HTC One and iPhone 5 faceoff: both officially coming to T-Mobile for $99 down


In a press event yesterday, T-Mobile not only officially announced their all new Un-carrier plans, but pricing for the soon-to-be-released HTC One. So, how much can customers expect to pay for the HTC One with a premium aluminum unibody design and quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor? $99 stinkin’ dollars. Of course, this is only the upfront cost for the device now that T-Mobile is doing away with 2-year agreements in exchange for customers making monthly installment payments on a new device (kinda like buying a new car).

The HTC One (which some have said bares a slight resemblance to Apple’s latest smartphone) will actually find itself going head-to-head with, not only the $99 Samsung Galaxy S4, but in a T-Mobile first, the iPhone 5 as well. The “i5” has been officially announced for an April 12th release on T-Mo for — you guessed it — $99. It’s metal vs metal in a battle of good vs evil. Okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit. Good vs… better. We’ll let you decide which is which.

While both the One and iPhone 5 will take advantage of T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE network, Apple might have a slight leg up on their competition. Currently, the HTC One still doesn’t have an official launch date for the #4 largest carrier in the US where the Galaxy S4 has been officially announced for a May 1st launch. We’ll keep you posted once we hear more.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The more I see that HTC, the more I like it.

    1. Who the freaking hell would want iPhone 5 when HTC One, Xperia Z and Samsung 4 is so far ahead with basically everything.

      iPhone is pure crap compared.

      I`m with you though, I think HTC One is the most tempting of the bunch. That or Xperia Z

      1. Who would want an iPhone 5?……..an iSheep.

        1. Exactly….those are the ONLY people that buy iphones anymore..the people that made a bad decision back in the day and picked up the 1st iPhone instead of taking a risk and going with the HTC G1. Now, they’ve been stuck with iOS for sooo long they have NO IDEA how to navigate a real Android smartphone so what do they do…..they stay as sheep and by the NEXT BIG iPhone release with new and improved…….um….extra line of icons?

          1. Well actually the S in 5S will mean speaker cause now that the HTC One showed off the importance of having a well placed loud speaker. Apple will simply patent it and call it their own.

  2. Yes HTC has no chance why you ask batter life sucks badly and HTC sense takes forever just get updates and it ships with 4.1 and not 4.2 wtf

    1. and you already know battery life sucks how???

      1. Don’t question the moe! The moe knows!

      2. Look it up sucks on hspa+ so when used on lte I’m mean come on put two and two together

        1. battery life has nothing to do with network, the thing killing almost 50% of my battery is my display, but i have that down to 30% brightness, its perfect

    2. If you were a smart man, you would look at the reviews for the HTC One, which includes battery life. In a test by GSM Arena, the HTC One outlasted the iPhone 5 in every aspect. If that’s not good enough for you, please carry around a car battery attached to your phone. Thanks.

      1. check out phonedog for yourself 14 week test with htc one on hspa+ didnt even make a day look it up its all there

        1. If you’re gonna make a claim, sending me proof would be a good idea.
          But I checked it out. The reviewer never gave us any real data; his usage, how long did it last, if it fully went out, or did he charge it with some juice left inside.
          Sure LTE is gonna drain the battery a bit more, but you can fully expect it to last 9-12 hours depending on the usage.
          GSM Arena did a calculated test of the HTC One: showed video playback times, music streaming times, calling times, etc. All those tests outlasted the iPhone 5.
          If your day lasts longer than that, and you don’t have access to a charger, then obviously you should look somewhere else.

          1. hints the reason why im waiting for the note 3 till then my note 2, will be just fine and will see for ourselves when it actually gets released in the states htc has nvr been known for great battery life

  3. I would definitely have to agree, it just shows how fast companies will get on their knees to suck Apple off. Companies favor Apple as if they were some sort of technological God.

    1. No, companies favor Apple because consumers love Apple.

      1. Consumers don’t educate themselves. They just want what everyone else has.

        1. We’re like cows headed to slaughter…..Just follow the one in front of you…..Moosers

        2. just like the blackberry a few years ago, now look at blackberry, the iphone is the next blackberry!

          1. yup. and I just keep waiting for it to die. Hopefully they won’t ever resurrect either. (Apple).

        3. As far as Apple, I agree. However, the “why” doesn’t matter to carriers.

    2. companies favor apple because apple brings them customers. That’s like getting mad at gamestop for selling call of duty.

      1. BTW Android (made in USA, California) is bringing them EVEN MORE CUSTOMERS.

        Android is the world’s most popular OS and the world’s largest open-source project.
        1) customization
        2) technologies
        3) connectivity
        4) choice
        5) freedom

        Android is #1 OS in the USA.

