New leak says HTC M8 will launch with KitKat, again points to 5-inch display and Snapdragon 800


HTC One rocks 2

We don’t know much about the rumored followup to the HTC One, but the details are slowly starting to come together. Initial leaks have said the phone will feature a Snapdragon 800 CPU and a display measuring between 5 and 5.2 inches. The latter spec has been narrowed slightly thanks to @evleaks, who today tipped that the handset, known for now as the HTC M8, will feature a 5-inch, 1080p display.

The presence of a Snapdragon 800 was again mentioned, and it is said the device will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat. The presence of Google’s latest version of Android doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The M8 has been rumored to launch with major carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile by the end of Q1 2014. The date sets us up for a potential unveiling at CES or Mobile World Congress, though HTC may opt to go with a standalone event.

Despite HTC’s money woes, the One is one of  the more favorably reviewed handsets of 2013. An upgrade will be gladly welcomed, even if the initially rumored specs look to only marginally improve over the current model. In the meantime, HTC is rolling out their One Max to more carriers and hoping they can catch lightning on a bottle to turn around their fortunes.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. Bigger and/or removable battery and I’m on board.

    1. and a micro SD card!

      1. Leave the damn SD card alone!

        1. Nope.

      2. really?

      3. You’re not getting an SD card slot. Get over it.

  2. Does anyone already call this thing the “mate”? Or is that just me?

    1. great minds. I just posted the same thing before seeing your post!

  3. This is what the HTC one should have been – 5″ screen.

    1. But they need to get rid of those humongous bezels so the phone itself can be smaller…..and get rid of the two buttons configuration.

  4. Love my One, however the successor needs to have a larger battery, something along the 3000 mah range, I’m sure if LG was able to pull it off on the G2 htc can do it, the other issue is the button placement, they should work on that.

    1. good point. on screen buttons please.

      1. On Screen butons would be really nice on this phone

      2. Yes that would actually be amazing

        1. They need to get rid of those humongous bezels so the phone itself can be smaller…..and get rid of the two buttons configuration.

  5. bring it on! I’m ready to get my hands on it… That’s what she said

  6. Maybe this will be my next phone

  7. So, is this phone called the HTC “emm eight” or the HTC “mate” – speaking as a confused Brit, how are we supposed to pronounce it?!

    1. HTC Mate sounds like another painful attempt at a Facebook phone

      1. Or a desperate attempt at winning over the Australian market.

    2. it”ll have a completely different weird name when its released

      HTC Duo
      HTC Paradox
      HTC 1-2 Combo
      HTC Bionic

      1. HTC TWO

        1. HTC One2
          HTC 2nd

        2. That means we’ll see twice as many variants compared to the One. Which means around 4,328 different HTC Two’s

      2. HTC 360

        Take that Microsoft.

        1. lol or they could take back the G series from LG

  8. Snap 8, more battery, more ram and better camera and I’d be interested in this one

    1. The camera on the ONE is already top of the line. If its better than that, itll be amazing.

      1. The camera on the ONE is hardly that. Mine has the dreaded purple and pink nigh vision. And at 4mp yeah, they can do better.

        1. If it has a pink tinge, then theres something wrong with the phone, duh ! I dont know why people keep a defective device and think its every phone, or has something to do with software. Yours is broken, get a new one.

          1. Heh heh… All the puns. “Get a new *one*”. =.P

          2. Lol i didnt even realize that, lol.

          3. Downvoted for speaking the truth, sad when someone cant handle it

        2. MP is only a valid complaint when it comes to cropping.

      2. I wasn’t impressewd with the pics I saw online tbh

        1. The pics are comparable to 8mp pictures. The detail in the pictures ive taken are amazing.

    2. Maybe they’ll get a camera with 8UP -_-

  9. Wireless charging

  10. Bigger battery, wireless charging and a edge to edge display and we can talk.

    1. Those of us with short fingers would like the “edge to edge display” crowd to please not step all over the flagship phones.

      As it is, the bezel on my One is too small… The heel of my palm keeps triggering side panels and opening icons in the right row of the launcher while reaching for the left.

