YouTube launches Google+ comments!


Google has been looking to bring Google+ commenting to YouTube. The idea is that it will improve comments, make them more social and keep them better moderated. YouTube comments can be a mess, so we have been really looking forward to this. It’s been a long wait since this was announced in September, but now Google is ready to roll the new commenting system to their video streaming service!

The rollout is said to start this week, so you should be seeing some changes in your videos soon. We have no word on when the new system will come to the mobile YouTube apps, but it should be relatively soon. Let’s step back and see how this update makes YouTube better, though.

  • Comments you care about move to the top: Posts from the videos creator will appear at the top (as they do now), along with popular personalities, “engaged” discussions about the video, and of course, people from your Google+ Circles.
  • Join the conversation publicly or privately: Just like on Google+ you can start a public conversation that is seen by everyone on YouTube and Google+, or keep things viewable to only people in your Circles. Replies will be threaded, making conversations easy to follow.
  • Better ways to moderate comments: YouTube creators will have new tools to review comments before they’re posted, block key words, or save time by whitelisting comments from specific users.

YouTube Google Plus comments

All you need to start enjoying the new Google+ powered comments is to sign into your YouTube account, which needs to be connected to your Google+ account. You can connect your YouTube and Google+ accounts by clicking here. Get ready to comment! Let’s see how this works. I have been enjoying the Google+ comments on Blogger, so this should be an even better experience!


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  1. I love the Epic Meal Time comment at the end.

    1. Keeping the YouTube history alive.

  2. Well, balls.

    Looks like I won’t be commenting on YouTube anytime soon.

    1. No more horrible comments making gurls cry.

      1. if you think that you are very naiv

      2. I’ll have to pick up the slack for those who no longer will!

  3. This is really cool.

  4. Sucks for the trolls.

    No longer will YouTube be home to the wretched hive of scum and villany.

    1. sucks for all of us, the new system is beyond horrible

    2. But now Google+ will be its home instead.

    3. Yeah because Facebook and fucking Disqus comments are all so friendly and intelligent… -_-

  5. Bye Bye Trolls! I’m so glad about this.. let the real conversations start!

    1. you are a very naiv person…

      1. Dude, you are literally on the internet as you comment. You can’t take two seconds to look and see how to spell “naive” correctly? I know your browser told you “naiv” is incorrect both times you misspelled it.

      2. I’m trying to be optimistic and hoping for the best.. In this case I hope it at least helps a bit and maybe it’ll help a lot, who knows? I guess it’s better to be optimistic about change than pessimistic. So I choose to be optimistic.
        How incredible though that you can judge me as a person from just one comment.
        It may be a naive comment but I chose it to be, to ignore the negativity and hope for the best.
        If nothing really changes at least we have more options with commenting and managing comments now..

      3. Uh, you literally don’t know the difference between grammar and spelling, do you? I was correcting your astonishingly incorrect spelling, not your grammar. If I were correcting your poor grammar, I would point out that one ends a sentence with four ellipses, not three. What grade are you in? Fifth? Sixth? You should know better. It’s not as if you were adding anything to the discussion. It seemed that you learned a new word that you were really proud of and were determined to use it as often as possible. Next time, little guy, learn to spell your new word BEFORE you take it out for a spin. Understand?

    2. think again

    3. oh the ignorance is strong with this one

      1. or the positivity.. I chose to be hopeful. I hope it at least reduces it a bit.

  6. they are trying to force their social network site onto people through youtube as nobody uses plus but many use youtube… its so confusing now and stupid… since when was complicating things considered better? look at the comments and its a clusterfuc4 compared to before..

  7. This is so bad.
    I couldn’t care less about hiding troll comments and using google Plus, but where are the Like and Reply buttons gone!?
    and on comments that were replied, why aren’t they pushed next to the original comment?
    It’s so stupid to have to load a whole new web page to view what the replied comment is, and you can only do one at a time.
    Honestly what were they thinking.

  8. So the ONLY way to comment is to connect your Google + account?….which i’ve been avoiding because i don’t want my full name and personal google+ account accessible to everyone. Wow thanks Google.

    1. You don’t need your full name. Google+ has long allowed users to choose a recognized pseudonym/nickname instead.

      This is from January 2012:
      G+ architect Yonatan Zunger
      “Our name check is…looking, not for things that don’t look like “your” name, but for things which don’t look like names, period. In fact, we do not give a damn whether the name posted is “your” name or not: we will not challenge you on this basis, nor is there any mechanism for other users to cause you to be challenged for this.”

      1. I just tried changing my name, but you are required to have a surname so you can’t have a normal username at all. The ‘nickname’ doesn’t work either, as it simply adds it to your name rather than replacing it.

        1. It isn’t perfect, but you can make it happen.

          If you actually do have a single-part name, then you should enter it as your first name, and a simple dot (“.”) as your last name, then go through the appeals process.

          1. Their support page is either out of date or patently incorrect. When you place a ‘dot’ as your surname it stops you from going any further immediately, stating: “The name you entered doesn’t seem to meet our Names Policy. Check it over and try again.”

          2. I just did a lot of reading and it looks like it’s intentionally difficult, which is disappointing. I’m out of ideas, but hopefully the YouTube community backlash will force Google to create a real solution.

          3. Yeah hopefully. Thanks anyway.

          4. “but hopefully the YouTube community backlash will force Google to create a real solution.” HAH! Google is going with this whether you like it or not. It hasn’t been “Youtube” for a long time, but rather “Theirtube”

            Guess who wont be commenting anymore then.

    2. I’ve been avoiding since i simply despise Google. They should’ve stuck with being a search engine! -_-

  9. sooo how do i reply to comments? How do I know when someone has replied to my comments? I’ve been on my google plus page and I have no idea what the hell is going on here. It’s all so confusing

    1. omg yesh i cant find up/down vote or reply PLEASE ANSWER THIS!!!!!!

    2. You reply to comments by tagging the person e.g. +John Smith.

      1. that’s fucking stupid

    3. apparently you cant reply to comments which were posted before this new layout directly by clicking reply… although i think you can reply still by putting “+ (their name)” lol

  10. what the hell, I can’t even comment on videos unless I use their stupid social networking site, literally forcing me to give them my personal info? This is so stupid. “hurr don’t be evil” my ass google.

    1. yes, WTF google??? at least give us the option to choose! I don’t fucking want to share my comments with nobody in google +

    2. Wait so . . .not only do you have to have a gmail account to be on youtube now you have to have a google+ account??

    3. The don’t be evil motto flew out the cage years ago. Have you not noticed they no longer use it? Then we find out they’ve been working with the NSA… yeah, trust gone.

  11. this will also make youtube very closed… uploaders, popular oploaders and “circles” will be most you see in the comments.. so everyone will be closed off from each other and youtube will just become a social network site with an advanced video system

    1. Maybe a few of us should make our own channel.

      1. …what?

  12. This is a pain in the butt. The people I need to find me, don’t know me by my “real name” That does me no good.
    This is just not good. Why couldn’t you have just left it alone?

  13. i’m sick of how obnoxious Google has been lately on youtube. i don’t care about their stupid plus thing and it actually started erasing my subscription feed when i tried exiting out of it.

  14. btw, is there a way to hide youtube comments period? I really have never had any use for them, and most of them just annoy me.

    1. Just don’t scroll down.

      1. thanks for that non helpful tip. Its still doesn’t change how idiotic the comments are.

        1. In addition to not scrolling down, you could help support and fund your local education system.

  15. RIP youtube.

    1. Ah come on dude, that’s being a little over dramatic lol.

      1. no, he’s right. Google has pretty much destroyed YouTube.

        1. They haven’t.

          1. YouTube is nothing like it was when it first started. That’s what YouTube should be. It’s just a business now and a way to force people into using google+. it just plain sucks.

          2. Well of course its not the same as when it was first started, you can’t expect services like this to stay the same.

          3. right. they’ve destroyed it. all it is is censorship at their sole discretion…now it’s censorship AND invasion of privacy. I think the sheer volume of backlash will force its hand though…when it becomes a ghost town

          4. It won’t become a ghost town lol

          5. It won’t, not yet. But if you continue to force people in directions they don’t want to go and enough competitors exist that create tempting alternatives then it will surely decline.

          6. It’s a free service, of course they can (and will). Don’t like it – pay for vimeo.

          7. It being a free service does not mean they are immune to customer complaints. It is not just a free service it is a very large for profit business which makes every person who helps them generate that profit a customer . . .each user has the right to be upset about something they dislike and to voice that dislike.

            Honestly the ‘don’t like it, get out’ argument is very childish. They are not a charity, they are a company and they will receive the same feedback that other companies get.

          8. I agree with you – but you do not pay a -cent- for that service, therefore you are not entitled to it (or anything else for that matter). Complain all you want, but in all seriousness – if you really care that much, move on. I say that without condescension – it’s how economies work. If it really means that much to you, move on. Let your internet usage do the talking.

          9. it will be a “ghost town” in the sense of communicating… everyone will be closed off with their “circles” and youtube is clearly becoming a social network site with an advanced video system… also this would be a great time for a new video site to sine which could put youtube down…

      2. Who knows. Comments are now going to be filtered in some unknown way.

  16. No, this is unneeded. All it shows in the “top” comments is popular partner channels. Nothing new here, just google doing their usual destructive business.

  17. Augh Even worse

  18. Well, right as we get used to a change done to YouTube, Google applies another one, and then we have to get used to that one. The same process repeats. Huh.

  19. I liked the olden day youtube better before the quote on quote “new layout” youtube was here. This motherfucking sucks.

  20. Either the youtube company was at war with google and google dropped ten zillion nuclear bombs on youtube or the old youtube people is having a suspiciously long holiday.

  21. What the hell, I enjoy having discussions in the youtube comments and now I can’t even figure out how to reply to a comment anymore?!?!?!? And no more up down vote?

    1. Agreed.

    2. You have to have @ then type the fucking youtube name -_-

      1. Ah thanks for that….

      2. that’s total bullshit, they always mess things up trying to “improve” them.

      3. nope… its “+” lol

  22. It also must be super hard for massive youtube channels like yogscast, captainsparkles, seananners, ssohpkc, smosh and even archmagemelek too have to be dealing with this bullshit.

  23. What they should do is have the old system back before the quote on quote “new layout” fix all bugs and glitches, make not laggy not even at the slightest even on 1080px, make it so you can comment however you want, make uploading youtube videos super fast and super easy and it doesn’t delete not even 1 video no matter what unless you want to and make it super pretty not this fuggly motherfucking chat/shit.

  24. sooooo is there any way we consumers do something about it like go up to the HQ of google and beat on them until they get their sense back?

    1. yeah…stop using them.

  25. i don’t understand this at all

  26. yeah, i’m not interested in making a profile that google can use to link everything i do and search for on the web to me. they already have a picture of my home.

  27. Now I can’t even see comments on any videos, not even my own videos.
    WTF youtube?

    1. its crazy

  28. This is worse than the Obama care website.

    1. lol

    2. AMEN

  29. i cannot stand google’s youtube anymore. I just want it to be run independently like it was when it first started. When it was all done for fun, not profit. Screw google. YouTube is dead. Might as well call it Google Video now.

  30. Stupid. There are other ways to improve the comment system without integrating this crap.
    And the filter is stupid. Post everything in a chronological order like before.

  31. I can’t comment at all on the videos……………… WTF!

    1. Glad I’m not the only one

  32. google gives the royal F888ing again . bye bye utube

  33. Having the same problem as a few people have said….
    I cant reply to comments on my videos, exellent update was really needed..

    1. excellent update. this is the worst update. you are now forced to have a google plus account to comment. also if you accidently hiot wrong box and click your name. your name and comments everywhere on youtube you made will have your real name.

      1. clearly you do not understand sarcasm

        1. Looks like 3 people didnt see I was saying it with sarcasm…

  34. This is the worst crap ever. I haven’t been able to reply or comment on anything since the Google douches decided that this mess would be a brilliant idea. the comment section was fine before. If it’s not broke, Don’t freakin fix it!!!

