Microsoft Edge is getting a new AI feature no one asked for


Have you ever looked at your browser and thought that it looked so boring it needed a theme? We know that browsers like Chrome and Edge offer the ability to theme it to a certain extent. But Microsoft wants to go further by employing a very novel use of AI. This will allow Microsoft Edge users to use prompts to help AI generate a theme for the browser.

This is according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap in which it mentions that an AI theme generator will soon be part of the Edge browser. According to the description, users can use text prompts to generate a series of images. These images can then be applied to the browser as a theme.

It also mentions that IT admins will have the ability to restrict access to the feature. This means that in the office setting, admins can disable it so that employees don’t go about creating weird and potentially offensive themes at work. While we laud the ability to personalize and customize the browser, we’re not sure if this is the best use of AI.

Microsoft had previously introduced more useful AI capabilities in its Edge browser. For instance, in March it was reported that Edge would be getting an AI-powered image editor. We reckon that’s infinitely more useful than an AI themed feature, but hey, to each their own.

Tyler Lee
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