Oct 10th, 2013

Instagram banner

Hot on the heels of Twitter’s exclusive announcement earlier this afternoon, is Facebook-owned Instagram announcing (on Twitter, ironically) that they’ll soon be pushing out a sizable update to the Google Play Store later today.

The latest update is said to finally bring the Instagram Android app up to speed with its iOS counterpart. Where #IGers on iOS have been able to straighten photos for sometime, it’s one of the latest features that’s finally making its way to Android.

Instagram collage

Other improvements include “sound and data usage controls” when dealing with Instagram videos. It wasn’t exactly clear what that might entail (the update isn’t live on the Play Store quite yet) it seems users will finally be able to mute videos by default (similar to a recent Vine update) and playback videos in lower quality while using the cellular network.

While all of these are welcome additions, they’re still leaving out one crucial feature: the ability to add “cinema stabilization” to shaky Android vids, something iOS users have been enjoying for awhile now. We’ll find out once the update hits the Play Store later today.

[Instagram on Google Play | via Twitter]