Falcon Pro update to bring new themes, flatter design, and multiple accounts

falcon pro multiple accounts

The folks behind the beautiful Falcon Twitter client for Android got over a major hurdle when Twitter drastically changed its terms of service, and they’re still chugging along with new upgrades all the time. The developers have started teasing version 2.0, and have already confirmed a few key changes we can expect once it hits the Google Play Store sometime soon.

For starters, we’re getting a flatter design to come even more in-line with Google’s design language set forth in the latest guidelines. The app was already flat to begin with, so these changes will be more subtle than extreme. We’re also getting a couple of new color schemes — a light theme, and a darker dark theme. The classic gray one will still be along for the ride, as well.

falcon pro 2 themes

Oh, and we’re finally getting multiple account support. It’s been a long time coming so this should definitely be the most anticipated change on everyone’s list. Unfortunately we weren’t given a solid timeframe of when to expect these things, but if past update schedules are anything to go by these guys will be lightning fast about it. If you are lucky enough to have a third-party client token for Falcon Pro be sure to give it a try in the Google Play Store, and patiently await this much-needed upgrade if you already have it.

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  • joeyjojojuniorshabadoo

    This is a really pretty, yet fast twitter client. I migrated from Plume, which had better features, but just got slower and slower with each release. Not that Falcon Pro isn’t suffering from update-itis, the last few minor updates have made the app less stable…

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      It’s still all about Plume. I also have Twicca installed for photo viewing since it intercepts and displays just about any image without having to open a browser or another app :)

  • Caseyjp11

    If multiple accounts means FB integration as well, then I’m all over it. I HATE bouncing apps when one interface can include updates from multiple social sites. ahh..coughcough.