    1. I have the same problem! AND…..before we used to be able to follow a thread of comments (by clicking “view the previous comment” or whatever..but NOW when you click on what that user was replying to, it opens a new tab and starts the video over! This new system is absolutely abhorrent!!! :-(

      1. starts the video over? maybe a new way to bump up the hit count to get more ad money?

        1. …sure its a glitch… google would be in a lot of trouble by doing that

    2. Yeah, what’s up? No replies? No up-down votes?

    3. It sucks! You can’t upvote/downvote or reply unless it’s a comment from Google+
      I use Google+ but not for YouTube! I’m getting sick of it asking me to link

    4. It keeps trying to force me to use my google plus account and trying to make me use my real name, my real name is NOT something I want the average Youtube user to know!

      I’m not one to complain about a youtube change, I tend to think I’ll just get used to it, but their constant pressure to try and make you peruse the site in a certain way is making me want to peruse it less and less . . .

  35. Not to mention that it seems when you actually try to connect Google+ just to bloody comment, ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NUKED UNTIL YOU DISCONNECT GOOGLE+.

  36. This is really unacceptable. There were some problems with Youtube’s community, but forcing the entire comment section to migrate to a social networking system is completely the wrong solution. I will happily sacrifice my commenting abilities in favor of NOT linking to Google+ (as it was hard enough to cancel the first time) until Google either gets enough backlash to undo the decision or a Userscript inevitably comes out that circumvents the process.

  37. I have nothing against google plus, but google’s aggressive tactics are disgusting. And as such, I will not willingly submit and join their social network, even if they take away my ability to comment on videos. You’ll have to do more than just that.

  38. I can’t thumbs up, reply, or see linked comments with reloading the page. This new comment system really sucks. I usually get used to new layouts and stuff. But I don’t think I can get used to this one.

    1. Exactly. Im ok with the other ones but this is way too far

  39. I don’t think Google understands the internet. That sounds ludicrous on the surface, but just think about how the internet community reacts when a corporation tries to force (yes, FORCE) it to acquiesce to a new paradigm that is obviously based on increasing profit margin. Big f**kup, Google. Big f**kup. I personally deleted my own Google+ profile (I was actually one of the fourteen people left on that network) and re-registered with a bogus troll profile because I never intend to use Google+ ever again. This is just an incomprehensible move by a tech giant you would expect to know better, but are somehow not surprised that they just can’t read trends. This goes up there with Hitler invading Russia as the largest blunder in history. GOOD JOB, GUYS!

    1. Hitler invading the USSR was a completely necessary move. It was either that or get invaded and not have that amazing initial surprise.

  40. People should learn to educate themselves on the reasons YouTube did this instead of just complaining about it. YouTube comments themselves were highly racist, and cruel, and unmoderated and anyone could make up any name to post. Google is trying to make a system where there is no more derogatory anonymous posts made by cowards that want to say cruel, racist , and rude comments in anonymity. Now with a G+ sign in, you will be right out there in the open. Seems the only people that have a problem with it are the people in the practice of comment-bombing on YouTube. The others just want it to be easy enough that they dont sprain a brain cell. Grow up, adapt, or dont use YouTube. Google wont care. and neither will we.

    1. That was the entire beauty of it. It was unmoderated. Completely uncensored. It was the last mainstream, high traffic place where you could see humanity in its full pathetic glory. Google is bent on “moderating” (aka censoring) now. “Don’t be evil”. Hypocrites.

      1. There’s still 4chan or Reddit if you want to see that crap.

        1. No. That was mostly smart people. I liked to see genuinely stupid people actually being stupid.

          1. There’s Facebook.

          2. *facepalm*

          3. Have you ever actually seen the stupid crap people post on there? If anything it’s even worse that YT.

          4. I can’t believe I have to explain this to you: THAT’S WHO GOOGLE IS COMPETING WITH.

          5. I could try and explain this to you but seeing your other comments it would just be a waste of time.

          6. Good luck dude. Its just sad that the dumbest people in the world think theyre geniuses. I blame the schools for that with their “there are no losers, everyones a winner” BS

          7. I agree completely man. But screw it, this new comments feature is a good thing and the only ones complaining are the trolls (whether they want to admit it or not).

          8. This guy is priceless, he seems to be exactly the type of person you are talking about.

          9. what makes you think most people on reddit and 4chan are smart lol?

          10. Hahaha, no no. There’s a difference between “stupid people being stupid” and “stupid people trying to act smart.” One was youtube, and one is Reddit/4chan. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

      2. Im sure the people that begged Google to implement a comment control feature far outnumber anyone that will complain about it. Its not even that people want anonymity (judging by the comments) its just a hassle to make a G+ account apparently. Or they dont want their trolling to appear on their G+ page. Its perfect, it will clean up the comments, and make people think twice before they call someone an **shole or say something racist or stupid. Phandroid should actually do that too. Internet comments are getting out of control in general.

    2. The issue I have with your statement is someone like me, who signed up for Youtube with a non google+ account YEARS ago and now they are requiring me to convert even though i already have 2 accounts (one with my school email and one with my main gmail). I don’t understand why i am required to have 3 Google+ accounts now, its a bunch of garbage. I hate the new system. unless there is some workaround that they implement, I will not be converting my YOUTUBE account to a google+ account.

      1. My mind is not closed. You missed the entire point of what theyre doing here. So you may not be “comment bombing” but you are clearly fishing for upvotes. Your solution is simple, use one account to watch YouTube videos. I do. Simply because i want my favorites and history available. I too have multiple Google accounts.

        1. That’s what you don’t understand. I have one YOUTUBE account that I have had for years. I am not fishing for upvotes. I am simply telling you the truth man. I cannot comment on Youtube videos anymore unless I convert my account to some Google+ bullshit. I don’t want that in any way at all. I want to have my YOUTUBE account and that’s it.

        2. Not everybody is fishing for likes. It’s an opinion.

    3. People are complaining because you cant reply to people and you have to keep making google+ accounts…..

    4. Excuse me? You are telling me you find it a good thing to give up anonymity, to continue yet again and again to become completely the opposite of anonymity, to continue to diminish the last bits of freedom and free speech we still have?
      Say, did you ever hear anything about big brother? Does that mean ANYTHING at all to you? You probably are thinking of the tv show now…
      I pity people like you. In a hundred years when NOTHING is private anymore and they control everything, you would be the first to cry about it.

      1. Nothing is private anymore. If you think it is then i pity you. Even anonymous comments can be tracked back to their source. The point of what theyre doing is to prevent people that use the anonymity to attack other people in a public forum. You and others like you seem to think that privacy concerns are just a recent thing, and again if you think it is, i truly pity you. There is only privacy in your own home. Online and outside there is no privacy, has never been privacy. Whatever you post, email, text, say over an open telephone line has been going through a govt filter for upwards of 40 years now. a hundred years ? NOTHING is private right now. But i dont hear me crying, its only you and the other idiots that seem to think that sending information over the internet is somehow, impossibly, private. I bet you dont like Facebook privacy either huh, another joke.

    5. Let people say whatever they want, the channel can delete if he is bothered by it. Mommy Google and Daddy Google don’t need to come to help.

  41. How arrogant can they be? F you google!

  42. So far I can’t find a way to respond to a comment. This was my favorite part of the comments section. If someone says something stupid, you HAVE to tell them. If they make a clever or informative comment, you MUST have the opportunity to show that you can respond with an even better one. Sigh.

    1. Your post reminds me of this lol.

    2. Yeah I agree I Can’t seem to reply to any comments either

    3. If only the owner of the channel can reply, then why even make it public?

  43. I deleted 290 google plus accounts youtube forced me to make now i can’t comment. I rather merge my facebok instead of google to comment. Facebook is enough for me i don’t want to manage another page.

  44. I am now getting rid of everything GOOGLE. F-ck You google, I just switch to Bing bc of this you arrogant A–Holes!

    1. I’m sure they’re gonna lose sleep over this.

      1. With an attitude like that is the reason they are forcing everyone to use google plus to have records for cops.

      2. If me and a few hundred thousand quit it might leave a mark. I’ve come to realize that yelling, screaming, and boycotting is the only thing that seems to get results if many people join together and let there voices be heard.

  45. oh and here is my reaction earlier.

  46. Um how are new top comments going to be determined if we can’t vote anything up or down? -__- Can we at least have THAT back? Please?

    1. Poorly working websites is becoming a trend. ;)

      1. Agreed. It doesn’t make sense though to get rid of voting. See, if a comment was a bad one, everyone voted it down and eventually it wouldn’t be seen. If it was a good comment people would vote it up and you knew that it was representing the general consensus. So I don’t get why we can’t vote anymore, especially when voting was a kind of censorship of its own, bad comments got negative votes. :(

        Eventually…how are we going to know if a comment is “top”? Seems to me that the comments will stay at the top that are there now since we can’t VOTE any more up or down anymore. -_-

        1. it still shows the option to vote up on some comments its because they are still fixing it

          1. Does that mean we’re going to have the vote up/down feature still? I sure hope so. :(

  47. I can’t find the ‘reply’ under other people’s comments, only on my own comment.

    1. Yes, i want to reply to people and now i can’t!

  48. Every site now there is an option to ‘share with everybody’. Do people really need to share with everybody, every comment they make, every single thing they buy on amazon, each video they watch? I am not a facebook person so I do not understand this need for people to broadcast everything they do.

  49. Now i can’t reply to comments…well done!

  50. Here’s the thing, you have to sign up for Google+ every time you want to comment on a video. When you finish your post, you can delete Google+ again. You do this over and over again.

    On the bright side, they seem to have gotten rid of character limits.

  51. Aren’t popular personalities popular enough? Their comments already get big ups from their huge contact list, why do they need yet another leg up?

  52. I’m never ever going to comment on any videos anymore, stupid YouTube should have used its own stuffs, and stop asking us to use our full names.

    1. It is a data collection system. I don’t want to put my real name anywhere, there are plenty of crazies out there. I don’t wear a t-shirt with my name on it, why do I need to do this on the interent?

  53. They want every little thing we do to be seen…why does every little youtube comment need to be seen on google+, I dont get it…….

    1. Just found that out. I didn’t even know I was signed up on this google+, as I posted before I don’t have facebook, don’t want people following me, reading what I write. I am thinking about deleting the whole thing and just forget it. If I have to bow down and worship the google beast, then it would be over.

    2. Itll keep the comments clean, and keep people from trying to be secret trolls, especially if you know its going on G+

  54. More censorship – that’s all YT and Google are about…Vevo the censorship whore…this is such horseshit. I have a feeling this is the one will be the last straw and accounts start shutting down en masse and better video sharing options take over. Start downloading all your favorite videos for safe keeping while you can. Pretty soon you tube will become google tube and the only thing you get to watch is the internship…”on the line.”

    1. The only accounts that will be going anywhere are the troll accounts, and i think i speak for everyone when i say that that is an extremely good thing. Something had to be done with youtube comments and had to be done for years, i for one am glad they are finally doing something.

      1. I don’t mind the needing an account to comment, I am against not being able to vote on comments. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Negative/troll comments almost never ended up getting top votes.

      2. I for one do not want my G+ account linked to my Youtube account. I would prefer whatever I choose to watch, comment on or post for my semi-anonymous Youtube profile to remain separate from my G+ public profile, and I certainly dont want the problem I had last time with the merge breaking Youtube login on some of my apps.

        Ever read some of the things people say on Facebook, even with their photos displayed beside their full names for all to see? Trolls will troll, and the only thing that will stop them is out disabling comments altogether.

        1. Sounds good, YouTube should disable all comments. Sounds perfect actually.

      3. Agreed, and well said ! At least youre not getting downvoted. probably because the idiots would have to click “load more comments” to get to you, and you know they cant handle pushing a button or doing something extra. lol.

    2. YouTube is worth it just for the videos, even if they remove all comments. Nowadays many videos are 1 or 2 hours long and in very high quality, usually for free. Who needs to read sundry racists and trolls who do nothing but screw up the experience.