      If we get edge-to-edge, then the 4.0-4.5″ flagships need to come back.

      1. haha This is true A flagship is built for the majority to be able to use.

  11. What is so hard about including an SD card slot?

    1. nobody said the M8 wont have a micro sd slot…

      the biggest hindrance on including one, is having to compromise a phone’s design

      1. Not necessarily. That one lil pin hole that you have to stick to get the sim tray out. One just like that can be made to support an sdCard. I don’t care of I don’t have expandable storage but I’m just saying they don’t have to compromise style and design

        1. Im not saying its impossibe, Im saying a manufacturer has to take design in consideration when adding the slot

          1. Well like I mentioned. With the implementation of a slot that pops out. They are more than capable of adding a sd slot while keeping the phone the same as the current HTC One

          2. My thought here is that even the slot for my sim card on the one annoys me but with that said I adore the fact that the back is solid. The max having a removable back kinda bothers me because it take away from the strength of a solid block of aluminum that I am used to.
            I am just splitting hairs I guess I will buy it but my 2 cents either way

  12. Battery please!

  13. Bigger battery (non removable) Bigger internal storage (no SD card slot) Super thin, Boom sound, 5+ inch screen = Awesome !

    1. Yes. This is what the HTC One Max should have been. =.P

      1. Yep

  14. 1. bigger battery 3000+ mah
    2. faster charge time
    3. 8MP UltraPixel
    4. 5″ LCD with thin bezel
    5. louder boom sound
    6. minimum 32GB onboard
    7. 3GB ram
    8. keep weight under 140g

    I could care less about expandable memory

    1. Winner

      1. to be honest i’d be fine with the current 4.7″ screen if they thin out the bezel and make the overall footprint the size of the moto-x though a bigger screen is always nice without increasing the overall size.

        1. I agree… If they made the 4.7 inch screen on a phone the size of the htc mini I would love it

    2. They’re probably not going to change the charge rate with the uni body design. The slow charge rate is in place to increase the lifespan of the battery.

      1. I call bs on that extending battery life excuse. I wanted to believe it at first but in usage it’s just not practical. Also, look at the htc one max. It has a much bigger battery and htc increased the charging rate (check anandtech)

        1. Well don’t. I’ve had phones with removable batteries that can charge in like less than an hour. Since I used my phone quite heavily, I would charge quite frequently. My batteries lasted like 6-8 months. =.=

          1. i want to say that what happened in your case is a rare instance. i just find it impossible to believe that all other manufactures besides htc one enable faster charging option on their phones. Apple, Samsung and LG, they all did it and i would think they thought this move through to enable their phones to last longer than a year on average. just take a look at this graph showing charging times at anandtech.


            the htc one is dead last. on the positive side, it looks like htc is catching on as the htc one max has a bigger battery and charges to full at a much faster rate.

          2. Wow… dead last and almost double the top phones charging time… lol At least it does last me all day and then some so I guess I can swallow that pill!

      2. There are a lot of factors there. battery tech plays a huge part in this. Also snapdragon has a feature that speeds up the charge.
        I know that sounds like harry potter noise but it’s true.

    3. I was butthurt when I got my one x because of the lack of slot. then I got my onex+ (64gb internal) and then I forgot why I ever needed removable storage. I now have the one with 32 and hearing all these sammy fans talking about the sd slot like it’s mana from the heavens is just getting old.

      1. As long as a manufacture offer larger storage options like 32GB-63GB then expandable storage isn’t as big of an issue. The main arguments for these Samsung supporters is great devices like the Nexus4 and Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile HTC One not getting larger storage options. AT&T getting the exclusive for the 64GB for the One.

        Large internal storage? Then I wont need a Micro SD slot. Options. Consumers win with options. Me personally, I don’t buy Samsung devices for their name. They keep offering me as a consumer options that I want/need. No brand loyalty here. That crap is silly. Adults acting like Twilight freaks when it comes to Apple vs Android, Samsung vs Nexus… etc.

