Moto Maker comes to all major US carriers


Motorola Moto X DSC00695

After launching as an exclusive buying option for AT&T customers, Moto Maker is now live for all major US carriers. The site, which allows buyers to build a custom Moto X using a selection of color options and personalized settings, can now be accessed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint patrons. Altogether, Moto Maker allows for over 2,000 combinations to build a Moto X unique to the buyer, and after recent price drops only costs $99 for a 16GB model.

The signs all pointed to a wider launch for Moto Maker this week, from various leaks to a Verizon landing page going live over the weekend. The process of building a device through Moto Maker remains the same. A carrier selection is made during the checkout process. With a factory dedicated to the production of custom handsets, buyers can expect to receive their personalized device within four days of purchase.

As Motorola expands the program to more potential buyers, they also have plans to launch the Moto G later this week, a cheaper alternative to the Moto X that could be available for free on contract.

PS: don’t forget that custom engravings have made a return! Be sure to check that option out if you want to make your Moto X even more personal to you. Still no word on when we can expect wooden backs, but we’ll be asking Motorola to drop the latest details in regards to that.

[via Motorola]

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Moto Maker page appears on Verizon’s website

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  1. I would say it’s a bit too late by now, unless Moto X2 is coming out soon ahha

    1. Yea given that N5 is out with an unmatched price

      1. unmatched price, but not as feature rich. my moto x Dev edition seemed pricey, but side by side with colleague’s n5 – IMHO moto x wins: amoled screen is far superior, active notifications are awesome.

        moto transfer assistant was awesome.

        never having to hit power button and black blacks is worth it to me.

        coming from galaxy nexus, I miss Google wallet, but that should return with kit Kat

        speed tests show identical performance on same network.

        oh and not just trying to self justify paying twice as much :-P

        1. Are you trying to convince us, or yourself? ;-)

          1. +100. Thanks a million for this reply. I couldn’t have put it this clear.

        2. See my respond to @ChristianMcC below.

  2. Hey Moto, got wood?

  3. Too little, too late. Already picked up the Note 3 instead. Would’ve at least been a contender had the customization been available.

  4. I so badly wanted this phone. The long wait killed that. Just got my nexus 5. Loving it.

    1. Ditto, and the battery life isn’t bad!

    2. I still so badly want it…but I want to get a damn wood one.

  5. No wood option, still?! Why?!

    Moto is dragging their butts with this phone, and losing sales in the process. They expect me to wait until next year to buy a wood version of a phone that will have been out for nearly 6 months?

    Dare to dream Moto

  6. Moto X Woven White already showing up as not available?! http://t.co/bcF1bJeBt0

  7. Still only No Contract purchase for Tmobile

  8. Man, I never even thought about touching this phone bc it came out so late, but while I was on Sprints website,looking at upgrades, I couldn’t help but notice the 5 stars this phone had. Every single person LOVES this phone. Says it is one of the smoothest running android phones to date. Tough choices meow.

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