      1. I’d rather have all the trolls and their comments and get rid of google+ and vevo – least the trolls have one redeeming quality, they can be greatly hilarious. Vevo is pure censorship (most of the time censoring crap that isn’t even offensive) and google+, nobody cares. it can’t compete with facebook, twitter and tumblr…this is google’s temper tantrum

        1. I agree. Sometimes I just read the comments and forget the video. They’re that entertaining.

          1. Me too, often I just scroll down right before the video even starts and have a good laugh. Some videos had great trolls and funny “right in the moment” comments.

      2. Who decides what is racist and what isn’t? I’ve been labelled a racist many times simply for wanting a stop to uncontrolled immigration into the UK, and a xenophobe for wanting us to leave the EU. I’m neither. Part of the fun of YT was that you could say more or less what you wanted, and respond to idiotic comments. For many, it was a window on the world. This is moot anyway, because as things stand I find I’m unable to respond to comments at all. Fk you, Google.

  55. Ah…YouTube. Where else could you tell some guy in Greece that he has a hairy back and looks a monkey, even though you’ve never seen him before?

    But alas, those days are gone.

  56. I hate this new system so much, so now the comment system is a popularity contest?! How is this an improvement. I don’t need the negative comments censored, I want to be able to view the good and bad. The old system was logical and simple, this is an unnecessary change that is part publicity (oh look we only have feel good comments now from popular people!) I’m sure along with making this some social media tie-in crap. I can’t even directly reply or read what a particular reply is to without jumping through hoops to do so. Change it back, now I can’t gauge what the accurate, initial general reaction is to any video.

    1. Very well said. It used to be a simple, clean-cut system that every 5 year old understood. Now it is messy and the experience of free flow and commenting is gone. Don’t fix things that are not broken!

  57. I hate the new YouTube layout. -.- I hope they change it again soon

  58. If you have a channel on youtube or if you have a subscription ask them to upload the same content on another place, like vimeo or whatever. This google shoving people into the barn is really annoying. Every youtube video I go, I will leave a comment asking them to broadcast the video somewhere else. They can live that one on you tube, but upload a copy somewhere else.


    1. or better, post a comment saying your conversation/debate re the video is over here on this facebook page :P

      1. But then people who want to comment have to login to Facebook. I for one don’t want to make a deal with the Mephistopheles to avoid getting in bed with Satan.

        1. Hahahaha….your comment is fantastic.

      2. I don’t want to make a facebook account just to have conversations. That’s what my youtube is….was for… =(

    2. I was wrong, vimeo needs to login to watch the videos. Not sure about hulu.

  59. I fucking HATE the Google+ integration. I am usually a fan of what Google does, but they are freakin’ ruining Youtube.

  60. Didn’t have a google+ account, I don’t have a fb either, and clicked fast through the pop-ups because I really want to congratulate someone for his video, now I have a useless google+ account. I feel stupid to have been rushed into their annoying attempt to bring everyone there. I feel like I got myself an effing google-plankton bucket on head (cf Spongebob movie), and that everyone is going to get one too.
    I’m scared. Like, really. I kinda feel like closing my account there altogether. Oh wait I can’t, I need a google account to keep my phone running.
    Darn we’re there, dystopia.

    1. I totally hear you.

      I have an alternate account, so now I will use that one. I feel we r being funneled into the google pen. Like animals.

    2. You can unlink your account after you make the comment. I think a lot of people may be already doing so; I noticed many comments on a video that had no reply option.

  61. “The more you tighten your grip, Google, the more users will slip through your fingers.”

    The last time I (inadvertantly) merged my G+ account with my Youtube account, it was because Youtube threw up a dialog box with multiple “options”, all of which merged your accounts (you had to x-click to close the dialog box instead in order to avoid merging, which I thought a tactic only scum-sucking malware whores used).

    Merging accounts broke my Youtube login on a couple of my devices, and only by unlinking them was I able to restore the ability to login on the Youtube app on my DVD player, for example. I will not link my Youtube account; I am happy with it the way it is, and if push comes to shove I’ll find other ways.

    I didn’t need Facebook; I dont need Youtube.

    1. Can you separate the two? I don’t think you can anymore.

      1. You can unlink them, if you do so within a certain time frame. After that, it’s permanent, like most parasitic relationships in sci-fi movies. :)

        1. If you delete Google+, Google attempts to restore your
          experience of other Google products to the way it was before you joined
          Google+ and to permanently delete your Google+ circles, posts, and
          comments. If you delete your Google profile, you delete Google+ as well
          as other services and their data that depend on a Google profile. Learn more

          Delete Google+ content and YouTube channel
          Delete your entire Google+ profile and YouTube channel

          1. It is late, I have no idea what they are saying. But this is what it shows when I click on something like ‘deleting google+’

          2. You don’t have to delete your G+ profile, but you can unlink it from your Youtube profile if you do so within 14 days of linking them.


        2. Thing is, it’s annoyed me for ages popping up messages like « be cool and link it, you know you want to » beforehand. And just like updates on many a device, you eventually just do it because you’re just fed up. Even if a few don’t, the majority will, and that’s scary as s***.
          So now, add the google+ + youtubegoogleaccount to your already linked google account + youtube account, people, more than ever will want stuff done. And to do that, people, including me are capable of accepting the most ludicrous eula, most of the time without reading them.

        3. You can only unlink them temporarily. And as of today, you cannot comment at all without a Google+ account. You can delete the account after posting your comment. But you’ll need to activate Google+ every time you post a comment.

          1. And when you do, it records on the google+ your comment and other people might be able to see it. Unless you block on privacy setting, which today you can use, tomorrow, they will make it public.

  62. I am unable to connect my youtube to my google plus. It says to click a button that says Connect With A Google+ Page. But when I click, nothing happens.

    1. Lucky you.

    2. I know. I feel like I am going around in circles! Grrrr.

  63. Well I think this may just kill more than a few youtubers careers. Some of them rely on comments in order to figure out what they should do next. If they don’t return it to the point where you can easily comment on the video this will be the end. Has youtube not figured out if you do things like this you will forced people to find another site that will do what they want?

    1. The fact of the matter is, I agree but their thinking must be that global hegemony of yt over the rest on video sharing is ripe for that move : the content there is assumed to be too great and too unavoidable for anyone not to be an active part of it.
      And the scary bit is that they may be right.

      A decent pro-g+ anti-fb plan, but for those who don’t care about either, well we’re basically fucked. Talking about fucked, we can now think of using redtube and youporn for non-porn videos, seems to me anonymity is a landmark in that part of the internet…

  64. You CANNOT unlink Google+ from YouTube unless you want to just watch videos without ever commenting. As of today you CANNOT post comments without a Google+ account.

  65. I cant reply to comments on my Youtube videos… my channel was going great after just starting two weeks ago and now my hope of ever getting a youtube career probably is going in the trash…

  66. The new comment system is utterly broken – I can’t approve mislabelled “spam” on my videos anymore. I can’t look at “top comments” and “most recent” at the same time like before. I can no longer click a reply to see the original comment – I now have to LOOK for the comment (intuitive, Google…intuitive -_-)

    I advise all of you to let google know how much you hate this crippled update by using the “send feedback” button at the bottom of your page (before they make an update and get rid of that too)

    F*** Google Plus!

  67. …I don’t get this! What the hell is going on? May someone please help me figure out how to fix this crap so I can like comments or can we not do that at all anymore?

  68. Youtube is dead

  69. youtube, you’re doing it wrong. Now I have a reply to one of my comments but I can’t even see what comment they replied on. I can’t reply on others anymore. EVERYONE HATES YOUTUBE NOW. Someone please make a new youtube, and make it the way it was .. with video replies and normal ways to reply to people. Why does every good social media thing think that they should be like facebook??

    1. You are ABSOLUTELY spot on. These social media sites want to outdo each other and with every “better” version they just do s*#$. Thank you for your comment.

  70. There are multiple reasons why I like and dislike this new update:
    1. Google+ is still glitchy when updating Profile Pics to a Youtube Account plus it deletes the current one and replaces it with the default.
    2. The new comment system killed the old one, because it is not even useful and is broken because you can’t reply to most Youtuber comments (possibly because Youtube accidentally set it to reply only to ones who have Google+ linked).
    3. Yet they say it this update is great, it completely killed the original Youtube and made a more annoying and horrible version of it then made it permanent until Youtube might make it more worse.
    4. Number of People with Youtube Careers are ruined and decide to use another site to upload videos.
    5. What’s worse if you link the Google+ update to Youtube and leave it like that for more than 14 days, guess what? ITS FUCKING PERMANENT!
    6. Well on the good part, this is the end for nooby trollers commenting on Youtube as this decreases the number of idiotic people.
    7. Yet Google+ is annoying it might get your Youtube Channel to have more attention.
    8. Overall, Google+ has more negative features than good ones, so Youtube please stop ruining it for people.

  71. Why can’t I see comments anymore? Why can’t I post comments anymore? What the hell is going on?

  72. Google, combining with YouTube too much is a very bad idea. Many people are losing their “freedom and flexibility” that they used to have. New updates that are making YouTube more closer to Facebook are not helping our video streaming days easier. I would like to say that you could please slow down and have the whole Google+ account thing be a little backed off. Google+ is making not just me, but many others forced. Please, calm down with all these updates and bringing Google+ more into YouTube before people start using other video sites to stream. YouTube has been a part of my life for a long time, but if it continues to get worse, I won’t hesitate to leave it. And I know I’m saying that for plenty of other YouTubers as well.

  73. An absolute f**king disaster!! what total **** approved this mess? There is no way you can use this new system to have a discussion or to do simple Q&A. It was not good for q&a before, but in fact it is now worse!! so i cant even answer questions people ask and for me running a technical help channel it’s just terrible.

    also it tells me comments are waiting for me to approve, then when i click to see them it says “there is nothing to review” lol

    also, i see NO connection with google+ – everyone says this is forcing people to use google+, so where the hell is the link between the youtube pages and google+? I cant see a damned thing connecting them.

  74. I connected to google+ this morning, reluctantly, and I still can’t reply to comments on YT, or even “like/dislike”. And sometimes the comments don’t appear at all. I’m not computer savvy and I haven’t a clue what to do now, and even if I disconnect-and I have no idea how-I’m told that as a consequence I’ll lose my YT account as well. I’m fkn furious. The joy of YT was that it was easy to use, and basically uncensored . You could respond to even the most idiotic comments, which was part of the fun. I’m an adult I do not want what I can read controlled by others. But now I can’t respond at all. YouTube, you have just committed suicide.

    1. You can’t comment on youtube if your account is linked to google+. It’s been like this for years.

      1. I’m told that I should be able to respond to new comments, just not those made before they fully rolled out this new system. Not so. Read my other 2 comments on here. Bottom line is, YT was fine, and now it’s not. Why they messed about with a site enjoyed by millions I’ll never know. If it was to give Google+ a boost, then from the comments on here and elsewhere there has been a very serious error of judgement, because it’s just alienating users.

  75. and btw on latest firefox, my youtube pages do NOT look like the one above.

    1. Same here.

      There is no comments when I look. Zero.

  76. Bye bye good YouTube times. I will stop to comment there and stop reading. It was fun while it lasted. I hate Facebook, but Google+ is a pain. First: Why is the header image like 2000 pixels wide? I can’t even see my Profile name with that big ass header image. Why Google? Why? Why? Argh, forget it. Might as well start leaving the Internet altogether – anonymity gone (you could as well sit at some FBI computer and type your own criminal indictment and click to choose the prison you would like to sit in). Big-ass-corporations that lick Wall streets boots are hijacking the free internet.

  77. This is horseshit. If I wanted to use my Google+ account I would goddamn link it to YouTube myself. I can’t even comment any more. Hey Google, this may be difficult to grasp but the reason people like YouTube is because it’s freaking Youtube, AKA NOT Google+. This is a monumentally bad move.