        1. Oh I agree on all counts, I was just saying I don’t mind having an sd slot when I have a larger internal storage.
          I will say I am an htc fanboy but there is nothing wrong with that. I just notice a lot of samsung fanboys pointing this out as some huge flaw that makes owning an htc just unimaginable to them.
          I do try every phone. I am not closed minded I work for att so I have to use whatever new device comes out.

          1. I’d never say the lack of expandable storage is a tragic flaw in a flagship mobile phone, but it can be a very annoying thing if you’re only left with “16” or “32” GB
            of storage.

            Many consumers of Sony and Samsung phones have simply been spoiled with the option and just cringe a bit when it’s not offered on fantastic phones like the nexus 5 or HTC One.

          2. I get google is trying to push cloud based storage but It is a bit annoying they excluded it on the nexus 5

    4. Get a Note 3. Haha! No but seriously, those are some nice specs to have on the M8.

      Edit: And you “couldn’t care less”. ;)

    5. What’s next though? I mean phones run perfectly. Have perfect screens? Where to go from here? Pixel densities are maxed out. We don’t really need more speed unless we are doing heavy gaming. Screen size is good….

      1. there is always room for improvement but should htc nail all of the above on my wishlist, i still feel that the software side of things can be optimized.

  15. The camera is nothing to complain about on this phone. Megapixels do not define a photo. If you need better quality than the top of the line phones today (such as this one) then you need to buy an actual camera.

    1. You are right megapixels don’t define quality. The HTC One camera unfortunately suffers from detail smearing, worse than any other camera phone, and is also prone to chroma noise. It needs an overhaul.

      1. i took low light photos with a one and compared with my galaxy note 2. the photos were blurry. a camera is one of the top features i look for and it wasn’t up to par in my opinion. i’m talking low light shots, specifically in a bar/club.

  16. Bigger screen, on screen buttons, larger battery….

    But I am disappointed Snapdragon 800 end of Q1? Does HTC want to be a generation behind on android. WP8 can get away with it but Android can’t. I like my HTC 1 but there is nothing that would entice me for it over the G2 or Note 3. The big stink is the 600 in the Max. They need greater than the 800 come March.

    1. whats greater than the 800 tho?


      1. Exactly…Qualcomm hasn’t mentioned anything yet for their new processors that I’m aware of. So it “may” not be generation behind tech. Plus the phones are already in development/testing and the 800 is the fastest out there right now. Are they supposed to race with hopes and dreams?

        1. Well AnTuTu reports testing on a 2.5 GhZ APQ8084 and Adreno 420.

          If this is any later than Feb it will be within a month of the next round of chips. Electronics don’t sit still.

          1. the new s800 chips are probably in OEMs hands as we speak

          2. I heard about an updated s800 with an updated gpu. it was only a tick faster but now I can’t find anything on it. I would assume they will use the updated 800 tho. they have forever been leading the arms race and if they mess this launch up they will shut the doors for good….

          3. Yes but I know how phone development works from the inside. I have a friend that works for Motorola (Google). It takes a minimum of 9 months for the whole development cycle for a smartphone. So the OEM’s hoping to hit February or March need to have these chips in their hands already. If they do not, it won’t make it into the phones. I’m not saying HTC doesn’t already have them. I’m just saying the timing is tight.

  17. not much of an upgrade and i hope they stick with the ONE” name “m8” just confuses people only lines that do great are the droid line and galaxy line TAKE NOTE ALREADY HTC

    1. The prerelease name for the One was M7.

      1. he knows that, however; Samsung pays him to feign ignorance

        1. ..

  18. I am looking forward to the m8 my wife has the HTC One and Loves it the battery for her lasts all day and the camera is great.

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  19. So pretty much this has the specs of the 350$ nexus 5 but probably with a better battery and better speakers? Don’t forget the bloatware. Nexus 5 rules!

    1. Better screen too… the Nexus 5 screen is horrendous. Better quality materials as well if its still machined aluminum construction.

  20. I won’t consider any phone without an SD card and removable batteries.

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