Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat to be announced on Tuesday, October 15th? [RUMOR]


Android KitKat

Latest rumor running around the mill today is that Google is preparing to debut the Nexus 5  — along with the next version of Android 4.4 KitKat — during an October 15th event. This alleged date is coming from a developer who, after attending the Google Launchpad campfire event for devs and startups, was tipped off about the Tuesday reveal. During the 2-week event, attendees were served slices of Key Lime Pie along with Kit Kat bars (not a good mix), but festive none the less.

While this might give us an idea of when Google plans to announce their latest Android firmware and device, keep in mind that an actual release date wasn’t given. We’re not sure how solid this rumor is, given Tuesday is just barely around the corner and press invites have yet to be sent out. It’s possible Google could simply stream the entire event online, although it seems odd press wouldn’t be invited to check out their latest flagship hands-on.

[CNET UK | TechManiacs]

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  1. Isn’t the Google Big Bang even scheduled for Monday the 14th, not Tuesday the 15th? Also, any word on if the new Nexus 10 will also be revealed?

    1. Is the “Big Bang” event a real thing, though? I can’t find any official info, and I’m starting to think that one of the news sites came up with it and other sites are just latching on. Anyone know if this has ever been officially announced or what?

  2. 5 days and counting down.

  3. Can’t wait to hear about Kit Kat.

  4. I have never really been the excited for the release of nexus devices but I am this time around. Can’t wait!!!

    1. Same here but I think that for me it has a lot to do with limited options for a near vanilla phone on Verizon and I’ve made up my mind to switch to gsm gonna try T-Mobile first then if I don’t have decent service go to at&t. either way new phone new provider! see ya big red thanks for keeping my gnex up to date (sarcasm).

      1. Welcome to the light!

    2. Yes. The phone’s specs are seeming nice. The HTC One Max may be a little too big, but I want a 5 inch phone so I can be cool. =.3

      And I’m liking how easy it is to customize stock-like ROMs.

      1. It’ll be more like 4.7ish anyway because of the nav keys

        1. the keys leave on full screen things like YouTube/media players and some games. plus can be modified with apps/root. so don’t sell it short. haven’t used the stock keys on my GNex in a year.

        2. How in the world do I get thumbs down on that?? In other apps screen real estate will be taken away. I’ so flattered by my haters.

    3. There’s so much crazy nonsense surrounding this release I can’t get excited. I’ve heard rumors I’d love to be true but know they’re not gonna happen.

    4. Me too! It’s VZW Galaxy Nexus all over again!

  5. Um, what about the Nexus 10? :-|

    1. i’m wondering this also

    2. Probably not yet, since hardly any leaks and no certifications have come through, but since the previous nexus phone was released at the same time, you never know. Everything is up in the air.

  6. Better get it on my original nexus 7

    1. You will. Probably within a week of release. And if not, the dev community will have it ready in less than a month.

      1. I prefer to only stick with stock things on my more expensive daily use devices…. lol

    2. I have no doubt we will get updates for at least another year.

      1. or 4. Look how long the old nexus devices get updates, and as time goes on that period will get longer as well.

  7. Its between this an the HTC One Max…

    1. no comparison bro…..

      1. size wise?

    2. max = compensating for other…. shortcomings.

  8. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!

  9. Oh baby… Less than a week. I’m ready.

  10. My nexus collection is ready

    1. my prostate is ready

      1. You know that’s the leading cause of water damage…

        1. Then I’ll hold back on the lube O.o

  11. This soon already? Google’s been known to have a press conference at least to tell of the new update, unless it’s not a major update (like 4.3).

    1. I hope it’s this soon. Something official after all these rumors would be really nice!

  12. I think key lime pie and kit kat go pretty well together.

  13. I don’t think Google would do bad event planning. Nexus is an important thing for Google. They wouldn’t do the announcement without prior notification, AFAIK.

  14. Will be the presentation of the Nexuseless 5, with Kit Krap

    1. You made me laugh.

    2. Lol, you iTrolls are funny!

      1. I have Android and I’m very interested in LG G2 instead of the Nexus Crap

  15. HTC ONE MAX + Nexus 5 Same Day LOL :) this is a famous day in history

    1. whos HTC?