  78. You gotta be kidding me. Damn it.
    I don’t want Google+ taking over Youtube like a parasite.
    The only good thing that came out of this was the removal of the 500-word limit, but still. >:(

  79. This is funny.
    Couple days ago i tried to find a filtration system to sort YT comment by their rating.
    I was doable with java plugin, but haven’t worked on my browser.
    I just wanted to see the top comment.
    So when i saw today that it now can be done in YT, i was like “great”.
    I immediately searched for my favorite videos to hit the “best comments” button.
    I did it only to found out it fucking sucks so badly.
    I only see some stupid google+ comment and among the other comment one guy made a point about how much the new system sucks.
    He simply posted entire script for “Breaveheart”.

    YouTube = victim of gang rape.

  80. my comment was accepted but has now vanished. I am having the weirdest internet day in my life.

  81. The old comment system only needed new filtration system.
    I they have simply added “best comment”, “worst comment”, “new comments” and “oldest comment” it would be great.
    But it’s Google…

  82. I have new slogan for Google Inc.

    “If something works – break it”

    I want 5 million dollars.

    1. This, I can’t even reply to youtube comments anymore.

      1. I LITERALLY can’t reply to other people’s comments and I don’t know why.

    2. I miss the old Youtube before Google bought it more than ever now

  83. You bastards

  84. my comment has vanished again – they won let you lot read my comment – obviously key words were picked up and the comment is removed even though initially accepted on this page???

  85. They are trying to turn this into the next social networking site. No one wants that. Most people on Youtube will prefer staying anonymous. The enjoyment of commenting on videos on youtube is now gone! An we definitely don’t want to be forced into doing anything, especially when it comes to linking accounts. They completely stuffed it all up for Youtube!

    1. I don’t even know how to reply to comments on Youtube now. Do you?

      1. You can’t reply to comments made with the old system. You can only do it on the new ones made through the Google Plus linking. It sucks.

        1. OIC. Yes, that does suck. So if you want to reply to an old comment, you’d have to reply via the poster’s inbox, making sure to copy/paste the old comment. (so they know what you’re replying to). I thought technology is supposed to make things simpler/easier? Apparently that philosophy is not shared by Google. LOL Anyway, thanks Lukas S.

  86. It’s god awful, change it back.

  87. And even more ways to stop free speech. Congratulations YouTube.

  88. I’ve been reading negative comments about this all over the place. I am no longer certain who is going to get to read this, or where, or if my real name will leak out somewhere. It’s like I’m in a specimen jar and I have no idea who’s looking in. And who decides what is to be censured? Some left-wing, touchy-feely, right-on PC tosser fresh out of uni? The arrogance of it amazes me and so I will never again knowingly use a Google product.

  89. NO!!! Comments where a way to say what you really feel about something, to share a funny comment and to read many different views on may different things. This is censorship and it is unacceptable. BOYCOTT GOOGLE!

  90. I teach on youtube an I am seeing plenty of legitimate questions being marked by Google+ as spam now… can’t even accept them as appropriate comments because they released this “lovely feature” before working out kinks.

    People asked me tons of questions and now I’ll be forced to ignore most of them because of this commenting system.

    We don’t want a “social site” like facebook- we want our VIDEO SITE like youtube.

    Quit screwing it up, Google.

    1. This can’t possibly last. Between the glitches and the outrage, Google will have to crack eventually.

      1. I hope it doesn’t… Found a petition at the bottom of the page.

        Not sure if they’d care even with a petition but it’s worth a try.

        -fingers crossed-

  91. Yeah this is bad but predictably I already found a petition for it. Sigh it and spread it to as many people as possible.

    Maybe they’ll fix this mess if the out pour in support of getting rid of it.

  92. This is the last drop! I ve had it with google and their crap. First they screwed the gmail, then made crap changes to, and now they are ruining youtube!! I guess I ll have to find an alternative. Any suggestions what is the best alternative to google products?

    1. If you cant deal with changes to stuff on the internet, id hate to see how you would deal with changes in your own life. But i can give you a hint what the “best alternative” to life is. You’re gonna need it at some point.

  93. WTF is this? This is so retarded! Google has been screwing Youtube up since the very beginning it poked its nasty nose in it when it had no business there in the first place!

  94. There exist a petition to change it back to the original format. 2,193 more is needed to complete the petition.

    1. Yea, no one listens to those things dude.

      1. Actually it bought back the firefox downloader for youtube, so I wouldn’t say that.

  95. The new comments format is HORRIBLE!!!!
    First, they screwed up ‘Google’ theme, then they screwed up Gmail now Youtube Comments!

  96. Wow! Misplaced internet rage here! You can’t reply to comments left in the old commenting system using the new system. You need to use your YouTube inbox for that.

    However all NEW comments you will be able to reply to using the new system, so before you get all internet rage guy, check it out. It works a charm.

    All the comments are there and you can still do everything you used to and more….

    Please stop all the anti Google bitching, sound like an iOs forum! ; )

    1. Corporate hack

      1. Really kenny you think I’m a Google employee?

        1. Yea Fly, theyre upset because they think that the old system was private and this is not. somehow think that just because they post under “anonymous” over the internet ,of all things, that it really was anonymous, and are outraged they dont have privacy anymore. I now understand why people that download thousands of songs, and pirated video games are shocked when the FBI knocks down their door and puts them in cuffs. I think theyre really upset that now if they want to be an *sshole on YouTube itll be with their own name. I think its great and will make a would be internet bully think twice about posting garbage. Anyone that thinks that any part of the internet is private needs to smacked upside the head.

          1. No I agree with ya but jeez man they could just make a fake account and make up a name ‘John Smith’ and troll away. Just don’t get all this ‘Google R bastards’ and LOTS OF CAPITALS here. Wtf? This is Android fans! Were supposed to know better than iSheep. I’m bloody embarrassed if this is Android fans here. and gives us a bad name! Is everyone on like a litre of redbull and doing speed?

          2. Well they would have to make a fake Gmail to do that and it seems to be a hassle for these people to do that. Im embarrassed as well. I thought people were better educated than this, but i guess not, and i really shouldnt be surprised i suppose. Privacy and anonymity on the internet ? They have to know thats nonexistent. I think the majority of people against this are either TROLLS themselves, or just morons that think spying and govt intrusion is a 2013 thing.

          3. Do you work for Googe or something? People are entitled to be pissed off. YT was grand the way it was but google had to go and f*#K it all up.

          4. Also Fly i think some people are just trying to up their upvotes on Disqus, just posting something agreeing with the mass so they dont get downvoted. Conformity in action. And these same people worry about no privacy. I think the tech impaired people in the world cant figure out how to make a G+ account or simply dont want to. Or dont like G+ because they got Facebook, a lovely site, that people believe that if they uncheck a box, everything they put online is magically private.

          5. Well guess what: I HAVE Google+ and I still think it sucks!

            It’s just an awful and unpolished format, no two ways about it.

            Only people who don’t know better will bend over backwards to defend it.

          6. I dont use G+ all that much, but as a login to YouTube it works. I mainly use Facebook because most of the people i associate with are on it.

          7. The part that sucks the worst is we can’t reply to old comments; Any of Them!

            And you have to check your Google+ account just to see who replied to you, ON YOUTUBE! It’s all one big jumbled mess.

            If I weren’t for those two things, I doubt most people would even care.

        2. No, I think your just a slave to the Google brand and you’re giving them blind praise.

          The new system sucks and you know it.

          1. Not a slave K at all, but defo a fan and an advocate of their products over other corporate brands, sure. My choice, that don’t make me a ‘hack’.

            And what truly sucks is they did a bad job communicating how to reply to old comments, and honestly for me it does not suck, at all.

            I’m just now flipping out like most in this thread are. It’s a commenting system, it’s not on par with someone you care about dying.

            Your two word snarky reply and assumption to me does not exactly help us to have a decent commenting system , and I could have just replied and said something snarky back, but choose not too. And as you definitely do know, if you don’t like it don’t use it!

          2. Maybe “hack” was the wrong term then, the one I was looking for was Fanboy.

            This is a massive misfire and I’ll be shocked if they don’t change it. I have no idea how anyone could like it other than a massive fanatic of the brand of course.

          3. Oh I’m a total unashamed fanboy! : ) However objective enough to know the big G did a terrible job at communicating the inbox/reply stuff, awful job in fact. I think you’ll find in time things may be better but time will tell. Everyone hates change at first, jeez facebook does this every single week it seems!

        3. Somebody here’s a freaking Google employee.

    2. I click “to reply click here” on comments sent to my Hotmail inbox. When I get to the YT thread, no comments at all are visible. I go back, click “to see all comments”, find that they have mysteriously reappeared, but that I cannot reply as there is nowhere to click. Elsewhere, I could reply to old comments, but not those only hours old. Further, I am being forced to sign up to Google+. I don’t need it, I don’t want it, yet if I unlink I lose the ability to post any comments at all on YT. That pisses me off more than I can say. YT was great the way it was, and if something ain’t broke, why “fix” it?

      1. Clicking reply on new YT accounts will take you to the YT page and give you the option to reply as you are used to. To use yahoo you need one account, same for AOL, same for Microsoft which you use, its the same thing with Google. Doesn’t mean you have to use Gmail, calendar, G+ but it will give you a YT account.

        1. Your wrong flyguy…I dont want google+. I want my G-Mail separate from my YT acc..If I want to reply to a comment or simply post a comment on YT it tells me I have to link ti Google+. I have accidentally linked to that in the past and it took me hours to figure out how to undo it. But if l want to comment on YT I have no choice but to link my accounts. This is censorship of freedom of speech. The good thing about YT was it gave ordinary people a public platform to say what you think and it was anonymous if you wished to be anonymous. Iv had many debates, discussions and friendly chats on YT over the years. Its all gone now. I refuse point blank to link to Google+.

        2. Boy I bet your lats are about to snap the way you’re bending over backwards for this thing.

          Give us a break.

        3. I’ve had a YT account for years. Yesterday I could go there and enjoy the debate. Today, even though I was effectively bullied into joining Google+, I can’t. I’ll see what it’s like tomorrow and if there’s no change then I’ll be just one more of many signing out for good.

  97. I can’t even comment unless I’m forced to have a Google+ account. For months I’ve been able to get out of such account, but now… unless I have a stupid Google+, I get a text box that only forces me to rather than allows me to comment.

    F— GOOGLE.

    1. Yeah, Youtube leaves me no option but to set up a Google+ account in order to comment and reply to vids. Such a shame after 7 years I have to go and cancel everything. I won’t be forced to register with something i don’t want, nor need (Google+).

  98. such a human thing to do… the necessity for control. but you can’t control the troll. the troll runs rampant, ruining your perfect pure lives as you’re fed grapes straight to the mouth in a relaxed position. i can’t believe after all that’s happened in the last few decades we’re already starting to devolve. what happened to the information age? what happen to the founders of fabulous fun-lands like youtube. jesus christ. this is such a white thing to do.

    1. And only “trolls” have a problem with this.

      1. Sure trolls have a “problem” with it. Trolls have something called “privacy”. Something you know nothing of because you’ll bend over backwards and take it when Google asks you for it. Google is a sheep herder and your the sheep. BahhhhhhH!

    2. “White thing to do” Huh?

  99. stop trying to make google+ happen

    1. It’s not going to happen

    2. Dude G+ happened two years ago. When Yahoo went all one account everyone did the same. Hell i hated microsofts passport/live/msn single fiasco.
      There is always Vimeo, viddy and more

      1. Google+ “happened” 2 years ago. Yes. And nobody since then has been really using it. Lately, in the last 6 months, Google has been aggressively “forcing” any Youtubers to register a Google+ account and in the process taking away their ability to freely function on Youtube.

        Screw it! I’ve had enough. Don’t NEED nor WANT Google+, therefore no longer NEED Youtube!

  100. Now I can’t reply to comments – so what is the point!
    This would have to be the biggest SCREW UP I’ve seen for a long time.
    Idiots who think they know – actually have no clue.
    It’s all working fine and everyone is using it with no problem….

    Stupid nerds trying to justify their positions by changing things for NO REASON.
    Unless this is either fixed properly or completely REMOVED – youtube won’t last a month.
    Seriously ridiculous….

