why they should be transparent?…because “they”, as in, phandroid, are a website that reviews products and writes articles going on in the tech community and android scene. These articles should be based on trust and the truth and maybe a little personalization in it in regards to the writers opinion on the matter. Now that we’ve exposed the fact that phandroid gets kickbacks for boosting certain products, and also that they don’t tell anyone about these kickbacks, makes me question that trust and truth. In fact. We all should. Are they saying a product is “good” or “recommended” because the editors actual heart and gut feels that way about a product?…or are they just saying that so you click their referral link and buy the product which gives phandroid a kickback?. Even XDA was out in the open with it’s “swappa” partnership and didn’t keep any users in the dark about why they were plugging them suddenly, Why can’t phandroid?

          8. WHO CARES? It’s THEIR website. THEY run it HOW they want. Good grief. You seem to care more about this than you probably do anything else in this world.

            Get a grip on reality man. Damn.

      2. Perhaps,but Stanley Opar has a point.

        I realize bills need to be paid,etc…,but,the pages here are plastered w/ads already.

        How about keeping the articles sustantive,instead of reading like a sunday newspaper insert?…….

    3. Thank you sir. This should explain my tracked ads whenever I hit up their site. The bad thing is I don’t see a great alternative as I really like some of the reporting from the writers here. I’m locked into their ecosystem even with gaming through their owner which runs the ‘__’ Daily sites

  8. Haha you want me to give you my last year’s (still like new) model for peanuts so I can lose money on an incremental upgrade? Yeah … Um … No

  9. Phandroid should write an article about Swappa. It is officially endorsed by XDA. I sell all my old phones there. They also check the ESN to make sure it is clean. Using T-Mobile JUMP to get the S5 though so I’m not really caring.

  10. After owning two Nexus phones since I had the S2, just can’t see myself wanting anything other than a Nexus…I’m sure the S5 will be awesome, but I want prompt updates and Vanilla, I don’t want TouchWiz.

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