Vine for Android gets massive update, introduces new camera tools, revining, and more

Vine for Android banner

Vine still really wants your business videos. To prove it, the Twitter-owned service has just pushed out another update for Android devices, calling it their “biggest yet.” And guess what? They’re not lying.

Vine for Android now features a fast capture widget, allowing users to skip an extra click and open the Vine camera straight from the homescreen. Users can also “revine” other users posts, helpful for discovering wacky, crazy, sexy Viners to follow. Swiping over to the Explore tab and you’ll discover 15 new channels for watching (and submitting) Vines to categories like comedy, cats/dogs, family, music, etc..

Vine for Android 1.3.1 update

The biggest addition (for me anyway) is the ability to mute your entire timeline. This is especially useful when browsing Vines in public, or simply watching videos of hot chicks (but couldn’t care less about what they have to say). #Troof. The camera portion of the app was also given some love and now features a grid option, focus button, and ghosting to help frame those stop motion animations everyone goes ape sh*t over (you know who you are).

Just when I was ready to quit Vine, they’ve proven they still have a little fight left in ’em. If they can introduce higher quality video streams (for those of us on fast LTE networks), who knows, maybe I’ll stay.

[Vine on Google Play]

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  • faceless128

    Too little, too late.

  • Thomas

    Nice rack ;)

  • blest

    Do they have the search feature yet to add people?

    • Chris Chavez

      Yup! They added it last update.

      • FortTech101

        It was actually about two or three updates ago.

        • Chris Chavez

          Something like that, yeah.


    Hello sexy……

    • Chris Chavez

      Hello.. O_o

      • Chavez is whiny girl man


  • Jody Schoolcraft

    Chris I really have no idea what Vine is but you are really getting me interested in it…:-)

    • Chris Chavez


  • Chavez is whiny girl man

    Just why do you go to church?

  • PooPooTron

    Why don’t they just merge with instagram? Having both would be like wearing gloves AND mittens at the same time.
    and don’t try to tell me about instagram’s videos, it is not the same thing

    • Nick Mantzoros

      Vine is to Twitter as Instagram is to Facebook. Apples don’t mate with Oranges. Then you’d get some weird Appnge or something freakish and then how would it taste? Probably delicious, but that’s not the point. What was my point? Ah forget it.

    • oneloveonehate

      PooPooTron? Do you transform into a toilet and wait in the ladies room?

      • PooPooTron

        No, that’s toilotron
        I wait in the toilet

  • xiaomeo200…………………

  • master94

    Thank you for actually not doing a bait and trick with this article. Very pretty girl. I approve

  • MinkaMinka

    InstaChooser v0.0.1-15 =) upload videos from your library to insta =)