    1. Just close / cancel your Youtube account. Google+ sucks and don’t let them “force” you to open one. Just go elsewhere.

      I cancelled my Youtube account. Don’t care anymore + I won’t let Google+ take any more of my data / privacy from me anymore!

    2. « It’s all working fine and everyone is using it with no problem….

      Stupid nerds trying to justify their positions by changing things for NO REASON. »
      Agreed, and I still remember that I thought it was the same deal -though not a privacy problem- when we could rate videos with a number of stars, being able to tell a few shades between « I like » and « I hate ». Change for change’s sake is a very good way to break working stuff.

  101. I hope that if Google even responds to this it will be to announce that its disabling all comments on YouTube. It would be better anyways. Most people just watch videos and trailers on YouTube anyways and dont even partake in the comments. Their absence would actually make YouTube better. YouTube wont change this, they have bigger concerns than people not people not figuring out the new system, there wont be a YouTube 8.1. Learn to use it instead of bitching about it. Life is the ultimate lesson, and ultimate learning curve. Nothing will be handed to you on a plate, start adapting or start getting used to living at home, im sure most of you are quite used to living with your parents, so that wont be much of a challenge. Just the way you like it !!

    1. Oh buzz off.

    2. Ok we get it you don’t like the comments on YouTube or the people who comment there, but most of us LIKED the way it was. It’s not just about the figuring out the new system , it’s about the fact that they force us these new updates WE DON’T WANT. I know I’m never gonna comment on YT ever because I would need to use my name. Wtf is that bullsh*it about ? And yeah I could make up a name but that’s not the same. And yes I get that you can’t be perfectly anonymous online, not even in Tor web, but still it’s fucking stupid to be forced to use your name.

      1. Remember, Youtube has been aggressively forcing people to use their REAL names and info and have been forcing them to input a phone# to verify accounts. This was not the case years ago. Now Google+? Google has become too intrusive. It’s actually scary when you really think about it.

    3. “Learn to use it”?! Dude, you’re a little spineless goat. Google is harvesting all your data and leading you up the mountain for slaughter. Bahhhh bahhhhhh!

      1. What “data” are they “harvesting” ? “spineless goat” says the person hiding behind a keyboard somewhere.

    4. JointhePredadcons…Whats your problem. You have been on this page for
      hours name calling and insulting everyone. You say you hope youtube
      remove the comments altogether. You say you only watch the vids and
      never make comments. I find that hard to believe from someone who has
      been commenting here for at least nine hours. You think you’re the
      smartest guy here and everyone else here needs to educate themselves.
      You know what I think? I think your an a**hole..

      1. I have not insulted one single person in any of my comments. I havent been here for 9 hrs. I commented last nite and came back to comment this morning. Funny how you say im insulting people when youre the one that called me an “a**hole” I make comments in places like this, not YouTube. Sticks and stones dude.

    5. i’m all for getting rid of comments. They NEVER provide anything actually useful to the video. And most times the top rated comments are always the most profane or idiotic one available.

      1. You are stupid. The comments were fun to display as it let’s people give out their opinions on the video. Realize that.

        1. no need to be rude. Its my opinion, so deal with it. You are just another example of how terrible the youtube community is. Thanks for proving my point. :)

          1. Your opinion is freaking stupid.

      2. You’re all for “getting rid of comments”? So essentially what you’re saying is you’re all for censorship. WOW.

      3. We are neck deep in the ignorant here you realize, lol. Ill be somewhere else where there are less paranoid and ignorant people.

    6. But haven’t you read the comments man? According to them this is the end of YT, they think they’re the majority and since they can’t handle change it automatically means no one else will lol.

      Seriously though I agree with your points, but trying to talk sense to these people is futile.

  102. Youtube removed my ability to post on comment through my 7 year old Youtube account just yesterday. Something about setting up an account on Google+. No thanks.

    I just cancelled everything. HAHA!

  103. what does the dark blue line under commenters name imply?

  104. Hey guys, look at it this way. For years we’ve all had a friendly plutonic relationship with Youtube. Now Google has given us an ultimatum, do this or else we’ll give it to you up your arse if you like it or not. Well, that hurts.
    So I’ve decided to end our relationship. Goodbye Youtube, Goodbye Google. And no, we can no longer be friends :)

    1. Done too. The more we do this, the more likely they are to come their senses… Or a contender to the front.

    2. Same. Google can suck it

    3. Give us YouTube back, Google.

  105. I was hoping that this would happen. It only makes sense for them to expand their products to have wider integration.

    1. You wanted them to take your privacy away from you? Might not affect you but it affects a lot of other people.

      1. It depends how you look at it. What privacy does it affect? I think that there is still many ways that people can use the system to their advantage.

        1. I guess so but I heard someone got suspended for not using their real name and I much rather not have people know my real names since I’m not going to friend anyone on Google+

          1. I definitely agree that an anonymity feature should be implemented for user accounts. I think its interesting because they have already switched to have Google+ comments for Blogger but they provided an option for users not to use them. I don’t use them but I can definitely see them being useful.

  106. Guys I got Google + and a youtube account but for some reason it wont let me comment or at least view comments anymore.

    1. Yeah, it’s a disaster. What on earth were they thinking?

      1. Maybe Google and/or Youtube hates us or knows we will get mad but are like “Eh whatever.”

      2. Hey Kenny I think this changeover to Google+ is happening big time now. I was being “asked” to set up a Google+ account for months but last night they took away my commenting and replying privileges last night and essentially “forced” me to set up a Google+ account.

        Seems it’s happening for a HUGE # of people. I’ve cancelled my account and didn’t set up Google+.
        It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few months.

    2. you cant ever again. i cant even access my videos. youtube needs to die.

      1. I can’t comment again? Welp brb gonna go and delete my YouTube.

        1. yes you can comment and like/dislike. but you have to use your real name and everyone in your private gmail account, mum, dad, employer, co-worker, whoever is now informed of your comments, likes/dislikes browsing histories etc.

          i can access my youtube account i was tricked into ‘upgrading’ to this piece of ducking sh1t PLUS . SO DUCKING ANGRY. this is all NSA stuff. people have tried deleting their accounts but then cant open new ones. i’m going to lose over 200,000 views on my videos, and videos only come up the search listings by views and likes.

        2. this has only kicked off in the last 24 hrs god knows what youtube is thinking. i’m just going to close my account i want no part of their “plus” . at BEST now you’re going to have to change your gmail, delete your youtube account and start all over again with a name that isn’t your full or real name, and even THEN you cant even comment on your own videos anyway, or anyone else’s even or like/dislike without a GoogleSUCK+ account.

        3. you can download al your videos by copy-pasting the URL into ‘KEEPVID’

  107. I sort of like G+. Everyone seems to think they have to be on Facebook 24 / 7 but I’ve seen some interesting posts and people on Google + Facebook seems to be a bigger threat to your privacy , if you think about it and do a little research on what has already transpired…

    1. Stan, this is not so much about Facebook or Google+ as social media sites. Some of us (myself included) don’t care to use either Facebook or Google+.

      I enjoyed using Youtube free of Facebook or Google+. Of course, since Google now owns Youtube, they have essentially forced me as a Youtube member to use their Google+ social media software. I’m not going to be “forced” to do anything. Like I’ve said before, I simply cancelled it all. AND, my Facebook will be next, that’s a promise!

    2. Just because you like something it doesn’t mean it’s okay to be forced to be with that thing. I need to be able to say « I want to stop, so I stop, period. » any time. My gf and I have been together for 10 years, I for one know I couldn’t ever get married, no matter how much I loved her. I’d even go so far as to say that BECAUSE I like something (or someone) very much I’d appreciate the freedom of leaving it/her/him even more, and this affection is much more meaningful when it’s a free choice you make every day. G+ can be awesome and exactly tailored for my way to do things and just… to be, if it forces me in I can only think of breaking free.

    3. Its just sad that this younger generation doesnt understand that the NSA and spying and data collection has been going on since the 1940s. Anything you put online, whether it be email, comments on Facebook, comments on YouTube, texting, sexting, comments on boards like these are all being seen, filtered, and analyzed by the govt. Even if you dont sign up for G+ or Facebook. Even conversations over phone lines are monitored by computer for keywords. Unless you have zero internet presence there is no privacy online. If these people were really concerned with privacy they wouldnt even be here commenting about privacy. So if its not about privacy, it boils down to inconvenience. The inconvenience of getting a G+ name to be able to comment on a Google property. Guess what, inconvenience is part of life. People are free to watch videos elsewhere. Google wont care. As i said, they had to answer the demand to get control over the outrageous comments on YouTube. As responses to my comments have proven, when the slow minded, simple minded, and closed minded get upset, they resort to name calling.

      1. K, then why aren’t you using your real name on these posts? BTW you aren’t as smart as you think :”As responses to my comments have proven, when the slow minded, simple minded, and closed minded get upset, they resort to name calling.” You resorted to name calling yourself. Hilarious.

  108. You know what’s terrible (for me)? I deleted my Google + account a few days ago and then today they decide to make you HAVE to use Google + and I’m like “WHAT?! I have to restart a new account? All I come to Youtube is to see arguments and trolls because that’s sometimes more entertaining than the videos!”

  109. “and nobody ever commented on a youtube video again…”

    1. Mainly because they can’t.

  110. First they blitz us with constant ads, then they screw up the default channel format, and now this?

    Seriously, if they don’t change this back, I’m done. Meanwhile I’ll be buying stock in Dailymotion and Vimeo.

  111. I have a question.
    I think I like Disqus. I like video sharing sites. I like the commenting feature. Finding there are like-minded people everywhere in the world is one of the cool wonders of the internet. Does any general video sharing site include commenting with Disqus ?
    If anything’s wrong with Disqus privacy-wise, I’d like to hear it. If anything sounds stupid with this idea I’d like to hear it too. Thanks.

    1. It couldn’t be any worse. I’d give it a shot.

  112. I honestly just don’t like being forced to use anything, no matter how good it is. I probably would have had a Google+ by now if they didn’t keep shoving it down my throat. To me, Google trying to force Google+ on its users is like the equivalent of Lay’s forcing me to buy dip if I want to buy a bag of chips because ‘they go well together’. That being said, I do like the threaded comments idea and the fact that I wouldn’t have to dig around to follow a conversation and yes this should remove lots of nasty comments but I still refuse to sign up. Sorry Google

    1. google+ is the identity platform for all google services (maps, search, youtube, android, drive, gmail etc etc).

      if you don’t want to use google+ (for whatever brilliant reason) you will find google services less useful in the future.

      google, reasonable so, wants to tie their services (which upto now were disparate). its a perfectly reasonable thing for a company to do. and is common sense if you ask me.

      but if you find that unreasonable go pack your bags to a different place on the internet. internet is bigger than google.

      1. Pack and leave : that’s exactly what quite a few of us, myself included, did today.
        I don’t imagine you would understand what with the condescending way you put ‘for whatever brilliant reason’ in parentheses.

        But this solution to the g+ problem was clear enough for everyone to read out here and other threads without your troll-fanboying around, so you can safely stop, your point is made.

        1. i am a fanboy of reason.

          it makes sense for google to integrate their numerous services which require identity with google+.

          if makes sense to reduce hateful,disgusting comments on youtube but tied with google+ comments.

          if makes sense for me to see what people in my circles are saying about a video before i see a random comment. if i want to see a random comment i can still see that. i like having both options.

          you are welcome to move onto different parts of the internet. like i said, 4chan is a perfect place for you.

          1. ctrl+F “4chan” gives 4 hits by you on this comments page. Like I said your point is made. I agree that it’s an ecosystem that can be efficient, what we’re saying here is that it cannot be forced onto everyone without at least a poll.

          2. a poll? what world are you living in. which major internet company does that? fb? twitter? microsoft? apple? samsung? oracle?

            i will break it to you – nobody. people listen for feedback but this is not democracy where you vote.

            and nobody is forcing anything on you. you can 100% live online without touching google services.

            lots of people use google services because they are awesome not because they have to.

            and believe it or not g+ is actually amazing. give it a chance. its not that bad…

          3. What the hell is your problem?

      2. If I signed up for YouTube knowing that Google+ was required (like Gmail and others now enforce) that would make more sense, but u can’t create a service and force everyone onto it just because. When fb or twitter change their layout, I don’t complain because they aren’t changing the actual service or forcing me into another.