        Google’s PLAY store is already bigger than App Store.
        PLAY is the largest content store in the world.

        1. You left out a few:

          6) Cheap

          7) Unprofitable

          8) Commodity

          9) Malware-infested

          10) Plastic

          1. Could of sworn the HTC is made of ALUMINUM…but hey what do i know

          2. the HTC One is NOT Cheap, I don’t know enough to know if #7 is right, but Samsung does just fine with their Android profits… Commodity? Can you please be more specific? Malware-infested – Download the right apps, don’t be an idiot. I’d rather have the OPTION of bad apps, than the REQUIREMENT of a horrible battery life… http://bgr.com/2013/03/27/ios-6-1-3-battery-life-wi-fi-problems-400289/ and the HTC ONE is NOT plastic. at all. anywhere.

            This officially means you are an idiot.

        2. Hey i love android too. However we have to be objective about things. Do you think Tmobile or Sprint or Verizon cares about what’s open source and what isnt? They are a business and all they care about is the $$$$$. If you exclude iphones from you selection you are excluding almost 40% of the smartphone population as potential customers. That’s just plain stupid business.

        3. Android is made in America same as iOS most like some miles away from each other, neither iOS or any Android phone is manufactured in US

  4. The HTC looks beautiful next to the iphone 5. I’m going to wait for Motorola to show their hand and then make a decision.

    ATM my heart says HTC …

    1. Unless Google really holds Moto’s hand and crates an AMAZING new device I’d go with HTC as well, my friend

  5. I am not sure if I would by an IPhone 5 at this point (if I were somehow tempted to switch to iOS). It will be a six month old device by the time it is released on T-Mobile. Some rumors say the IPhone 5S will launch in June. I think that it would make more sense to wait for for the iPhone 5S at this point (unless you really need a phone now).

    As for the HTC One, it makes sense to buy it as soon as it is released.

    1. I use/play with my phone so much in so many different android-y ways that at this point I’d rather trade my car in for a pair roller skates than my Nexus or whatever Android phone for the iPhone. And the iPhone will be stuck in 4″ land for who knows how many more years.

    2. It makes perfect Sense.. ;)

  6. Useless matchup and it will STILL outsell the HTC One…

    1. So will justin b. Whats your point?

  7. HTC one wins awesome phone

  8. No matter how great and more featured packed the HTC One is, the iPhone will outsell it because most consumers associate the iphone with status and premium, we can debate this all we want but the sales numbers don’t lie. Goodluck HTC, I want you guys to succeed because competition forces innovation and as consumers this benefits us all

    1. made in China Apple thanks to its delusional marketing is a the new premium!

  9. $99 for hTC One is very aggressive! Good job hTC! Most likely it’s only a 16GB version?

    1. There is no 16GB version. It’s either 32GB or 64GB. I’m guessing the former…

  10. 2 phones, no micro sd card slots. no replaceable batteries. Looks like an even contest, both fail.

    1. Honestly when is the last time you had to remove an microSD card to transfer files? I personally found it annoying if I had to do that. MicroSD is way too slow for transferring files too.
      Replaceable battery, meh, just have a car-charger, an USB at work/at home, problem solved.

      1. A replaceable battery is handy to have when you’re in an airplane and need to watch the last part of some movie – but I agree a removable SD card is silly these days.

        1. because 99% of people fly like….once every 3 years. pick up a Tilt battery pack or…i dont know… go buy an HTC EVO for $50 on CL….im sure you can find all sorts of extra batteries for that bad boy…

          1. I used to lug around 3 spare batteries with me on just about every Android device I owned back in the day.

            Then Android starting hitting 12+ hours of battery life and I no longer found a need to keep a pocket full of batteries. Especially not when I have a car charger and a portable battery charger that frees me from standing/sitting next to a walll.

            It’s 2013. My Android needs aren’t the same as they were back in 2010.

          2. Really? That’s about $30. Why are people neglecting to get battery chargers? Those are better. Mainly because you can charge more than just your phone, so the investment is a smart move.

          3. Thanks for that ! Some of these people need some truth, not their own delusional ideas of battery life.

          4. Which one do you think is better Chris, the HTC One or S4? I don’t care about no stinking iPhone.

        2. a lot of planes nowadays have either a USB port or even a full 110-volt outlet underneath or even in front of your seat.

