Mar 27th, 2013

Flipboard is launching the second generation of their news reader platform, and while it isn’t available on Android quite yet, the latest update to the service looks toward personal curation as the next big thing. Currently available on iOS devices, the latest Flipboard update gives users the ability to create their own “magazines” via a new “+” button.

Press this “+” button will save articles for later reading — much like Instapaper or similar apps — but it’s Flipboard’s highly stylized presentation and the ability to make saved articles public that set the feature apart. Users can curate articles on any topic to create personal digests for personal and public consumption alike. Tools are provided to choose cover stories, add content from the web, and more.

So, for instance, you could create a “magazine’ focused entirely on rooting Android devices. You might even bookmark a few stories from Phandroid to grace its pages. Then share it with friends and the world alike. The concept definitely puts a more social twist on the news reader app and might get users feeling a bit more invested in content.

There is no word on when the features will be rolling out to Android, but we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time.

[via Flipboard]