        When I signed up for Gmail I didn’t need to connect it to some social network I didn’t want. Why do I need to now? Does Microsoft force you to sign up for Skype when u open a Hotmail/Outlook? No. What you get is a Microsoft account which (omg!) ties in all their services! But there’s no forced social network tied to a Microsoft account (gasp!) so what makes Google different?

        The only reason YouTube is less useful without Google+ is because Google made it that way. Yes it’s a free service, which is what you ppl always argue, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to an opinion if we don’t like a service change. We are still customers and as a BA marketing major, I know that a company needs to listen to their customers or they risk hurting their brand image

  113. I want to reply to a comment on one of my video’s but it won’t let me
    unless i join G+. So i joined and it screwed up all my account info and
    changed my avatar. I then tried to reply only to find out you can’t
    reply to comments anymore! So i have disconnected it and will make a
    final video tomorrow explaining i am not using YouTube till they sort
    this out, and will resort to Facebook. At least Facebook doesn’t bombard everyone with copyright crap…

    1. Exactly! I had linked Google+ account a long time ago but I could do things any Youtuber could do. Then today, someone had commented on my Video (yay!) and then I tried to reply to it and BAAM! No reply button! I thought it was underneath the arrow thing but it only said Remove! There you go! No replies, no upvotes, no downvotes! Just a bunch of utter crap!

      1. boo so the feature is gone completely?? This is pissing me off, i can’t respond or “like” anything except the video itself. On SOME/few videos I see the option but only for like a few people. So confusing and annoying :|

        1. I know :/ Google is making us link our Youtube accounts to Google+ because they need more ‘User’ Registrations. Almost No-one uses Google+ !!

  114. YouTube has been going downhill ever since Google bought it. First all the spam-o-advertisements, then they were trying to force us to give them our real names by harassing us each time we tried to comment. Yeah, like I want to be stalked by some of the weirdos on YT. Not! My response to their harassment was to start using Bing as my search engine. Now they are trying to force us to get a Google+ account in order to comment on YT. This is less about controlling trolls and more about promoting their failed Google+ system. I’m deleting my YT account and looking for a good alternative to YouTube.

  115. Well good job youtube! No spam button, now how I am supposed to moderate spoilers on video games shows?! I’ve got people deliberately trying to spoil daily!

  116. Anyone know a site we can go to?

    1. its a great place for everything non google.

      good luck surviving the awesome ecosystem of non google services.

      1. I’m just gonna use Firefox and dailymoon but thx.

        1. awesome bro.

          here is a factoid i’m sure you won’t believe – 85% of firefox’s funding actually comes from the evil corporation known as google.

          1. I don’t hate Google completely. Just Google + and right now I’m neutral with Youtube.

      2. Are you saying that I wont be able to survive on the internet without Google? Or did I miss something.

  117. I can’t comment. I can’t like stuff. I can’t view my liked videos, favourite videos , my watch later videos or even my INBOX.
    Google has ruined YouTube.
    Goodbye, Google.
    Any other site we can go to?

    1. Yeah me either, I googled to try n figure it out and came here n saw your comment. Any luck yet?

      1. I guess we just have to wait…

        1. Now we can duckduckgo our way around, but for videos everyone was (already using the past tense, you’ll notice…) so on youtube only that it’s going to take time. But if important uploaders get political and leave, this will might even make it to the tv news.

  118. Google has killed YouTube, not surprising.. If anyone creates another site that can replace YT, they will be a huge hit and I will use 100%. I’d do it, but know nothing about computer programming, or website building.

    1. , or server farming, if you’re to be yt2. My guess is that guys at Vimeo and Dailymotion and indie others must have been running on crack for the last 24h to figure out what a good move is now. I’ve closed my 10 yo yt account minutes ago, but the planet has gone so soft in the head recently that I can picture us being the only few dudes who’ll react strongly.

  119. And now, you want us to RUIN OUR CHANNEL by connecting our account to Google+ ?
    Youtube used to be great. Why, Google?

  120. Does ANYONE like the new YouTube layout?
    Didn’t think so.
    Google, just give us YouTube back.

    1. I signed it. I hope everyone else does too.

      1. Yea I’ve been sharing it on YouTube too. I suggest you do the same if possible.

        1. I can’t freaking share it, BECAUSE I CAN’T FREAKING COMMENT!
          Wow Google.

          1. you can if you use google+. if you don’t want to use google+ then gtfo and use 4chan. its designed for trolls like you.

          2. You talk down to people like you’re some superior being. We enjoyed YT. Go on for a couple of hours, pick a subject of interest and have your say without the fear that some crazy will find out who you are, or that someone will recognise your name and put 2+2 together. It was easy to use, you could follow conversations easily, click “show comment” to follow the thread of the conversation and so on. As things stand, on some threads no comments at all appear, I cannot respond to even recent comments on the threads they do appear, and like the vast majority on here the very reason we enjoyed YT has been ruined. Being pissed at that does not make us trolls or idiots, and juvenile, gratuitous insults from an arrogant bastard like yourself indicates that in fact it is you who is the troll.

  121. Well thanks fuckheads, now i can’t see the comments under the videos, when i’m logged in.
    great work google…

    1. I know, IT’S PISSING ME OFF!

  122. Google logic:
    Don’t want to ruin your channel by connecting your account to Google+ ?
    Not letting you comment! :D
    Oh, you’re new to YouTube and want to create an account?
    Be sure to set Google as your homepage, get a Gmail account, and a Google+ account!
    Want to view your inbox?
    Oops, 404 not found.
    Uploading a video with a clip from a show?
    Sorry, we banned you because of copyright.

  123. I don’t even know what its talking about, I don’t have a google+ account, at least if I do I don’t know what it is or how to access it, Plus youtube randomly pops up with a message asking if I wish to start using my real name, with no option for “leave me the hell alone about my real name” Why cant they just leave things alone, It all worked fine before, now its a mess, they always have to tinker and make things completely incomprehensible.

  124. I miss the old YouTube.
    I really DON’T want to give them my real name,
    I DON’T want to connect my account to Google+,

    1. google is not taking over youtube b/c youtube is google (for at least 7 years now).

      and if you don’t want to use google+ then stop using google services b/c google+ is being incorporated into every google service.

      the good news for you is that there are plenty of options for you if you hate google. go use bing. lol.

      1. Dude all of your comments get downvoted every time you lick google’s ass.

  125. …… Why have I lost the ability to “directly reply to a specific comment” on YouTube? What a crock!

    If I knew that giving into these invasively annoying pop-ups requesting “changes” and “name change requests”, ect would affect my simple ability to reply to a specific comment I would have just put up with it and looked for the “cancel” button each time.

    *Face palm***

  126. ill make this short and sweet.
    you done screwed it up now, revert it back please

  127. I used to be on YouTube everyday and post comments, and have fun.

    YouTube used to be a place where you could watch videos and socialize.

    Google took that away, and I’m not coming back before they change everything they ruined.

    If you think the same, sign this petition.

    1. Awesome, thanks for that.. I’m definitely going to sign that.

      And this… RIGHT HERE.. what I just did.. I REPLIED TO YOUR COMMENT!!

      Why the hell cant I do that on YouTube anymore!?!

      THey want me to delete my channel to fix this???? WTF?

      THanks again, laxi

      1. Bro, we’re gonna keep this page active. We’re gonna get HEARD. We’re going to get our site back.

    2. you call racist, homophobic comments socializing?

      you don’t think you can chat with someone if you use your google+ profile?

      you think google that owns google+ and youtube is unreasonable if they want to use a single identity platform to link their services?

      if you want to do anonymous on the internet use 4chan and please stop using youtube. its people like you who have destroyed youtube’s reputation.

      1. Okay,
        How have “people like me” ruined YouTube?
        I’m a regular Youtuber, just here to make friends and watch videos.
        And, oh, yes, of course you can still chat with people through Google+,
        But you can’t reply to comments,
        And I have a weird YouTube thing, so I can’t see the comments.
        And excuse me,
        Stop hating on EVERY COMMENT I have made.
        You’re a troll, not me.

      2. Anonymity doesn’t automatically mean people are gonna post racist or homophobic comments. Why should people give up their rights just because of a few bad apples ?

        1. no it doesn’t but it makes it super easy to do so.

          thats why youtube has some of the most hateful comments i’ve seen online.

          and what rights are you taking about? right to be anonymous? there is no such right on the internet.

          if you want a parallel site on the internet where nobody uses their real name (just like in real life, amirite??) go ahead and create a site like youtube and attract content creators to build your audience.

          its your RIGHT to do so without interferece. but don’t be surprised if you find that it takes billions of dollars to build a site like youtube that you take for granted and use for “free”. and youtube is a rare sight on the internet where video content creators are able to share revenue with google and make a living doing what they love.

          1. So if a site is free we should put up with their problems? Look all I want is to comment since I like commenting and chatting with people since it’s fun. If you’re having a problem with us then you can just go and exit off this page and enjoy your YouTube +.

          2. i hate to break it to you – you can easily comment and reply if you have google+ enabled.

            if you don’t want to do so, the gtfo and use another service. pure and simple.

          3. Yea that’s how you run a business. ”If you don’t like it gtfo”. Goolge should take peoples opinion into account so everyone would be happy.

          4. I have Google + enabled but it wont work still. I can’t see comments and can’t comment even with Google + on. Either I’m doing something wrong or Google + is.

          5. « right to be anonymous? there is no such right on the internet. » YES THERE IS, it’s even at the very foundation of it. I suggest you take a good look at this.


            with this quote, and others, to remember:

            ” We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.”

  128. We should just make a petition on changing YouTube to it’s old form than just the comments.

  129. Did anyone watch the video above?
    “YouTube comments just got better.”
    BETTER?! So, you’re saying that the comments get BETTER,
    if you have to ruin your channel,
    have to have the same profile picture forever,
    and for someone, CAN’T COMMENT?

  130. I’m staying on Disquis.
    Anyone else?

  131. So, I went to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video that has 297,251,564 views

    and posted this (I got a bit of content from your post, laxi ;)):

    “Trying to “DIRECTLY REPLY TO A SPECIFIC COMMENT” and cannot anymore???

    I used to be on YouTube everyday and post comments, and have fun.

    YouTube used to be a place where you could watch videos and socialize.

    Google took that away, and I’m not coming back before they change everything they ruined.

    If you think the same, sign this petition.


    I suggest doing something similar and making this petition viral.

    1. Good thinking !

      1. Yes! Deleted my Youtube account and any associated Google+ garbage (not that there was much) after being FORCED to take up G+.

        No way!

      2. Done. Gangnam Style has been enlightened. (-:

    2. The world needs to know about this petition, and you just helped me. :)

  132. I’d appreciate any suggestions on a sensible alternative to YT. Not FB, though. I enjoyed my debates on a wide variety of subjects on YT. That has now gone, so I’m looking for a similar site, but one where they treat their members with more respect than Google. I’m also dumping Google as my search engine. Suggestions on a decent one? Thanks.

    1. Don’t get pushed over.. stay firm! Let’s get OUR YouTube back!

      1. I can’t begin to tell you how fkn angry I am at this. They bully you into joining G+, then when you go back to YT you find that they have changed it beyond recognition. Point taken, though, and I’ll hang on in there for a while. But if they don’t listen and put things right pretty soon then I’m off, never to use any Google product again. And I’ve signed the petition, thanks.

        1. I totally agree with you.

  133. If they seriously think that people likes the new design,
    That they have to ruin their accounts to comment,
    And that they have to have a Gmail account to sign up,
    I am finding another site that understands that not everyone wants to try all their other websites.
    Thanks, Google, for ruining YouTube for everyone.