          1. You mean 120-Volt right? I thought the US used 120 Volts.

        3. I don’t care so much about removing the SD card, more about upgradability for me. I’m sure the price difference between the 32GB and 64GB HTC One will be about $100. I already have a 64GB SD in my HTC Sensation…so I would have liked to just use the that without paying the $100. In addition, when 128GB SD cards become available, I won’t be able to upgrade like I did when I upgraded from 16GB to 64GB.

          1. If you need a 128GB SD card there really is something wrong with you. Do you get it just because its bigger than what you have ? Seems odd you would get something just because it becomes available. No one has need for that much storage on a telephone. 64GB is already too much. 128 is retarded

          2. I agree, 64GB is plenty for music, photos, and short movie clips (I am at about 20GB since I upgraded when my 16GB got full), but technology has a way of using up our electronic storage as it becomes available. Since we’ll have fancy 1080p screens, BluRay quality movies and games could easily fill that space (unfortunately the “cloud” isn’t useful in the boonies or when camping).

          3. “128GB is retarded”, you say? Hah. Come back in a year or two and you’ll eat those words. In the meantime, there ARE those of us who can use that much space TODAY, and don’t want to or can’t rely on the cloud

            GIGS of nandroid ROM backups
            GIGS of old ROM and Gapps zips
            GIGS of TitaniumBackup backups
            GIGS of downloaded game data
            GIGS of music collection that doesn’t require the cloud
            GIGS of 1080p family video recordings; not having to step down to 720p to save space
            GIGS of TV / Movie encodes

            It adds up for true Phandroids, vs casual phone users.

          4. Yes very nice, and if you really need to carry all of that around with you on a daily basis, then yes you are retarded.

          5. Very mature, kid

          6. Even if u get the s4, u can’t plug a 128gb micro sd card into it, assuming there is a 128gb micro sd card. The simple fact is the s4 n any of d other phone devices only support max 64gb expandable. So d argument if u have a phone with card slot u will be able to use a 128gb sd card once it is available is nonexistent n a non truth, unless d next galaxy lets say s5 come out n have support for 128gb then there u go.

        4. I transitioned to a nexus 4 with no removable battery and bought a usb battery pack for $25 that can charge the phone twice, nonremovable batteries are not a dealbreaker to me, either are sd cards, in three years of android phones I can count on one hand the number of times i took it out.

          1. yea just bought something called CUBE from my local t-mobile, it will recharge my phone same as putting in a spare battery, so its not a dealbreaker for me either.

      2. Most people that complain about no sd card slots dont actually transfer, they just HAVE to store ALL their movies and music on their devices and dont feel they should be limited. Its delusional. No one needs that much stuff on their phones and people that claim they NEED it are semi retarded. Ive had the ONE S for a year now and I have tons of APPS , Pics, and music and games and havent had the need to delete anything. I also agree with you on battery life, im accustomed to having my charger or plug in my phone while driving…its not an issue,

        1. There you go again with the RTARD word. Might want to see someone about that.

          1. re-read my response to your response, understand, repeat, go away.

    2. I could care less about the sd but the battery I like to remove when my device crashes it does not matter what device you have they all do it and more so with rooting and roming

      1. had my ONE S for a year, never crashed, frozen, anything. Rooting and Rom’n is more of a fad these days anyways.

  11. The iPhone just looks so, so, old and dated.

    1. To me the iPhone looked old and dated as soon as I saw what the G1 was able to do.

      1. Oh BRAVO!!!! I just love when people talk about the G1…brings me back to the good ‘ol days. I just wonder what would have happened in I picked up an iphone instead of the G1….my life would be a whole lot different….and I’d be a HUGE LOSER right now instead of the amazing man I’ve turned into. Whoa!…..that was a close one….thank you Google and Android for being there when I really needed you.

        1. The G1 was amazing wasnt it ? especially for 2008. Im so glad i jumped on the Android wagon, i would have hated the iPhone, especially since it hasnt changed since 2007, not much anyways ! Still looking for a G3 :-(

  12. HTC one is such a bad phone. Except full aluminium,curved back gorgeous body ,high-res, natrural color,clear screen, amazing beats audio,exceeding clear boom sound, impressive ultrapixel camera,brand new sense 5 without any lag···,I can hardly find any advantages. What a bad phone!

    1. no kick stand no deal!!! …./S

  13. They are very slick and fantastic device. Honest I have belief in your review both device are awesome I checked full features of those phone this website as well. http://www.gadtecho.com

  14. The One, GS4 and the IPhone all coming to T-mobile. LTE is right around the corner. T-Mobile is going all in this year.