    2. Lol, HTC aint even big here in asia and you call it a famous day in history? Maybe a Nexus 5 but not the HTC please.

  16. I really hope that we keep our Cyan colors for 4.4

    1. its going to be all red like kit kat

  17. Is it for.verizon

    1. LOL I should get $1 every time this question is asked….so I could buy 17 Nexus 5s

    2. No indications and definitely no expectations. Vzn is the killer of joy:'(

  18. i’m str8 jones’zen for the N5….GIMMIE THAT KIT-KAT FIX OR ITS GUNNA BE A TWIX! :P

  19. Google will announce the Nexus 5 on Oct.15 but will be released on Nov 1. Halloween is trick or treat day people will give candies and sweets same thing with Google they will give us this Kitkat as a treat.

    1. If this truly happens, I couldn’t be happier. :)

    2. Well today is the 15th, I wonder if we will hear anything at all or if they are waiting until Halloween to announce

      1. Its kinda disappointing but I heard rumors that they will announce it same day with the iPad mini2 on the 22nd. I hope its true because I cant wait anymore.

  20. The Android KitKat contest is officially set to end on the 14th of Oct. in India. Maybe this rumor has something to it.
    The ‘no press invites’ bit is odd though

  21. Dear Santa,
    I know it is kind of early, but since you aren’t too bust right now. I was wondering if you could bring my gift early this year. I would like to have the Nexus 5 released for Verizon. You don’t have to give me one, I am more than willing to pay for it, just make it possible. That’s all :) I know that putting a VZW Nexus 5 in the Play store would be asking too much, even for you, so I wont even ask. I suppose I would be happy if I could get it off contract from Verizon.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but even santa can’t pull that one off :(

    2. You can thank Verizon and the way they handled the Galaxy Nexus for them not getting the Nexus 5.

      If they would allow any compatible device to work on their network(which at some point I think they will have to) it wouldn’t be a problem. Buy it from Google and put in a Verizon SIM card. As long as Verizon demands so much control it just isn’t going to happen.

  22. I’d be interested if it had a kickbutt camera, but I doubt it :(

    1. its rumored to, I dont know why it wouldnt. All the best guesses at specs show a kickass camera, and given the N4’s Id be really surprised if they dropped the ball there.

    2. The camera is going to be 8MP but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The quality of a camera is about more than just megapixels. Look at the HTC One. It only has a 4MP camera but it is a good sensor. The pictures look really good. The only time it might be an issue is if you do a lot of zooming in and cropping.

      The Nexus 5’s camera has OIS which is pretty new on a phone. I doubt they would put OIS on a camera that is otherwise horrible. Either way I’m not too worried about it as i don’t take a lot of pictures. If you are a heavy pictures taking person you should get a real camera anyways.

  23. Last year’s press event for the Nexus 4 was canceled at the last minute due to Hurricane Sandy. There were rumours of rescheduling, but in the end, Google just put up a Web page, sent out a press release, and gave The Verge the go-ahead to run their in-depth story on the new device (which was no doubt originally intended to come out right after the press event).

    When the Nexus 4 went on sale, the demand took down Wallet, and the device remained sold out for three months — whenever new stock went on sale, it disappeared in minutes.

    Maybe Google concluded that a Web page, a press release, and an in-depth story is all they need to launch a new device.

    1. The only reason they didn’t reschedule is because they didn’t have any idea when hurricane Sandy was going to let up and the damage was pretty bad. If they had rescheduled the event it would have been much later.

  24. I am interested in upgrading to the Nexus 5, but I just wonder out of curiosity will the ole Samsung Galaxy Nexus get the update as well since it has seen 4.3?

  25. bit is it true that its going to be released for all and any android phone ?

  26. most…anticipated…phone….ever.

    1. I don’t know about that one.. I remember the hype for the Galaxy Nexus being pretty insane and most notably was this Hitler video imo! lmao!

      1. Yeah! Good times! That video was hilarious. I know I remember constantly checking here, droid life, and the super long forum thread here looking for updates. Probably the most excited I could have been for a phone. Just got my moto x a few weeks ago and I felt the excitement again. Its an amazing phone

  27. So it is not after 1pm pacific time and after 4pm eastern time and still nothing. I stopped believing this rumor on like October 4th or 5th when we still hadn’t heard about invitations being sent out.

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