Samsung Galaxy Note 8 spotted in the wild

The first (quasi-blurry) images of what is claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 have surfaced, showing a design that more or less jives with a previously leaked render of the device. That design reminds us more of an over-sized smartphone than an 8-inch tablet, and borrows from the stylings of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

The placement of a speaker in the normal earpiece position, a physical home button with captive navigation keys, and a portray orientation are all features more typical to a smartphone, which has us wondering if Samsung has taken the phablet craze one step too far.

It seems silly to think that Samsung would market the Note 8.0 as a phone, but then again we never thought handsets with screens measuring five inches or greater would sell in the millions. You can get an idea of the device’s size by checking out the HTC One X being held behind the Note 8.0 in the above picture.

Rumored specs for the Note 8.0 include an 8-inch, 1280×800 display, quad-core processor with 2GB RAM, and 5MP camera. Samsung is expected to unveil the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of Febraury.

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  • wtpanos

    I could probably get a phone that big

  • danix180

    Poor display.. I’ll pass it..

    Is Samsung following Apple’s path with incremental updates… ( see ipad mini )

    • PhilNelwyn

      Are you judging the display by the blurry photo or by the rumored specs?

  • Defenestratus

    Bezel too small. Can’t hold it with my giant paws.

    • brandon

      If they work the software like Apple did with the iPad Mini to ignore touches around the bezel area until it becomes a gesture or a tap on a touch point – I think you’ll find the smaller bezel something you wouldn’t want to be without.

      Comparing (my) Nexus 7 to (my) iPad Mini – the Nexus 7 bezel is comically large at the sides of the screen. Obviously there’s many other pros/cons between the two.

      At any rate, the Note 8.0 looks like it might be my N7 replacement.

    • Faiz Abideen

      It looks about the same as the Nexus 7 to me…

    • camelsnot

      hold it correctly.

    • veccster

      I’m surprised at your comment. Most people do not want bezel – myself included. For a phone, I want all available real estate to be used for screen. I hold a phone by the sides – not the screen.

  • surethom

    I would prefer a 10″ tablet & a 7″ or 8″ Colour Triton 2 Eink reader, with browser??

    • camelsnot

      would you prefer a limited eink reader or a tablet that can do more? Please drive through.

  • Faiz Abideen

    Frankly speaking, the level of ugliness is too damn high. The curves has got to go.

  • TheOtherGuy

    Is that HTC One X in his hand behind the tablet? So either he is Samsung employer with HTC phone or he stole the tablet from somewhere! Something doesn’t add up here…

    • Covert_Death

      my thoughts too… and he is allowing himself to be captured on camera pretty easy with a prototype device as well

      • camelsnot

        yes.. allowing a blurry cam photo, especially when a lot of current smartphones have better cameras.

        • taz89

          Lol I still don’t get understand how low quality these leaks are,like you said with good quality camera phones it should be not that blurry like it was taken with a VGA cam… My only guess would be they had to zoom in from quite far but then how would they know its the note then.

          • TheOtherGuy

            TWIST: The blurry photo was taken with a Windows/Nokia phone, by another Samsung employee.

    • camelsnot

      why.. Microsoft employees have iphones. The Woz had a couple android phones. Who cares?

  • LLcdPH

    I certainly hope that picture is wrong. I don’t want an 8″ phone design. I have a 10.1 Note now and would love a TABLET of that size following design ques of the 10.1. If this is true, I’m out.

    • camelsnot

      Out of what? It’s not shipping. There is no exclusive club. Out of the closet?

    • mrdavidpayne

      this IS a tablet… its sure as hell not a phone. Think Galaxy Note 10.1

  • erick magno

    i sure hope that thing is fake…i like my gs3 but that thing is not what i would get

    • camelsnot

      So if it is not what you would get, why do you care if it’s a fake or not?

  • Peter D.

    Does it have phone capabilities? If so, WANT.

    • camelsnot

      Use complete sentences.

      • Peter D.

        Grammar Nazi Troll?

        • simpleas


      • enomele

        I don’t disagree with your other comments, but this one is ridiculous.

    • Dinçer Başdemir

      Isn’t it “big” for the “phone”?

  • Unorthodox

    If it does look this ugly, then I’ll pass, despite appealing display size.

    • simpleas

      That’s what everyone said about the S3. I can almost guarantee this will look awesome when it’s fully released. I’m already liking it’s design.

  • simpleas

    I think the front looks great, but the back side i’ll need to view different pictures once released. Of course i’d have to wait to see the final product for my final judgement.

    What I can’t wait to experience is their Smart Scroll and Smart Pause techonology woot! I currently enjoy the smart stay and smart rotation on my note 2. With Smart scroll, obviously it’ll let users scroll with their eyes while smart pause lets the video pause when you’re not watching. Amazing software R&D I must say.

  • Joshua Saunders

    Am I the only one that finds the device numbering difference between phone version and screen size, annoying?

    • enomele

      no your not

  • taz89

    Love it this is what I want…I hate on screen buttons they keep coming in the way and take up valuable screen estate especially during gaming and browsing…looks like I’ll be selling my nexus 7 then…if this has phone capabilities I wouldn’t be surprised…have the tech world forgotten that Samsung put phone capabilities in the tab 7.7 in some countries all ready…oh yh with spen and multi view this will be awesome…as for design I like it, i like the feel and curves of the s3 and this looks similar so am glad…everyone said the s3 design was rubbish but many people liked it after they saw it in person and actually held it…

    • enomele

      You have the worst punctuation. And on most games the on screen buttons disappear.