    1. I JUST changed my 12 year old data plan to one of T-Mobiles new “un-carrier” plans so now i’m actually getting more truly unlimited data for $20 LESS per month. Right now is a GREAT TIME to be a T-mobile customer or a GREAT TIME to become one but to tell ya the truth I don’t need or want a bunch of new user jumping on my T-Mobile bandwagon stealin all my HOT, 4G LTE bandwidth so you know what…just stick with your iPhone on AT&T or keep loving that “unlimited data” that Sprint gives ya. Us TMO playaz are gonna be ROCKIN in 2013

      1. I remember when 3G was the thing and the first iphone came out with edge. I was hoping their slogan was “Living on the edge” but their marketing department was better paid then I was.

  15. I phone 5 vs what? lol you cant compare androids latest and greatest vs apple’s iphone that was already outdated last year lmfao.

    1. it was already outdated during that pathetic presentation last year.

  16. I left T Mobile a couple of years ago with no regrets, but I am REALLY liking the HTC One. Hope it makes to one of the regional carriers like the S3 did!

  17. First off…This is terrible match up, even throw the S4 in there and I bet you the total number of iphones sold will beat out the total number of One’s and S4’s…Thats just the way it is people! Tmobile is going to kill it in iphone sales over the next year, mainly because of the really attractive price point. However, thats not to say which one is better is the one that will necessarily win in sales numbers. The One is an awesome looking, and superior device in every way against the iphone 5, the problem is HTC! They just cant get it together. Even now with they’re release delays and component shortages, theres rumblings of a J butterfly successor. I mean how bout trying to release one phone at a time, market it right, and when things get going then start the talk on other devices. They’re just like the old RIM from years ago, and we all know were those business practices led them…Straight down the tubes.

    1. Must say, when Apple started to offer 18 different iphones the amount of iphone 5 in their total sales number has become 40%.

      iphone sales =/= iphone 5(s/6/7) sales.

    2. T-Mo is going up, not down. Iphone sales while high have been consistently dropping over each iteration. I think the iCrap, which i think is your favorite phone by the way will not sell more, they will all perhaps sell around the same amount, with the GS4 leading, followed closely by the ONE, with the iSheep coming in 3rd.

  18. You had it right. It is a battle of Good vs evil. Apple is evil. Too much control issues

  19. I am definitely going to get the HTC One. I’m so desperate to know the exact release date so I can sell my One X and pay the ETF on at&t!

    1. Where u want to go instead, the new non-contract tmobile?

  20. GALAXY S4.

    or Motorola Dynaphone & Dynapad:)

    can’t wait.

  21. It’s kind of sad that more than likely the iPhone 5 will outsell the HTC One. Most consumers today are iBlind. The iPhone is just better to them without even knowing why. It’s like iPhone people all are like “I drive a Ferrari 458” while a person with the HTC One is like a person driving a Koenisegg Agera and busy enjoying it. Google both cars and you will understand.

  22. I thought the HTC One resembled the iPhone too until I saw this picture of them side by side… I’ll admit the outer rim is reminiscent of the iphone 5, but that’s where it ends. I would actually consider grabbing this if I wasn’t happy with my N4.

    1. I’ll be getting the One in April and using it alongside my N4. I’m thinking I’ll use the One more simply because of its 64GB of internal storage. Now I can finally cash all my tunes on Rdio! :)

      1. Yeah the 16gb is my only gripe about the n4. Hopefully the US carriers don’t jip us on getting the 64gb models over here.

  23. Ill take a blackberry Q10 B4 an iDevice….hell ill take a palm pixi over an iDevice.

  24. I was ready to grab an iPhone for one reason… I’m tired of the bugs that come with whatever skin manufactures put on their phones. They cause lag, things don’t work, updates take forever. And then when they DO update, they end up screwing something else up that used to work properly. And no, I don’t want to root my phone… I want whatever it is I’m buying to work right out of the box.

    I’ve only briefly played around with friends iPhones and was always impressed with how smooth they are. But I don’t know much more about iOS than that. Most people I know are happy with their iPhones and some are former Android and Blackberry users who do have an understanding of technology. (I wouldn’t refer to them an “iSheep”)

    I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever buy myself an iPhone as long as there are Nexus devices. I’ve never been happier with a phone as I am with my Nexus 4. Simply put, it just works. It works the way its supposed to work and its smooth like an iPhone.

    I started writing this comment just to ask a question, so, here’s the question… Why are people “stupid” for buying an iPhone? People seem to get so upset over the fact that the iPhone is popular and start name calling. Why? What’s the fucking problem with someone buying an iPhone?

