White Nexus 4 shipments being intercepted, and no one knows why



Folks who ordered a white Nexus 4 are distraught to find out that their packages may not be getting to them as soon as Google promised. Some are receiving notifications that their shipments are being intercepted for one reason or another. The initial thought was that Google shipped them out too early, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Google will reportedly inform customers that the notifications are only being sent out due to incorrect tracking numbers, and that deliveries should be arriving as originally scheduled. That effectively says the packages haven’t actually been intercepted, but more users are reporting that their devices haven’t yet made it to their doorsteps.

We typically like to give couriers a couple of days’ worth of leeway in these sorts of situations so we won’t jump to any big conclusions just yet, but we’ll certainly keep our ears to the street to see what, exactly, is going on. Let us know if you’ve received these notifications, or if you’ve already received your devices otherwise.

[via XDA]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. here we go again

  2. Maybe because white is the ugliest color for a phone?

    1. Or maybe Apple has a patent on white..?

    2. I must say that white has grown on me, it looks great on the S4. Black Spigen thin case adds some contrast.

    3. I disagree. I love my white S3 and S4. I’m sad that the One isn’t available in white because when Verizon’s comes out I might be picking one of those up too. Black is so generic and bland on phones these days. Might as well become an iPhone fanboy cause you seem to think everyone wants/needs the exact same thing.

      1. You’re right, white phones are perfect for girls!

        1. You’re clearly retarded.

          1. Lol. Clearly!

      2. People really decide which phone to buy, based on “the color of the case”?
        Wow. Get the S3 or S4 instead.

        eBay has 12 different colors. Make it any color you want. $4 each.

    4. Racist!

      1. Lol!

  3. The running gag goes on…

  4. Apparently there were incorrect tracking numbers per Google (see AC article) and there will be no interception except those whose tracking/shipping info was wrong.

    1. Haha at anyone believing that pile of bull. Poor AC writing an article based off Google support. Do they not remember all the excuses support gave when the N4 was initially released.

      1. To each his own. That’s why I have the S3, soon to get the S4. Had the GNex before that!

        1. I had the GNex, Note 2, and now the S4. : )

      2. Coming from the first portion of the Nexus 4 fiasco, I’d just recommend covering your eyes, and plugging your ears and just be happy when it hits your doorstep. Reading the rumors almost always results in butt hurt. I know the feel, trust me.

    2. See response to Nathan. I mentioned that in the article text, but people are still reporting that they’re not receiving their packages.

  5. I ordered a White Nexus 4 for my girlfriend. I only caught the package intercept by chance when looking at the UPS tracking page. I’ve learned to not count on Google to proactively communicate issues with Google Play store orders. The representative seemed confused as to what was going on and could not offer an explanation. I asked them to follow up and relay the status and cause of the issue which they have not. here we go again indeed . . .

    1. yeah they’re “customer support team” is clueless and of no help whatsoever.

      1. I just checked the UPS site:

        The Delivery Intercept request for this package was successfully completed. / Shipper requested return of package.

        How is Google this incompetent?

  6. These were just debunked and said don’t pay attention hours ago from another article.

    1. I mentioned that in the article text, but people are still reporting that they’re not receiving their packages.

  7. Hi, the first world called and said they’ve got some problems for you

    1. remind them this is a tech website about android and redirect them to a someplace pertaining to their issues.cause phandroid.com is the wrong place.

  8. Google is horrible with this. when I purchased my Nexus, I made a mistake on my shipping address. they wouldn’t let me change it to the correct address because they said it was “too late”. mind you I had alerted them of this mistake only about twenty minutes after making the purchase. and to top it off, they didn’t put my full name on the package so I had some difficulty getting UPS to deliver it to the correct address.

  9. Crap, I am preparing to buy one on Friday. WTF Google? Get your damn act together. I need a new phone as a I am phoneless from selling my S3.

