Nexus 5 pictured in the wild (again)


nexus 5 again 1

We’ve been seeing the Nexus 5 pop up all over the place. First it was the FCC, then in an official Google video, later at a bar — this is one Google phone that definitely gets around. Today the device is popping up in another unlikely place, on the Apple-centric MacRumors forum.

Forum member weespeed was the lucky fella who got to spend a little time with the device. While he doesn’t reveal much, he was able to shoot off a quick pick of the back of the device (covered by what appears to a Moto X to hide the FCC labeling). He did mention the device feels great in the hand, and that it’s smaller than the LG G2 (which the Nexus is loosely based off of), and the display quality was so-so.

There’s no question LG is going to have to cut some corners if they want to offer this phone off-contract for around the same pricing as the Nexus 4. With Android 4.4 KitKat, and a Snapdragon 800 processor, hopefully that will be enough to woo Android users. Google, announce this thing already!

Cheers, Jason!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Is me or it looks like a back-plate there?

    1. Yes, it is a back plate–a NON removeable one. Have a look at the FCC internal photos and you’ll plainly see this. It does look like it may be designed such that a disassembly for battery replacement will be easier than some other phones, but not something you do on the road.

      1. oh well :( one can hope about removable battery.

  2. Why o why is that camera lens so freaking huge? I don’t understand this.

    1. because it has 20mp camera

      1. I never heard any of that but by looking at that lens I mean it has to right. And it better have OIS otherwise it is a waste.

        1. It’s also got built in hardware hipster filters

    2. i could live without a camera. give me MOAR MILLLEEEEEAMMMMPPPPeeerrrSSSS

      1. and less Miley Cyrus

    3. the camera is normal. look like the bezel thats huge

      1. Why does everyone keep saying this? It looks identical to the nexus 7 camera. Nobody said that looked bad. I just don’t get it.

        1. You’re right but it’s flush on the 7

          1. Nice detail you noticied. I completely missed that. I have full confidence that Google and LG won’t let me down. I can’t wait for this thing to be released already!!

    4. Because a larger lens allows more light in so you can shoot at low light without slowing the shutter speed down as much = less blurry shots.

      Regardless, I don’t find that it doesn’t matters much. I just can’t shoot photos from any phone.

  3. °looks down at crotch° “down boy”

  4. Here’s hoping that gaping camera hole means a much better camera than the N4…

    1. If it’s anything like the G2’s camera, we’re in luck. Those pictures and video looked pretty good imho.

    2. I’m sure it’ll be an 8MP camera..

    3. Word. Need bigger camera sensor like G2.

      Also hope it’s not going to be 1/2 MP Ultra-Mega-Super-Duper-Giga-Pixel camera.
      As much as I like HTC One, I’m not a big fan of their 4 MP UltraPixel camera, it’s ok.

  5. sexxyyy except for that camera lens :/

  6. The display was so-so? The hell does that mean for a Nexus device

    1. exactly! wtf!?

    2. it was from an apple forum. nothing can possibly be as great as the almighty iPhone!! lmao. I wish this thing would just get launched already!

      1. yeah maybe, but the nexus 4’s screen as also “so-so” when you compared it to the one X or gs3. So i wouldn’t be surprised. if this one was as well.

    3. It means a digitzer can be visible again? That was a design flaw with the Nexus 4. I have an HTC One and Nexus 7, so best of both worlds. No need for this phone, but they can do a better job with the screens for sure.

      1. The digitizer is somewhat visible on all devices (from what I’ve had so far). I wouldn’t really say it makes the screen “so-so” or “bad”.

        1. Not as bad as the Nexus 4. I am glad I sold mine before the huge price drop.

          1. Hahaha, the N4’s camera suuucks. I always get so mad when I pull it out, try to take a picture and I’m like… oh wait, it’s not even worth it.

            I know what you mean though, if you’re in direct sunlight or something, the dots from the digitizer glitter like crazy.

          2. Well, for the price, one cannot really get everything. That Phone Block idea seems really nice right now. Don’t want a 1080p resolution screen or overpowered processor, slap on a nicer battery, camera, and 720p display. Mixing and matching. The Nexus 4 was a fast little bugger, but the camera was mediocre. Even Motorola’s Moto X has a weak camera. My HTC One has a weak powered camera in terms of MP, but I feel like it’s great and works well under low light. HTC Zoe is impressive. Samsung takes the cell phone camera cake for Android because of its deep customization.

        2. On my iPhone 5 (work phone) you don’t see the digitizer even in direct sunlight.

          The Nexus 4 was BAD, between that, the glass back, the thicker heavier design, and mediocre battery life it was an all around garbage device from day 1. Sadly it’s the only one that gets OS updates.

          1. An all around garbage device. I’d say that is a huge, outright false exaggeration, but to each his own. Some of us are just very critical of these devices.

    4. It probably bleeds light around the edges like all LG phone displays. They have yet to get their manufacturing process right for that.

