T-Mobile’s Android 4.3 update for HTC One slightly delayed


HTC One Double Dip Flip case DSC09947

For those following the Android 4.3 update saga for the HTC One, we know that both AT&T and Sprint have pushed out updates to their customers, with T-Mobile and Verizon still waiting in the wings.

When we last left you, HTC’s US President Jason Mackenzie updated us on the T-Mobile situation, telling us to expect in 4.3 to hit devices over next few days. Well, a few days has passed, and after inquiries as to what happened, Mackenzie let one Twitter user know the update has been delayed. It’s now looking like it Android 4.3 will begin pushing out on Monday, October 21st. A few days late, but worth the wait.

The update will bring a handful of enhancements to the HTC One like a new Quick Settings toggles, and other Sense 5 tweaks. Those of you checking your refreshing your device’s Software Updates setting can now give it a rest over the weekend. We’ll update you again on Monday.

Thanks, Ryan!

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  1. Well, at least I know why it hasn’t shown up on my wife’s T-Mobile HTC One yet. I’d been checking 3-4 times a day since the 15th.

    I’m glad they’re at least being transparent about it. Here’s hope we all don’t get a bad case of the Mondays.

  2. Only people I know that own an HTC one are running custom Roms haha

    1. quite opposite for me, i mean i only know 3 people with the device, but all 3 of em are stock

    2. It’s a great phone with Sense 5. This is from a user that likes Nexus devices. Sense 5.5 seems to be promising.

  3. You’re welcome! I think this is the first time a tip of mine has received some credit on the site!

    Glad I could help inform the community. As said below, I can stop checking for the update a million times a day like a mad man.

    Let’s hope it’s early Monday!

    1. Ive been checking once every few hours since Tuesday as well…I too hope its early Monday !

      1. I did was the same.. got very disappointed….

  4. Awwww.. And Samsung GS4 has their update slightly early. What a contrast!

    1. only for unlocked versions, there’s no eta for carrier versions yet

      1. Correct, no ETA at all.

    2. Only for the GE SGS4 and some overseas market got the 4.3 update, and even then the GE HTC One basically got it at the sametime. In the end, a few week difference really isn’t that much of a big deal.

      BTW 4.3 works great on my HTC Developers Edition. Good luck to the those on T-Mobile when they get it next week.

    3. Lol fail

  5. Oh well, at least theyre keeping us updated. Ill stop hitting that Software Updates button in my settings till Monday.

    1. I keep hitting it everyday, all day, in the hope that I see a little surprise update notification, but I don’t… :(

      1. Yea im just gonna save all my checking till Monday morning when i get up. Even when im expecting it i still get excited when i see it and when its downloading. Cant wait.

  6. Too late, Nexus 5…
    Kidding, I am glad they are keeping us posted.

  7. I really don’t know about Monday either guy’s, we were told attached and t-mobile would get updated in Sept, then we were told that att and t-mobile ran into a snag, then we were put on hold again, then out the clear att gets updated, we were stuck out, then we were told everything passed and things was good to go, we have been told four times of snags, when were told everything was ready, well it might not be HTC, but t-mobile, number one htc one did not come with a lot of t-mobile bloat ware, 2 Samsung drops note 3, Nexus 5 is coming, we have one of the best phone’s out for 2013, get this phone updated to 4.3 you happy, don’t need note3,Nexus, gs4, no sales. Fup.

  8. i’m just praying for 4.4 kit kat on the note 3 on t mobile before feb

  9. It’s funny how people believe anything after being misguided for almost a month now, if the update is clear for Monday what happened to Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, beware of wolves in sheep suits, O I forgot I have Houston Texas to sale for 2 million dollars that’s all I’m asking send cash today I have for you Monday.

  10. here we are Monday. no update :(

    1. Be patient. Are quick settings really that important to you?

      1. actually. yes. I would love to clear out all of the settings widgets

    2. Just checked and got the OTA! Go check yours.

      Go, go, go, go. It’s there!

  11. The most important thing this will fix is the annoying black settings bar at the bottom of the screen.

  12. Fix for annoying black settings bar in screen

  13. Sorry for double post… But even this damn phandroid app has the stupid settings bar blacking out a chunk of my beautiful screen

  14. So…ANYONE got the update yet?

  15. No update yet. Just checked.

    It’s still early, though. I really hope it’s actually being pushed today.

  16. It’s live. Downloading now!

  17. Downloading now. 3.24.531.3. 560.18 MB.

  18. Aaaand there it is! I just checked and it’s downloading now.

    550MB+ download, too. Yay!

  19. Downloaded, and installing now!


  21. OH MY GOD FINALLY, IT FINALLY CAME TO MY PHONE, GAHH, my messages have been super SLOW i hope this fixes it!

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