Nexus 5 retail packaging leaks, hints at white variant



A new leak has popped up showing what is claimed to be the retail packaging of the Nexus 5. Anyone surprised? The packaging itself is rather ho-hum, showing off a render of the device that matches what surfaced on Google Play yesterday. What really catches our attention, though, is what appears to be a render of the device in white.

More specifically, the box seems to show off a two-tone version with a white back and black front. While black and white variants are nothing new, this is the first we have seen of the Nexus 5 in an alternate color scheme. Previous leaks have showcased the device in black alone.

With retail packaging already seemingly assembled, the Nexus 5 might launch with multiple color options, which would be a nice touch. What do you guys think? Liking the idea of a white Nexus 5?


[via Google+, UnderKG]

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  1. White please!!!!

  2. The back cover could be interchangeable.

    1. The whole thing should be, like PhoneBlocks!

  3. Probably the 32GB variant?

  4. I hate two tone like this. If you are gonna make it white, do the front AND back in white.

    1. This is lg’s thing.

      1. All the Nexi: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 have been two toned. Obviously the Nexus One was a bit of a different beast.

        1. Thanks for the correction.

          1. No problem buddy, I’m just trying rack my brain over which I want.

          2. Both?

          3. LG does make all white phones (LG G2, G Pro, etc etc) Though the Optimus G was two tone, same as the Nexus 4, back was white and front was black. They were going for the clean black slate look for that specifically though.. I think this is on Google.. simply making it their design choice for whatever reason.

  5. OMG, Can’t take it anymore. Please, Google release me from my insanity and announce this thing. But seriously now I have to try and figure out which color I want? #1stWorldProblems, I know but still…

  6. Looks like a panda

  7. The obligatory…

  8. Whatever color, just bring it!

  9. More Colors = Better chance for me to get one for me cuz of ppl going for a specific color. Color b derned I just want the phone! I will take it in black, brown, magenta with orange polka dots doesn’t matter.

    1. Dang it, she’s on to my plan…..

  10. take. my. money. already.

  11. While is always good,
    though having black front feels good to eyes then having white front, as Jiro K said it’s LG’s thing which doesn’t look good to me.

  12. I’m not a fan of the two tone “white” it should be either or, not some hybrid of the two.

    That said….

    1. I don’t really like how the bezels are white with a black screen. I like this better because it has a solid color on either surface

  13. “Previous leaks have showcased the device in black alone.” – What about this? https://phandroid.com/2013/09/30/nexus-5-pictured-in-the-wild-again/

    1. I think you’re onto something. Chris said it could be a moto x but the front facing camera is on the other side.

    2. Good eye!

  14. verizon please (any color, I’m all over it) weeps knowing the chances are slim

  15. They should launch them in Google colors and the colors should extend nearly to the front. Depending on a design of a phone, the only white back and black band and front don’t always look good. The idea of a white Nexus 5 sounds good, but it doesn’t look right in that picture. It should be in entirely white or the side bands and the camera lens should be white to. It looks really tacky like that. Like it’s an unfinished device. Maybe look better in person…?

    Regardless, they should get these color options out the first day and at once. Not a month or so later. I never see the point of that.

  16. wantz it!!

  17. nice design. i like the subtle 5 seen on the phone’s wallpaper colors on the box.

  18. Black, silver and white. Like you couldn’t figure that out from this photo that leaked weeks ago.

    1. i can only see nexus 5 with black and white backcover, don’t know where you see a silver variant…

      1. Try the trim..
        Black front
        Silver trim
        White back

        1. i think it just looks like this because of the lighting of the camera used.
          Bottom: Black front (+trim) and matt black back
          Top: Black front (+trim) and white back

          1. I see what you’re saying. Maybe I’m wrong about the silver. I was just comparing the back to the side to on the white nexus and it def don’t look black. But every page is posting the white variant like it’s something new. Just announce it already Google!

    2. I think that whitening is just the camera flash. It’s matte black most likely.

      1. Look at the device on top of the obvious nexus 5…

    3. There is no silver here.

  19. I’d prefer a white one, actually. Just wish it would be white on the front & back, not just the back.

    1. Apple has a patent on an all white phone.

      1. Yep, probably.

    2. You’ll start with white and shortly your phone will be the color smudged or blue jean. I’d be okay with a white front, but the soft touch back needs to be darker.