  7. That thing is hideous

  8. Wack. Next!

  9. Chris! There’s no glass back! You can’t break it this time!

    1. Chris will find a way

      1. Stop you guys, I still haven’t recovered :c

        1. You phone-wrecker!


    1. *Takes your money and runs*

    2. It’ll take a lot for me to say that. The visible screen digitizer, mediocre screen, sub par camera, heavy weight, thickeness, mediocre battery life, terrible camera, lack of LTE, etc.

      This phone needs serious improvement besides just promised updates from Google for me to buy.

  11. Meh I’ll wait for a Sony Nexus or Oppo… Blu….Xiaomi………gasp!…..Newkia Nexus!?

  12. Looks pretty bland. I guess it’s better than glass.

      1. Looking at ass through GLASS.

      2. Chris, could you post a followup review of Glass, now that you’ve had it a while? Do you use it at all, or situationally?

  13. The camera hole and flash placement looks good in landscape mode but portrait eww

  14. I hope launch day is not miserable like it was for the N4. I want to be able to order quickly. Instead of dealing with non-responding shopping carts.

  15. that front facing camera is on the wrong side if that’s supposed to be a moto x. and why would it be? it looks more like a nexus 5 with a white back than a moto x.

  16. Starting to get worried about the camera. A new report came out that this may have an 8mp camera instead of the 13 from the G2. Of course Megapixels are not everything, but this has me a little worried if true.
    Its also worrying me that this guy said the screen was just so-so. That was another common complaint about the Nexus 4 (good but lacks that WOW factor). Overall though it still looks like a great phone and nothing is truly confirmed until Google reveals it (in a few weeks). If it’s a big enough upgrade, I may get one. If not, I will hold onto my Nexus 4 and see what Kitkat adds to it. Hopefully kitkat can fix some battery issues and issues with WiFi.

    1. You’re still trying to be as spec’d as you can offer without cutting off your own legs. I’m assuming that Google is going for the $299 /$349 price points again

      1. And I can completely understand that, but at the same time, Google can take a hit on whatever deals they have in place with Nexus manufacturers. The low unlocked price is obviously a great thing, but I definitely wanted to see the OIS camera in there as well. Obviously a phone camera doesn’t have to be OIS to take good shots, but I can’t ignore it’s pros either. I just hope they put effort into the lens tech this time around is all. The camera and the battery life were my only gripes with the Nexus 4. The snapdragon 800 is said to have great battery efficiency, and maybe Kitkat improves that even further, so all that’s left for me is the camera.

    2. Yep, the camera is a sore point on the Nexus 4, but they did suggest an “insanely great” camera. So I hope for the best – but based on form – expect the worst.

      If the camera isn’t at least in the top 80% of current smartphones, I’ll pass.

  17. Camera is not a deal breaker for me. I just want pure android on the sd800!

  18. I’m so wet for this!

    1. I’m So wet for you being wet of that.

      1. Feeling a little dry today :(

  19. Someone from a Mac forum was able to hold this before a Google faithful? Shame…SHAME I say.

    1. Look in any picture taken at a Google-sponsored conference or inside Google, and you’ll see that every laptop being used is a Macbook Pro.

      1. I wouldn’t say every laptop, but I know what you mean. Their newest video about rolling tables prominently showed Macs.

        I jumped to the conclusion that a Google aficionado would not be found on a Mac forum.

        1. Google uses only OSX and their own version of Linux for work. Windows machines have to be specifically approved by management and IT, and that normally only happens when the work requires Windows to be used (platform testing for example).

  20. Clearly not a moto x, the power and volume buttons are not on the same side..

    1. Also the back plate on the moto x partly wraps around the volume rocker and the phone in this image doesn’t

  21. Every Nexus device has gotten better. N4 got better internals and a better price. I doubt El Goog would let the 5 generation of their baby be anything less than awesome. I’m excited!

  22. I really like this look, more sleek and geeky, like a decent bit of ‘productivity equipment’ rather than a space-age glass-thing like recent nexus devices. I’m excited too that it reminds me of my nexus one with that finish, which also had a big camera-thing compared to the actual lense size. I totally prefer my phone to feel solid and understated without being flashy and ‘premium’. I’m so keen to get this thing when it comes out!

  23. This is how I would be, if I wasn’t a Verizon Wireless customer.

    1. I will most likely be leaving Verizon if there is no LTE variant.

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      2. The new iPhone 5S is one device for all US carriers (all radios are in the same SKU). Here is to hoping Google can do the same with the new Nexus.

        1. Hopefully but the issue remains will they treat it like the Nexus 7 LTE and not allow it on their network right away?

        2. Umm… No it isn’t. There’s a Sprint/Japanese variant and a Tmo/Verizon/AT&T variant.

          1. Ok, for 3/4 carriers. That doesn’t change my point that’s it’s possible to make one handset that can support more carriers in one.

  24. My GS4 just realized his days are numbered.

    1. Why would you buy a phone only to keep in 6 months?

      1. impulse buyer.

  25. 13mp camera 3gb ram 3000mah battery 349 16gb 399 for 32gb

  26. So-so screen? Sign me up!

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