Samsung granted the most mobile patents in 2012

Samsung knows a thing or two about patents. They have, after all, been on the wrong side of litigation accusing the company of infringement on others’ intellectual property. But they have also been on the other side of the courtroom, and if last year’s patent filings are any indication Samsung’s arsenal is stronger than ever before.

Analyst Chetan Sharma crunched the numbers and determined that Samsung picked up the most new mobile patents in 2012. The number edges out Nokia to give Samsung the largest number of mobile patents granted since 1996. Apple perhaps surprisingly doesn’t even make the top 10 for new patents.

Overall, mobile is big business in the intellectual property world. accounting for 25 percent of all patents granted in the US. While only a fraction of technologies covered by such newly issued patents ever make it to the consumer, as long as companies can gain legal protection though them, the litigation is sure to follow.

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  • Maximillion82

    Samsung did innovate a lot in 2012 so this just makes sense. Apple is not innovating as much as they used to. You can’t apply for a patent if you have nothing up your sleeve.

    • bmg314

      Actually, didn’t Apple prove that you could apply for patents even if you didn’t innovate, invent, or otherwise?

      • godrilla


        • Maximillion82

          I guess their marketing department ran out of innovation too, no longer having brain farts of how to sell the “fact” that Apple invented a rectangle with rounded corners to the patent office:D

          • Ashley . William

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  • godrilla

    just shows who is leading the pack for innovation.

    • Steve_

      it’s sad that thanks to its CEO SAMSUNG is forced to participate into a dirty ugly MARKETING battle of rectangles, “blatant copying” claims and disappointing plastic TOP devices undermining SAMSUNG brand image and making people believe that the WORLD’S LARGEST TECH COMPANY CAN’T MAKE WOW DESIGN!

      instead of just to deflate that marketing bubble with design+innovations AWESOMENESS.

      • Manbo

        Why are you yelling at me!? What did I do!? Whyyyyyyyy??? (;_;)

      • ilh

        I’d rather have a plastic phone than a metal/glass phone.

    • Marcelo Burrieza

      Real Innovation for me is when they create a new technology like the flexible AMOLED:
      Something that requires to develop a new building process, billions invested in development until you have something new that required the construction of factories to get the product.

      Silly UI, icons placement, design shapes, touch gestures and fonts shouldn’t be considered in the same league.

  • master94

    Sadly all of Samsung’s patent will be made invalid despite being real innovation because for some reason, Judge Lucy Koh picks up every case that involves Samsung.

  • Steve_

    SAMSUNG is a true TECH GIANT with thousands of TECH patents per year.

    Probably that’s why it doesn’t pay enough attention to design. It’s stupid.
    But I respect SAMSUNG, because it does a LOT for the whole industry.

    Imagine SAMSUNG with WOW design and using its endless tech innovations, just imagine it!

    Is SAMSUNG waiting for somebody to buy its WOW technologies/components and then sue SAMSUNG Electronics for making products? We want WOW form SAMSUNG.

    Or it will be Motorola Xphone.

  • iron2000

    Surely won’t be getting another Samsung phone for their anti-dev stance.

    Didn’t get my SGS2 in 2011 so my 2 years is not Samsung’s 2 years, glad that the CM devs have kept on with SGS2 dev.

    It best to buy a new phone on release to enjoy fully the updates from the device makers during the device’s limited lifetime, if you have the cash.
    Well, its ok if the user is satisfied with outdated Android OS.