Motorola’s Gallery app heads to Google Play with new user interface

motorola gallery app

Owners of the Motorola Moto X and Verizon’s newest DROID phones will be happy to know that the company’s gallery app has been put into the Google Play Store. This allows them to deliver updates to it without having to upgrade the entire firmware, and that first upgrade is already here.

We’re treated to a brand new user interface that is more in line with the latest design guidelines. It doesn’t look all that different from how photos and videos are presented in the Google+ and Google Drive apps. You’ll still be seeing a grid-based interface, and a left sidebar makes way for new sections such as Camera Roll, Timeline and Albums.

Everything else is pretty much standard affair, with basic editing and sharing options for those who need them. Be sure to find it in the Google Play Store and upgrade as soon as possible.

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  • Josh Martin

    Hmm.. Why does my gallery app look nothing like the screenshots? I’m on stock Moto X lol

    • bozzykid

      Did you update it from the Play Store?

      • C-Law

        Lol, he’s not a smart man

      • Josh Martin

        Yeah I did… didn’t get the new interface until I rebooted my phone… was weird :

  • Chris Chavez

    Hard to tell from the screenshots, but this looks almost identical to CyanogenMod’s new gallery app, no?

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Also showing the update for Moto G.

  • Ryan O’Neill

    Can we see some screenshots of the editing interface?

    • Schaweet

      Here you go. Picture from the AFC Championship game. Go Broncos!

      edit: Had the Sun right in my eyes, so it’s a little washed out, but you can see the interface still :-)

      • Ryan O’Neill

        Thanks! Great, it’s the same as the Nexus editor! I use that as my only photo editor, since it’s got all the same features as Snapseed (but integrated into the gallery app)!



  • Michael Quinlan

    I think you mean “standard fare”.

  • chris_johns

    this better not have the recent photos nonsense when i open it…I HATE THAT FEATURE..damn u google and fb for adding the worst nonsensical feature ive ever seen on a gallery

    • Cary6677

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      • Henri Weich Conradie

        My buddy’s mother’s cousin makes $666 per day. Or at least he used to, before making that exact amount of money for him in trouble with Satan. I’d imagine he has a special place in hell for spammers and con artists.

  • steveb944

    It’s also on the Moto G, FYI.

    Edit: woops Moto G forums are there so I guess you can infer that Moto G is included.

    I like it. Wish Nexus 5 had this. I can’t believe I’m jealous of a Moto G.

  • dhinged

    So it’s on an irregular grid based on the photos’ orientation and aspect ratio? Or is that just to make you go “ooh” and “ahh” for a second before realizing how impractical that is?