Jan 23rd, 2014

xperia z1s ps plus

It looks like Sony’s thinking up more creative ways to get folks on their side in all aspects of consumer electronics. The company is now offering a sweet deal where you can get a free year of PlayStation Plus when you buy a Sony Xperia Z1s from Sony or T-Mobile.

PlayStation Plus, if you’re not familiar, comes with many benefits for owners of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The biggest advantage most folks will tout is the ability to gain access to free games for as long as their subscription is active. That’ll be especially important early this summer when Drive Club launches as a free download for PS+ members.

Other benefits include discounts on PlayStation Store content, early access to exclusive game content, automatic game patch downloads, automatic save backups, and more. PlayStation Plus is now a requirement for playing online as of the PS4 as well, so you’ll definitely want to get in on this deal if you are planning on playing multiplayer on Sony’s latest console.

Here’s how you take advantage:

  1. Purchase a Xperia Z1s at T-Mobile or through Sony by February 12th.
  2. After purchase, redeem your offer by March 5th by entering your information and uploading images of your Xperia Z1s receipt along with a picture of the IMEI number from your Xperia Z1s box.
  3. A promo code for the PlayStation®Plus subscription will be sent by email to customers no later than March 21st.

It’s a $50 value, so the $0 down for T-Mobile’s Sony Xperia Z1s ($528 outright) becomes a little easier to swallow when you think about what you’re getting. Be sure to visit Sony’s site for more details on the offer if you’re interested.

[via PS4Daily]

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