    1. I agree with GobbleTurkey. He said :”Don’t get pushed over.. stay firm! Let’s get OUR YouTube back!”. Let’s do something rather than just give up on our beloved YouTube. Come on let’s fight Google’s BS effort to dominate everyone. :D

      1. breaking news – youtube is google.

        let me walk into your home, and your bedroom and tell you what the heck to do, then you have very right to tell google what to do with its service.

        1. If Google does something we, as their clients, don’t like we have the right to express our opinion. If your government suddenly denied the freedom of speech wouldn’t you protest ?

          1. ok lets try reasoning.

            what if i create a website and say only registered users can comment. and lets say you want to comment on my website but don’t want to register. in that case, am i denying your second amendment?

            think about that, and let that detonate in your head for a minute before you casually draw the connection between freedom of speech and google+ comment integration with youtube.

          2. But we already registered and now we got to register again with TWO accounts.

          3. Ok you are missing my point.

            Google does something thinking it’s better.
            –>people don’t like it.
            –>people protest.
            –>Google makes changes so clients are happy.

          4. most people (silent majority don’t care or like it).

            i’ve seen this happen many many many times on facebook. every time fb made a change, a very vocal minority would be so upset and pledge they would pack their bags and move.

            they ended up staying.

          5. True but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. With that logic nothing would ever change.

          6. maybe i missed something? what exactly are you trying to change that is in the end contributing one little iota of goodness in this world.

            i can list many many positive things that will happen with g+ comment integration.

            your only counter is “i’m mad because i can’t comment without using g+ first and i don’t want to use g+”. which i’m sorry to say sounds like a 2 year old spoiled kid whining.

          7. Look buddy it’s not just about the fact that the old system was good enough and the fact that G+ is complicating things. They are forcing us the changes and we don’t want them. Yea yea, we get it ”you don’t have to use it if u dun wanna”, but like I’ve told you we just want to at least try to change things the way we want them to be. That is how politics work.

          8. if you are really interesting in making things better, give them feedback. scroll to the bottom of every google service you will see a feedback button.

            write to them how you can make things better or how the newly rolled out feature is causing your problems.

            thats called constructive criticism. fixing things rather than crying over “the old wonderful world we used to live in”

          9. Yeah, like voting in Russia this can definitely help the world to become a better place…

          10. I’ve done it already. I’ve also signed the address. I’m not here to whine about things, I’m here to discuss this with people.

          11. Ok let’s try reasoning.

            What if I create a website and say go ahead it’s cool do what you want, and attract a huge population on it, and then decide I want to change that cool and easy feature autocratically ? What am I called ? I am, I am… I am a despot. Changing the rules into others that limit your free will is what a despot does.

          12. every single company has a right to do so and does it repeatedly unless you sign a TOS which specifically would say otherwise (i.e we will never change our commenting system or policy for eternity”).

            but not a single internet company exists today with such TOS. because it would be, how to say, retarded to have one.

            so you are living in a imaginary fairy tale world. come down to earth and lets have tea, mkay?

          13. So you’re cool with any company making drastic changes that will make it so different that it turns it into something you would never have been interested in the first place ? Like if google said “Now to keep commenting on our videos you’ll have to agree with this ’I am not a communist’ manifesto” you’d be ok with it because they can do what the f*** they want ? Where’s your limit ?

            In a sense I am living in a fairy tale world since I let go of my account a few hours ago :-)

          14. Google wants to keep its clients happy in order to keep those clients. If people don’t like the way YT is changed they should express their opinion. In the end Google will benefit if people complain.

        2. If you are providing a service, or selling something, then generally you have some consideration for your customers. Clearly, Google does not.

          1. of course google does. that why you have videos in hd and soon 4k. you know how much infrastructure goes into providing that kind of service? of course you don’t.

            or how about going beyond 10 min video limit so that educators would upload educational videos which has spawned amazing companies like khan academy or coursera and udacity.

            or how about any content creators who can build an audience can become youtube partner and make a living on youtube creating content and being creative instead of doing shitty jobs they hate just to survive.

            what google thankfully doesn’t listen to is self entitled spoiled trolls who want to troll anonymously and think google owes them something.

          2. Of course they don’t because they reached what made the public hate Microsoft : hegemony. And like Microsoft, they’re beginning to take advantage of it to secure even more hegemony.
            Yes this infrastructure is needed, and please stop that condescending tone not all of us are as dumb as you think we are.

            So according to you as long as you can justify that doing what you do to provide such and such service is hard, complicated and costly, you can call your customers your bitches ? Reminds me of a South Park episode on internet providers…

          3. i don’t want to talk about microsoft vs google b/c thats not what this is about. and i love both companies b/c at the end of the day (although i am an ardent mac user) microsoft is an amazing tech company.

            you are missing my point by a mile. you have every right to complain. but google has every right to ignore your complains. esp. if they make zero sense.

          4. Agreed, (well not on the love of Microsoft bit that’s not our point here), and I have every right to leave if my complaints are not heard so I did.

            Problem is, this is an important step we’re talking about here, and not everyone is really aware of what’s going on. I am and I made my choice, you have and you have made yours, I’m cool with that, no problemo.

            The issue is when it comes to people who don’t care/dare to think the whole thing through and just do as they’re told, ready to follow any change like a lemming in a precipice.
            To put it another way, if for two weeks people had been discussing this on TV on popular shows, I don’t think this would be taken so lightly. An important event doesn’t look all that important on the internet. This is HUGE, to me.

          5. first of all google rolled out the commenting system as a preview last month to give people the heads up.

            and secondly, in the grand scheme of things its not an important event. it might be to you but trust me its not. this will all be forgotten by the haters. sooner than you think.

            google has repeatedly said, google+ is the social spine of google services. expect to see even more integration. you are more than welcome to pack your bags and more to the fertile lands of the anonymous cool and awesome internet.

          6. Well I’m sorry, and I’m going to sound very dumb to you and the point by a mile &c., but I still think it boils down to a similar situation as Microsoft’s on some points. You do what you do because you can. You can because you were once nicer. Period.

            Giving a heads up is not asking people. If I tell you you I’m going to rape you in three weeks, it’s not less painful when it happens.
            Google may say what they will, I doesn’t make it less ugly.

            This is an important event because it shows us what you knew would happen but we didn’t just because I for one don’t keep on the lookout for declarations by Google before they unlubricatedly f*** me. What’s important is what happens.
            This is an important event because it’s the beginning of this great scheme. You may be thrilled, I’m scared to death.

            I agree that it will forgotten. The difference between you and me, I think, is that I’m very shocked by it. Acceptance without appreciation of what’s happening is the worst.

            Can I ask you to please stop telling people dismissal phrases over and over ? It becomes boring, adds nothing to the debate and makes your comments sound like you’re at least as stupid as you think we are.

          7. Keep in mind that Google needs it’s clients in order to make money so they do what they think is for the best. I do agree with you that Google giving us no choice but to use G+ in order to enjoy YT is mean, but I don’t think Google tricked us into making a YT account and then messed things up just for fun.

          8. Well with the android users alone that makes a fair share of clients I
            think ; what I believe is that they now think they can do wtf they want
            with no leash. The internet will never have a government, but with what
            happened today it seems to me like Google thinks they’re a pretty good
            I’m scared but sad too, because I remember what a cool
            company it used to be. I honestly wish I could dive in their ecosystem
            unreservedly, why did they have to force it upon us like that ? Word of
            mouth is what made big what’s big today, it could very well have
            eventually worked like that for this too. Remember the beginnings of yt,
            those of google ? They weren’t always bloodsucking intrusive
            corporations, and they haven’t always needed that to make good money.
            People use your service because you’re good at what you do, you put an
            add or two in there, people click on the adds… But now every little tiny
            bit is a business on its own. I don’t know how to end this post, I
            think I’ll just go to bed. I’m 29 and I feel I’m as bitter as a very old
            man. F*** you very much for this very pleasant evening, Google, I’ll
            remember it.

          9. Yeah..but as much as I would love to go back to the original YT , we have to accept that things change. But I think clients should have the opportunity to choose what things change and how…to some extent. Right now, Google isn’t doing a good job pleasing people. I have no problem with Google making money out of YT (because I use adblock :D) but forcing us using G+ isn’t a very good strategy.

          10. edit-wrong clicking.

          11. What does the G+ comments have to do with HD videos and over 10 min educational videos? You might have misunderstood the point here; we all love YT and respect it, but in our opinion the new comment system isn’t that good. By helping yourselves we are also helping Google and YT. After all the customer is always right.

          12. that was in response to the comment how google doesn’t listen to its customers “If you are providing a service, or selling something, then generally you have some consideration for your customers. Clearly, Google does not.”

            the examples i gave was google is constantly improving youtube and listening to feedback.

            what made youtube the second largest search engine in the world is not “cat videos” or troll/hateful/anonymous comments but rather how google has created a mutually beneficially partnership with content creators (whether they are educators, entertainers, universities) and constantly improving the product.

            this is very clear to people like me who have been following the growth of youtube since 2006 acquisition.

          13. I think anonymity is a big part of YouTube. You can post things (good or bad) you normally wouldn’t. The voting system allowed us to flag and dislike comments we disagreed with. Trolling ,hateful and racist comments on YT got flagged and disliked pretty quickly by the community. Anonymity allowed me to ask questions on educational videos I normally wouldn’t have asked. It helps people to get over their insecurities.

          14. thats a fair point. and i think thats the tradeoff of identity vs anonymity. and i think in the story of the internet so far identity has won.

            the clear case of this is facebook. it enforces identity everywhere and its by far the most successful, pervasive social network.

          15. Yupp and I’m sure that’s the logic behind Google+. ‘People like Facebook so let’s make a similar system.’ But I think you should at least have a change to choose between anonymity and identity. That way Google would not piss off anyone.

  134. I made a debate for this on, so people can share their opinions.

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      A trappable error (C0000005) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.

      Something is wrong.

      1. Hmmm… I’ll try fixing it.

      2. That’s odd. It happens if I try to go to my profile, too.
        Oh well, whatever..

  135. SUBMIT! SUBMIT! All your info to us! Your name, your address, your phone#, where you work, who are your friends and relatives, where you hang out and what you like to do!



    1. That’s pretty much Google

    2. I thought you were a troll then I saw the rest and I was lie “Did I just call Google a troll/stupid?”

      1. wow thats actually kind of crazy.. because of how huge they are the things they do and ask for hides behind their name….

  136. We prefer you take it dry, but in the event you require lube while we bend you over, please contact our customer care team.

    The Google Team.

  137. But seriously…Any other websites we can go to?

    1. You can try Vimeo, but I don’t think it’s as good as YT. Apparently it’s encripted but when I went to sign up I got a pop-up that said “the info you are sending can be read by a third party”, so I threw that idea out the window,

      Maybe It’s not too bad. Again, not as good as YT but you can comment there and they aren’t as strict as YT. They don’t make you sign up with any of their additional silly social media programs, and if you look you’ll even see vids of naked people!

      1. Haha.. I signed up on Dailymotion, since Vimeo is SO SLOW!

        1. Yes! Just signed up as well. I’ll be uploading a bunch of new videos soon!

      2. HAHA! Check out people. Looks like they have revamped their face page and, ohhhh, it’s starting to look like the “old” YT we all loved!

        Looks like somebody is moving in to pick up all the drop-offs from YT!

      3. I actually don’t think you can comment on Dailymotion. Every video I’ve ever been too, save like 3, says Comments have been disabled.

  138. There’s a petition to end this Google+ world domination attempt now
    But seriously, Google, seriously?

    1. oh my god.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :’DDDD

      1. I don’t want to give up on YouTube, it’s just Google+ that’s being the idiot here. I really hope that this changes everything :D

        1. Me too :D

  139. They should rename it Boogle-a cross between Borg and Google because clearly, resistance is futile.

  140. Use Youtube on your iPad while avoiding assimilation, better system!

  141. Foxtrot Universe Charlie Kilo

    1. It’s actually “Uniform”. But I agree with everything else.

  142. I never want to share my youtube comments with anyone on Google+


    1. Then use an alias account. That’s what I’ve always done.

  143. And it doesn’t fucking work right. I now can’t reply or add thumbs to certain (totally random) comments.


    1. I tried to replying to a comment from a video I watched and I wrote out my reply, hit submit and then waited for a full 2 minutes as it locked up and after? a large box with text stating “you do not have permission to comment” and removed the reply link from all the other comments.