      1. Eh. I put my phones in cases which is why I’d like the front to be white as well. My GS4 is white/white.

      2. My Note 2 is still white after almost a year :)

        1. True, and that’s a smooth touch, not the soft touch(matte) this is, and therein lies the difference.

          1. ahh ok

      3. I don’t think they’d make a soft touch white, since it’ll just get dirty.

  20. Was there any other phone so heavily leaked in the past. I feel like they should just release it without an event just for the fun of it. No press release, no nothing.

    1. Hold a press conference, walk on stage, say “Nexus 5”, drop mic, roll sizzle reel, release on store.

      1. This.

  21. About time

    1. I think we all need to spam Kevin’s G+ page with this. Assuming he has one…

    2. lol!! awesomeness!

  22. I just want one….hell, it can be burple for all i care. I don’t care about color, I just want the damn phone.

    1. Totes.

  23. if you checked the URL for Nexus 5 in play store while it was out briefly you could see “nexus5_black_16gb” so yes, white version is most likely true

    1. mama mia!

  24. I don’t know what color to get! The white looks nice but the black would match my nexus 7

  25. Multiple color options? I don’t see Google doing more than three or four. Any more than that and you start taking away from Moto X’s MotoMaker. And if the Nexus 5 Touchless Control rumors are true, the Moto X already isn’t left with too many selling points when compared to the Nexus 5.

  26. Is there any tech spec on this thing?

    1. How long have you been living under a rock?

    2. Take lg g2, knock the screen to 4.96″, ram to 2GB, cam to 8mp ois, and battery to 2300mah. That’s the knowledge in a nutshell. Oh, and slightly smaller body dimensions than N4. Add LTE bands 2/4/5/17/25/26/41, CDMA, and the usual pentaband hspa+.

      1. please let the camera be that funky new quick focus camera thing!

        1. I think I’d prefer the OIS, if it were between that and mems, but maybe it’ll have both!

      2. The G2 has 2GB of ram as well.

        1. Sorry, still had it stuck in my head that had 3GB from the rumors, and it never was on my radar really, so I didn’t keep up.

          1. Totally understandable. I wish it did have 3. I’ve usually only got between 700 to 800MB free, and it makes me nervous that if I start doing something intense it will run low and slow down. That never happens mind you, but the peace of mind would be nice.

  27. They should just call it the Nexu5 and get Deadmau5 to sponsor it

    1. Nah, too pop for my taste.

    2. Lol. Nexu5 is actually pretty clever. I know it’s silly but I hope they at least talked about it in their marketing meetings.

      1. I’d bet it gets called that informally on the forums here soon.

  28. Sign me up! It’ll be tough to decide between silver and white tho. I think I’ll take white because it’s a clean look.

  29. I get all my phones in white if it’s available, rather than black at least. I’ll be ordering the white one once I figure out how to pay for it.

    1. how come?

      1. I just like the way it looks for some reason. Black is slightly more typical too. Most smartphones are black, or at least they were. It’s changing a bit now, which is great.

        1. They do have typically better resale value, too, I’ve noticed, except in the case of iPhone(they’re all ridiculously priced)

          1. It depends on how they offer the white versions. Nexus 4 was only offered for a short time in white, thus making them rare to find and worth more. The black looks pretty nice but I think I might try white just for a change.

    2. Wow you got downvoted for taste? I like my phones in white as well (iphone/Note 2), although I think for this particular phone I’d go grey/black.

  30. Were probably going to get a unboxing video by the time Google actually releases this thing lol.

  31. black front with white back…. when will companies learn that that’s ugly as sin?

  32. I bet Google is going to release this thing Halloween night, it is kitkat after all.

  33. That’s got to be the laziest attempt at a white model I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t even be bothered to come up with a white camera housing?

  34. If it wasn’t for the Note 3, for sure, I’d use a Nexus 5. But you know, since my puberty I got used to handling big things so the Note 3 size really doesn’t bother me at all. xD

    1. right…

    1. THIS IS ME

  35. i like the suicide black/ white color.. it is pure yet Darth-y

  36. I’m not sure if white is a good idea with a soft texture. It may get dirty pretty fast.

  37. I’m sure the white on the back only is to keep the front looking clean. get over it.


  39. Yeah better looking than stupid note 3 with the new Samsung Regional Locking pokicy in effect worldwide.
    Won’t buy Sammy phone ever again..
    Damnn u LG take mi money NOW. ugghrrrrr

  40. Wtf Google takeeeeeee my moneyyyyyyyy Nowwwwwww
    Miaoooo weeeeeee

  41. Phandroid, the topmost photo of box is captured by my phone, so please mention me too

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