Mobile Roar Podcast 21: Moto G and Sea turtles

This week on the Mobile Roar Podcast we talk about a wide variety of topics. KitKat is rolling out to Nexus devices, the Moto G is official, a Sea turtles website is tracking iPad Mini’s, and Vine finally launches for Windows Phone. Download or subscribe to the podcast below, or watch our presentable faces talk above. Enjoy!

The News

Wins and Fails

  • 42:42 Edgar: Got a wireless charger / Verizon LG G2 uses data while roaming (even when you tell it not to)
  • 48:53 Kevin: KEEZY/ Retina iPad Mini launch
  • 52:30 Chris: Camera Awesome / Camera Awesome’s UI
  • 57:57 Joe: New games launching for WP on time / Vine launches without up-to-date features

Joe Fedewa (@jayzeroeee) –
Chris Chavez (@GamerCore) –
Kevin Krause (@youdontknowkev) –
Edgar Cervantes (@Tech_Sasquatch) –

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  • Muhammad Irfan
  • Barry D.

    You guys should have said something about the fail of an update Samsung just had to pull for the S3. It’s rendering the phones useless.

  • Florin N

    Kevin’s point over NFC and iPhone is pure crap.He raises the same arguments that “if the iPhone doesn’t have and use NFC, nobody is going to need it, NFC is going to die”.
    Wake up man! People use NFC and Apple can’t do anything about it.

    • Joe Fedewa

      Yeah, people use NFC, but it is not popular. The normal consumer doesn’t even know what it is.

    • Juddres84362

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  • anis
  • David Goemans

    The biggest reason to upgrade to KitKat for me would be the fact that they’ve changed the WebView. It seems like a dev change, but end users will benefit hugely from this. Lots of apps will perform a lot better and it opens up for better quality HTML5 games and apps.