Samsung to introduce Android-based mirrorless camera at June 20th event

samsung nx200

Samsung is looking to bolster its camera line with yet another entry, and this one will run Android. According to head honcho JK Shin, Samsung will look to introduce a mirrorless camera which is powered by Android.

The original Samsung Galaxy Camera was a more traditional compact, point-and-shoot experience (find some samples here), but if this is a true mirrorless camera there’s a possibility that folks will be able to swap lenses out. We’d hope that would include lenses from the NX line of Samsung mirrorless cameras, but we’re not even sure if this translation will hold up.

The only way to know will be to stay tuned to what Samsung shows off at its June 20th Premier event, and you can bet we’ll be looking on with all eyes peeled. Would you guys buy such a camera?

[via Korea Times]

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  • CryptoNoel

    Yeeeeeeeah, now we’re talkin’!!

  • izzyt


    • thebeeobee

      let me google that for you

  • uniquename72

    Viewfinder or GTFO.

    Also, it would be great if they picked micro4/3, which already has a mature lens range. We really don’t need yet another mirrorless line with just a handful mediocre lenses.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Do you hear that Nikon?!? Android powered V3 Pleeeeease?

  • Shannon

    izzyt… cameras with lenses that come off (usually SLR or DSLR) have a little mirror that you can see when removing the lens. That mirror allows you to see through the view finder. Mirrorless cameras are usually “point and shoot” cameras. This camera is sorta in between the two types of camera. Since it doesn’t have a mirror, what you’ll see through the viewfinder (or LCD screen) is what the sensor is seeing.

    I think that’s a simple explanation, right? Lol

  • Mike Ice

    I have the Sammy NX1000 and it is a great camera, but like any true gadget guy I’m always looking to upgrade! Guess I can sell the body but keep the two lens I have if they do make it interchangeable. :)

  • Alex Alexander

    Well, this could be the next NX with Android… look like a redesign of the NX20

  • KamilG

    Probably going to be pretty expensive and shoot the same as any point and shoot for a few hundred dollars less. I just hope no ameuter photographers hoping to get more into the field get tricked into a buying this just because it has a removable lens.

    • Marsg

      Not even close, i have owned a few mirror-less cameras (Sony Nex-5n and 7), and they give you the same quality as a DSLR, they are probably better than the Rebel line by Cannon, off course Cannon wins due to the amount of lenses available and the quality of those lenses but the camera itself is much greater in image quality + it gives the same functions. Also most of these Mirrorless cameras have better low light image quality than most 1000$- DSLR except for Nikon, nobody beats Nikon in low light.

      • Guest

        Saying they give you the same quality as DSLRs is reaaaally pushing it. Also, the lack of a mirror has very little to do with low light image quality. That’s all about the sensor/pixel size, and how the processor handles pixels at a high ISO.

  • supremekizzle

    As long as it doesn’t look like a GS4 mated with a DSLR like the other one…

  • Christopher Woodruff

    In Soviet Russia, Font writes you.