Instagram update introduces photo straightening, Android app is almost up to speed with iOS version

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Hot on the heels of Twitter’s exclusive announcement earlier this afternoon, is Facebook-owned Instagram announcing (on Twitter, ironically) that they’ll soon be pushing out a sizable update to the Google Play Store later today.

The latest update is said to finally bring the Instagram Android app up to speed with its iOS counterpart. Where #IGers on iOS have been able to straighten photos for sometime, it’s one of the latest features that’s finally making its way to Android.

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Other improvements include “sound and data usage controls” when dealing with Instagram videos. It wasn’t exactly clear what that might entail (the update isn’t live on the Play Store quite yet) it seems users will finally be able to mute videos by default (similar to a recent Vine update) and playback videos in lower quality while using the cellular network.

While all of these are welcome additions, they’re still leaving out one crucial feature: the ability to add “cinema stabilization” to shaky Android vids, something iOS users have been enjoying for awhile now. We’ll find out once the update hits the Play Store later today.

[Instagram on Google Play | via Twitter]

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  • Guest

    Not quite yet up to speed. Android needs the “Cinema” video stabilization, then they’ll be even.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yup. O_o

  • UDerpturd

    It still carries the very real stigmata of being Instagram.

  • Jody Schoolcraft

    News story with a hottie or two as the thumbnail = Chris Chavez….
    BTW – I am NOT complaining!!!

    • Chris Chavez


  • RahjerDat

    I wonder if it fixes the Note 3 FFC issue.

    • Kurt

      what’s FFC? I have Note 3

      • RahjerDat

        Front facing camera


    You can always pick out Chris’s articles by the thumbnails :P

  • George Byers

    Yeah and there still using that old, outdated, ported interface from ios6… If ios7 users are getting a native app… Why should android users be treated like second class citizens……. WE WANT HOLO, WE WANT HOLO!!!

    • Lou_Sasshole

      I fully agree, heck you can make the same argument for Facebook!

    • Chris Chavez

      So true. With all these apps updating their look for iOS 7, it makes no sense why they can’t do the same for Android. It’s practically the same UI now!

    • Kurt

      Holo reminds me of websites from the 90’s…ugly


      Probably has something to do with Android APIs.

  • Modman

    Just more Ios favoritism Douchery by Lasy developers who favor ios over android. Android is number one worldwide but the Douchery continues in the us even amongst developers. The US has been brainwashed by apple for life. Maybe not I’m slowly seeing more Samsung devices on the street. I really hope android users grows in the us and puts apple out of business. Right though it looks like their brainwashing is to powerful.

    • Delmar

      the fact that apple can push hardware with specs falling flat against competitors and selling it at a ridiculous price blows my mind

      • zourite

        Dumbest comment of the year. This benchmarks-crushing ARMv8 A7 is “falling flat” ??? Come on.

    • Robert Sørensen

      I you’d actually use your own brain and try to understand exactly why developers favor iOS over Android, you would see how incredible stupid your rant is.

      – 90% of the iOS users are on the latest OS update (
      – There’s only a few different devices to develope for, all of them designed by the same company that does the OS/software.
      – better API
      – more income per download

      This is one of the cons of Android, much like the lack of control of the system and no customization is a con on iOS.

      I’m an Android user my self, but sometimes I’m really ashamed of what comes out of the mouth (keyboard) of my fellow Android users sometimes.