      It wasn’t even my video, and I don’t have permission? dafuq!?

    2. You reply like you would on Instagram or Twitter. Now you @ members in order to speak to them.

  144. This is the most bullcrap thing they have ever done. It’s already bad bad enough they used to force you to get gmail account in order to keep your google account, now they got this, [BLEEP]ing Google+, which was fine until they started merging it with Youtube

    1. If you’re going to censor yourself just don’t curse at all because we all know what you’re saying/meant under that bleep.

  145. “Let’s see how this works.”

    How does it work? It doesn’t! At least for me. I’m looking at a really moronic post that I can’t make a snarky reply to because the button isn’t working.

    1. Same with me!

      1. Like I just said to the other guy, messaging works like Instagram/Twitter now. You can @ members and they’ll be made aware of your reply.

        1. Yes, but for everybody else, those replies, replies to replies, replies to reples to replies, etc will be out of context and appear totally random. You won’t be able to follow others’ conversations any more.

    2. It’s easy now. You can reply but you just @ the person like you would on Twitter or Instagram and their name will come up as clickable.

      1. As opposed to just CLICKING REPLY before. SO MUCH EASIER.

  146. For those of you who don’t know how to reply, you have to @ the members now like you would on Instagram or Twitter.

  147. Google + has just jumped the shark and did the same misstakes just like MySpace did..

  148. “Oh hey! I know, let’s reinvent the wheel, but instead of it being round let’s go with squares!”

    1. So long as they get more cash for each 90° angle, that makes a lot of sense.

  149. Can someone help me? I can’t even comment on a youtube video anymore if I am signed in it wont even show the comment section I know this is a glitch and not my computer because I signed out and it showed it and then signed back in and it was gone again WTF.

  150. YT won’t even let me look at comments, it keeps telling me, “you have been logged out”, but i’m not signed out. anyone got any ideas on how to fix this. i can’t even comment , or like a comment, nothing. the comment section is basically useless to me right now and it sucks.

    1. Sign out and then sign in again? If that doesn’t work try these steps:

      1. Clear all cookies.
      2. If that didn’t help clear the browser’s cache.
      3. If that didn’t help remove all web history.

      Google it if… no by the way, don’t use Google. Use another search engine to find out how to do the steps above, if you don’t know how to.

  151. Youtube comments and Obamacare have a lot in common.

    1. At least Obamacare is trying to help people.

      1. Ya and Hitler gave Jews free train car rides. Geez what a Obama sheeple.

        1. ? How does Obamacare now help people and also you don’t need to be all sarcastic and call me a sheepie for just saying Obamacare helps people. I didn’t even say I disagree with you.

          1. Are you joking? Those of us whom already have healthcare, our rates are increasing by over 300% in a LOT of cases, myself included.

            Not to mention only 1% of those that have been trying to get signed up for Obamacare are actually getting it because of the difficulties the website has been having. Which by the way was a nice 150 million dollar project (the $600+ million dollar figures were BS, but still).

            Our government has far too much control over everything in our lives. If you cannot grasp that than I must agree with Firejack about you being labeled as “sheeple”.

          2. Can you explain to me what a sheeple is and also I have no idea what you’re saying but from what I know a lot of people hate Obamacare because they only want the people with money to use it.

          3. If you have a 300% increase it most likely means you were not covered before. You might have had what is called junk insurance, which is worst than no insurance at all. If you were properly covered before you probably can get Tax Credits and such substitute that will bring down the raise. The number of cases where your plan is actually worst cost/benefit wise is insignificant compared to the number of case of improvements. The 2 most likely scenarios are that you actually had a shitty plan before or that you are misinformed on the total cost at the end of the year.

            I can agree on one thing, the ACA is way too complicated. The real solution is the single payer public healthcare. Health services shouldn’t be for profit. Same for cops and firefighters.

        2. Wow, that’s one of the fastest confirmations of Godwin’s law that I’ve ever seen!

    2. You made this comment for the sole purpose of…somehow bringing your hatred of Obamacare into this, didn’t you?

  152. These comments are hilarious. What a bunch of crybabies.

    The sooner the nasty anonymous youtube troll comments die the better. Having a Google+ account isn’t going to kill you.


    1. It’s not but it’s annoying. Also what was the point of calling us crybabies. Calling us names wont make us stop.

      1. What’ll make you stop crying? A stick in the eye? Perspective?

        1. ? Not everyone here is crying because some got good reason and I’m trying to look at it from other’s view but I just can’t stand Google +. There’s good thing and bad things and I felt like it was a unneeded change because they could of done all of this without Google+.

          1. One thing’s for certain: signal to noise ratio improves, and that’s all I really care about. I’ve totally tuned out youtube comments for months because of the spam and trolls.

          2. You do know there’s gonna be more spam and trolls since there’s no word limit so they can spam all they want and there’s no spam button to stop them. Only way is to collapse the comment.

          3. Signal to Noise ratio? Did you read that in a google promotional campaign? way to tread the party line there. Mindless. I hear the government want to start chipping people to keep track of us all. Care to tell us why that’s a good idea too?

          4. Just thought I’d drop in and let you know; you’re being very un-Dude right now.

          5. Nah. The Dude abides; the kids cry.

        2. What the hell’s with your attitude?

    2. the real crazy trolls can upvote their own comments and attain all the topcomments and and there is no spamming opt and down vote either ,,it is worse than before

    3. Oh grow some balls, you big BABY!

    4. Actually, this is going to make the problem with trolls even worse. Making a Google+ account isn’t exactly difficult. Yes, Google doesn’t allow you to actually sign out, only giving you a list of your accounts, but that’s as easy to fix as deleting cookies or simply opening a private session on Firefox.

      Also, the character limit has disappeared, making it trivially easy to spam stuff.
      You can now post links, making it possible for people to phish through Youtube comments.
      You can no longer downvote or mark comments as spam, so all the spammers with their upvoting bots are going to have one hell of a time.

      Not to mention that, right now, it’s just broken.
      I can’t even comment on videos, except by replying to other comments.
      I can’t see what comment a pre-Google+ comment was a reply to.
      I can’t reply to pre-Google+ comments.
      I can’t up- or down-vote pre-Google+ comments.
      I can’t mark pre-Google+ comments as spam.

      Keep in mind that most comments on Youtube are pre-Google+ comments and it’s going to stay that way for a few years.

      I really don’t care much for Google+ one way or the other and I don’t really mind having to own a Google+ account, but what I DO mind is not being able to really interact with way over half the comments.

  153. instead of making a new, better addition that people actually want, why don’t we just screw around with pointless stuff like replying and organizing comments! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also, character limits are off. Wait for people to find out . . .

  154. The one good thing about this is character limits. Bad thing is. THE REAL TROLLS GONNA START SPAMMING!!

  155. You can’t even look at replies to comments anymore so you have to look all over the page to find what comment someone was replying to. I would rather have the trolling and spamming than this crap any day….

    1. This seems to remove any possibility of having debates with people via the comments. Discussing videos and following comment threads. Often this can be very informative depending on the video and the discussions can be rational and part of the fun of YouTube. This has ended. Can;t see comment threads. I can’t even comment because I don’t want another redundant google product. I accepted having to have a google account, now they try forcing me to actively use it. I can’t even see new comments on my own videos because I must approve them via google+.

    2. Man that’s annoying! I’m out

  156. There is literally no reason for this update.

    Google, I ask you: Just WHO are you trying to win over? Whoa re you doing this for? No one likes this crap.

    1. I think they are trying to give us herpes, we should take the cue and leave them in the dust.

  157. I’ve just spent the past 15 min. trying to figure out how to post a reply comment. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I think you have to do
      @disqus_e2oQYeekbL:disqus or whatever to do these stuff

    2. free interaction and exchange of opinion between the people is a threat to the established order.

    3. Expecting YouTube’s interface to allow you to do that, or that the designers would do something as basic as testing the interface on some regular users first to see what issues might pop up.

  158. This is a stupid change. Makes it painfully difficult to follow a conversation. I liked when I could see the previous comment that someone replied to WITHOUT HAVING TO OPEN A NEW TAB FOR EVERY COMMENT.

    Seriously, who actually thought this would be a good idea? Because that person should be fired immediately after undoing whatever he or she did.

    1. this. that whole new tab shiet is causeing my ram to eff up

  159. I’m up for a worldwide ban google day, seriously.

  160. This is fucking insanity, seriously, I just want to hold a conversation on youtube, since you have to link your account to this google+ abomination, I still haven’t figured out how to continue a conversation I was having before google+ slaughtered youtube.

    Whatever google is smoking, I want it.

    1. But then you’d make terrible decisions that annoy millions of people! Hm… do you think Google needs an intervention?

  161. google plus sucks, im sure it was written by the nsa to learn all about you and your friends so everything can be linked together. It has ruined my experience of my youtube account as I cannot comment without having a google + account, I cannot get my comments on my youtube shows without it. You can bet they are going to start censoring in the name of google plus, just watch, it’s all about control rather that freedom and free speech. If I don’t like someones comments on my channel I can BAN THEM, isnt’ that enough control, apparently not, now google wants the power to censor them and me without any imput from the host user or the commenter.

    1. I think its time to download all of youtube and upload to dailymotion. unless there is a cached version of youtube?


    1. ….which is why google if forcing its google “frikkin” plus on us like this

  163. One thing I hate when ya put something a number of a timeline (3:24 as an example) Its unclickable.

    Just put the reply button on every comment

  164. Not only can I NOT comment at all anymore but I can’t vote either up or down either. I can’t even view what the replies are directed to anymore. This is one humongous step backward for Google. Who ever thought this was a fucking good idea in the first place?

    They expect that this will actually make things better for our so called “Youtube Experience”? It’s like we’re enduring penance with all this.
    Let’s do a head-check.
    Send replies to E-mail instead of the usual inbox. Check.
    No longer be able to comment or reply. Check.
    Can’t vote at all or even see the “Show the Comment” thingy anymore. Check.
    Can’t sign up without Gmail. Check.

    Way to go, Google. You have done really well on ticking us off. It seems to ignore user’s feedback on the desire to not connect Google+ and Youtube too.

    1. Yes! Lead the Revolution!


      1. Well a good way to erase your comments now is to delete your account. Doing for mine led to my 10-ish years of commenting to be as if they never existed : not even an ‘account erased’ or ‘comment taken care of’ mention. In a way I’m glad that I don’t have anything to do with it at all.

  165. i cannot reply to comments either except those made with google ++ linked accounts. which are not many.

  166. It looks like it might be a time for someone to put up a new site where people can upload their videos! YT’s time is clearly over, Google has made the mistake of trying to force everyone to use their failed Google+ and instead of accepting that it wasn’t a success they just keep trying to push it by integrating it more and more in to YT! I don’t want to connect my YT to ANY some profile because I absolutely hate some sites and don’t care to use those so stop trying to make me! I want to watch and comment videos on YT without my real name! *sigh*

    1. Yeah you dont fix what isnt broke google. I think its time for the internets to move to dailymotion?

  167. This is the BIGGEST fail I’ve ever seen on the internet. Way to go Google. I can’t even comment or reply or thumbs up. Comments were fine before. Literally NO ONE was asking for any change, other than getting rid of Google fuckin Plus. When I tried to make a new account after Google Plus got in this, I couldn’t figure out how to change my name other than using my real name. This is so idiotic.

    1. Not quite true, I wanted a change, the limited size and lack of moderation were annoying… But this… this is screwed.. Whomever decided this path needs a quick kick.

      You can’t even follow conversation threads now, it just reloads the whole page.

  168. And why would they take away video responses?

  169. yea this update sucks i mean i made a youtube channel with my school email and my school doesn’t allow use to connect our emails with google plus so i can’t even comment on it. THIS UPDATE SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!