    1. Ill answer since it appears no one else has. For the most part iPhone users are “stupid” for the exact reason you stated. “I dont know much about iOS than that.” Yet you were willing to jump right on the bandwagon because your friends are happy with it. Now you are a bit of an exception, most iPhone users have no clue how an Android device works. What they see is that all their friends have iPhones and they want them for that reason alone. There is an Apple on the back and thats all that matters.

      I just helped my cousin move into an iPhone 4. She couldnt afford a 4s or a 5 off craigslist but the fact that she had an iPhone was all that mattered to her. She literally flipped out when it activated and she was able to use it. I hear the argument that iOS is so much smoother and has no lag and it feels so much better in your hand. I own both a HTC DNA and a iPhone 4s. I cant say ive been more impressed with the fluidness of the iPhone over the DNA or vice versa. Both devices have access to what i need and both devices server the same purpose. It it werent for iMessage I would have forwarded all of my calls from my iPhone to my Android a long time ago and just left the iPhone on my desk.

      1. I think iPhone love is all in peoples head. I’m an Android guy through and through, but i’m not against trying other technology, and even bought an iPad and iPod touch because I thought I could have the best of both worlds but I came away unimpressed with both devices. They both lagged on me, and I was never impressed with their apps because every single one had a different way to exit it, and don’t get me started on download an app and it kicking me out of the app market to download it. I understand this has been fixed now, but come on, how long did that take.

  25. Wow, seeing the HTC one next to the iPhone 5 and you really notice how outdated the 5 looks… It still has physical buttons (though, in all fairness so does the GS4).

  26. HTC is a good looking phone.

  27. Probably the most press coverage the One will get, being announced next to the i5… thanks to HTC’s genius (/s) marketing.

  28. just got the nexus 4 and its great …cant afford to upgradde every month

  29. The problem with that, is that it’s the ONLY apple device to compare it to. It IS Apple’s current device. LOL what a bunch of idiots in Cupertino…..

    1. 70% profit share…you’re right…what a bunch of idiots

  30. lol both phone’s battery lives aren’t much to write home about unless you invest in some srsly heavy duty portable battery packs guys..http://tinyurl.com/botq69e

  31. @Dan… Maybe I just don’t run into too many people who are iOS fanboys or bandwagon jumpers. Sure, there might be a couple. But the majority seem to just be average phone users. And maybe I am, as well. I used to try to keep up with the latest and greatest but not so much anymore (although, I still read Phandroid almost daily).

    But here’s what I wanna know… what does an Android do, for the average user, that an iPhone can’t? Does it not do email? Can you not browse the web? Does it not have GPS or music playing capabilities? Flash? I can’t remember the last time I pulled up a Flash website. Hell, does the Nexus 4 even have Flash preinstalled??

    I guess my point is this… some people just want something that’s gonna work for them and Apple has a tendency to make solid products. The best? That’s debatable. Just like saying that HTC or Samsung makes a better product is debatable. I’ve been burned by Samsung and will never buy myself another Galaxy device. Even my second HTC had update/system problems that had me asking “WTF? Do they even test out their own damn software before sending this out to their customers??”

    And to add… I hate the term “iSheep”. Many people go with what their friends have based on similar interests, recommendations, etc. Movies, restaurants, cars and dealerships, hotels, etc. But if someone buys an iPhone because 4 of their friends have one, we call them iSheep? Maybe I just live a sheltered life but I don’t come across too many people who buy iPhones because its a status symbol. Most of the people I know who have one do so because its what works best for them.

    Eh. To each his own, though. Debating over what’s best for someone is just like debating over whether or not we should allow same sex marriage. Neither topics have any affect my life at all…

  32. Ugh i truy hate i5 haters! Its a good phone no phone needs a quad core processor and many vids can prove it… The camera is bested only by the s4 and is the thinnest smartphone! One of the lightest too! Even with irs dual core processor its faster than most phones and is faster in graphics everytime in GL benchmark! My lord people its a PHONE people have different needs in their phones not everyone wants a OS with so many settings or a plastic body or screen bigger than their hands! Not an isherp either am getting the S3

  33. For all the “inovation” the iPhone/iPad/iEtc. brings to the table, they all still look like a screen with a bunch of icons on it. From the first iWhatever to the latest.

  34. I’m having a hard time deciding which phone I want because both have advantages over the other. I do like that the HTC One comes with a faster processor and a 1080p display, so I may go for that one. Considering how long it takes to get to work at DISH sometimes, I like to keep myself busy by watching my live and recorded shows on my phone. I can stream any show from my DVR wherever I go using the DISH Anywhere app and I think it will work well on a full HD display.

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