    1. You’re buying it way to late mate, I’d be waiting it out for the Nexus 5 if I was you.

      1. Waiting an additional 4-5 months is insane for a new smartphone if my temp phone is a crappy basic phone.

        1. I’m sure you can survive. I’m a complete addict, and if I had to, I’d put up with it. Smartphones aren’t a necessity. They are a luxury.

          1. I already made the purchase for the Nexus 4. I should get it next week, but Google charges so much for shipping yet the products always get there late. Actually, it is more of a necessity than you think.

          2. It’s not a necessity. Think logically. We’ve gone without phones in the past. We could quite easily do it again, if we really had to.

          3. By that logic, we can do without cars, electricity, etc. We are used to these items as important aspects of our lives. My phone is necessary for work, connecting to the internet via hotspotting, keeping tabs with friends, Netflix, classwork, etc. You might be from the generation before me, perhaps? I wasn’t around during the energy crisis, Iran Contra affair, etc. I grew up with the likes of Windows 95/98, ME, etc. I am so used to technology, that life without it is different. Maybe it is my fault or perhaps my age? When I experienced Hurricane Wilma, 2 weeks without power was vastly different because of everything being used by a generator. If I never had a generator, I couldn’t imagine the sweltering heat, not having electricity to heat food, etc. I am happy I made my purchase and I look forward to my Nexus 4. If people disagree with my decisions, they are more than welcome to do so. As long as I am happy and I am not partaking in something that is criminal, heinous, or psychological (or physically) damaging to others in anyway; I don’t mind my actions.

          4. Generation before you? I hardly think so. I’m turning 20, I also grew up on Windows 98 etc. But you can’t tell me that it’s necessary to have a phone. So many people to this day, still live without even dumb phones. I know plenty of people that do. And they cope completely fine without them. And as for cars sure, we can cope without them too, many people do. Netflix is not a need. That’s a want. That’s entertainment. Internet via hotspotting? You don’t NEED internet all the time. And you don’t need to know what your friends are up to ALL THE TIME. You use the word “need” too easily. Think about what you actually need to survive as a human, then tell me you need a smart phone.

          5. What do you care what he does with his money. I wouldn’t go one day with a dumb phone even if the s5 was being released in a month.

          6. I don’t care. I was merely saying, we aren’t in absolute need of smart phones. No matter how much they appeal to the tech community.

    2. You sold your “old” S3 long before you got your new Nexus? And you are wondering why you are “phoneless”? I wonder why.

      1. No, I am phoneless as well because my temp phone is having problems with my network too.

  10. They are being intercepted because Google/LG forgot to make the whole phone white.

  11. Don’t look for more, that’s apple’s fault!!!

  12. They messed it up anyway with the black/white scheme. I was looking forward to a White Nexus, not a Zebra Nexus.

  13. Always trying to keep whitey down

  14. There’s crack packed in them.

  15. Silly Google, don’t they know Apple owns a patent on white stuff?

  16. im pretty sure it was apple…

  17. > No one knows why


    > the notifications are only being sent out due to incorrect tracking
    > numbers, and that deliveries should be arriving as originally scheduled.

    No one knows why? Looks pretty clear and simple to me.

    Duh. What’s wrong with phandroid these last few weeks? Seems like they’ve gone totally dumb on us.

  18. To anyone complaining about this article- I’m going through this problem and this is the only accurate article I’ve read. The shipment was definitely sent back to the sender. It originally shipped (2-day) to me, got intercepted in my city, and was sent 3-day back to the sender. Last night another package was sent next-day and Google emailed me with that tracking number. It should arrive today. There’s still no word on why the first package was sent back. Google customer service clearly lied when they said we were given the wrong tracking numbers.

  19. http://androidforums.com/nexus-4/720511-white-nexus-anyone-2.html#post5881556

    Obviously totally unconfirmed and unofficial, but it potentially 8GB models were sent instead of 16GB’s an were then recalled.

  20. Still can’t get the ecom working right. Time to hire a consulting agency Google, geez.

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