Oct 18th, 2013

HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09947

For those following the Android 4.3 update saga for the HTC One, we know that both AT&T and Sprint have pushed out updates to their customers, with T-Mobile and Verizon still waiting in the wings.

When we last left you, HTC’s US President Jason Mackenzie updated us on the T-Mobile situation, telling us to expect in 4.3 to hit devices over next few days. Well, a few days has passed, and after inquiries as to what happened, Mackenzie let one Twitter user know the update has been delayed. It’s now looking like it Android 4.3 will begin pushing out on Monday, October 21st. A few days late, but worth the wait.

The update will bring a handful of enhancements to the HTC One like a new Quick Settings toggles, and other Sense 5 tweaks. Those of you checking your refreshing your device’s Software Updates setting can now give it a rest over the weekend. We’ll update you again on Monday.

Thanks, Ryan!

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