      • taz89

        Lol English was never my favourite subject…not really it still takes up space but just shows 3 fades dots and in most of my games and apps I use they are there I would much rather have physical buttons and have the whole screen available too apps.

        • Jake Hilborn

          You do know that with on screen buttons that the screen gets bigger? The area where those physical buttons would be is traded off for a bigger screen. For example, the Galaxy Nexus. There is far less bezel on the bottom of the phone than the top. Where there might have been physical buttons there is instead more screen.

          • taz89

            Not really take the gs3 and galaxy nexus,pretty much same size maybe a mm here or there but the s3 has a bigger screen and physical button….also the only time you get the full screen on the nexus is with videos other than that it really is only around a 4.5” screen

    • No_Nickname90

      Here you go. Since those 30 pixels are getting in your way.
      You see, with on screen buttons you are allowed to have what ever buttons you want, AND you can’t have as little bezel as possible.

      Now about the rest of your post… I agree with you on that Nexus 7. My Nexus 7 doesn’t have HDMI out capabilities. So I have to use my phone, but I’d love something more powerful to play games. This would take the cake. And it has a stylus. Stylus plural are coming back. Now I just need my trackpad (or trackball) and I’ll be happy.

      • taz89

        That’s a rooted nexus 4…am talking about non rooted which majority of people use there phones…been sadly disappointed with nexus 7…if only it didn’t have tegra 3 which is what I think has let it down…so many games like most wanted,nova 3, wild blood etc play terrible and have shocking frame rate where as on my s3 they run superb…I have decided to stick with exynos chips from now on.

        • No_Nickname90

          The video has 2 links. There is a play store link that has an app that can remove the navigation bar without root. Its limited and root is preferred however.

          And yes. I am also liking the idea of this Note 8 replacing my Nexus 7. Samsung seems to be doing something right. My Epic 4G Touch is a galaxy S2 and it stills seems to be handling these new apps just fine.

          • oldarney

            You know whats really annoying? accidentally hitting buttons. Which is exacly whats going to happen when you put that note on landscape. Soft buttons are not a choice on tablets, they are a necessity. Now that goog moved the soft buttons to the center, accidental presses are virtually non existent on my Nexus 10, even when gaming.

            Granted, I use GMD to gesture the buttons out of view when VNC’ing to a desktop. Goog should give us a way to hide it.

          • No_Nickname90

            That I agree with you. I have pressed buttons on accident on my Nexus 7. Mainly when swiping or typing and trying to press spacebar. Its like who put that home key there? LoL!! But all things have cons. It just comes down to which ones can you tolerate. I for one hate soft keyboards and prefer full QWERTY but those phones aren’t all that great except for the Droid (Number) series.

  • Sinned66

    “..spotted in the wild” If it’s open season I’d like to blow it to pieces.

  • John Spencer Mead

    Its gunna come down to how good the screen looks to me. I love the 8inch size, but with all the 1080p screens coming out, it feels weird to not grab one…

  • master94

    At the rate phones are growing, 2015 I see a 9 inch phone, and why not. I would buy it, just use a bluetooth to speak and avoid having to pay two data plans. Win win.

    • No_Nickname90

      History repeats itself, just in a different fashion. Phones used to be large, then they started getting smaller.

      Now phones are back large, BUT they’re getting smaller. (thinness)

      I just want my Qwerty Keyboard with trackpad back. (Making a reference to the HTC G2). LoL!!

  • Alex Alexander

    My original Galaxy Tab need a replacement, 7″ is good but I already have a Note 2, so, 8 or 10″ look promising.
    I gonna wait for the Tab 3, but this 8″ look like a good size.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    After 2 years with my wifi Xoom… speakers on front of the device or GTFO !!

    • enomele

      +1 for your name and statement.

  • Tony Lai

    That looks horrible.. to be honest.

  • 12fusion

    This cannot possibly be real the camera is just like every htc phone. That sucks sticking out the back like that. I think it’s just a crappy photoshop job.

  • Leocal79

    Wow that’s hideous please redesign that it looks like a uglier version of the galaxy sIII

  • AGx

    Wish it looked more like the N7 or at least came in black. Still, this is probably my [first] tab (so long as it sports Note II features and drops with JB or KLP).

  • Matthew Merrick

    The ONLY thing I dislike about my note 2 is that I can’t use the s pen to hit back or menu, and I really shouldn’t be using it to hit home either – probably not good for the pen. It’s not a dealbreaker on a phone, but on a tablet? Yeah, that would be a dealbreaker for me.
    Also, on my a500 tablet, the placement of the front camera irritates me to no end – every time I go to use it, my thumbs covering it up. Videochatting in landscape is nearly impossible. I don’t WANT anything on the bezels I’ll be using to hold the device. Especially with Samsung’s uber-sensitive capacitive keys – if be backing out of apps ALL THE FRIGGING TIME!!!
    IMHO, I severely hope this is fake, because if it is, I won’t be able to use this device. However, this probably is real, as it matches the leaked renders phandroid posted the other day. So… *sadface*

  • Nathan Aker

    I think the rounded look looks a lot better on a tablet like this than a phone like my S3.


    It looks like an XL Galaxy S3

  • Rohit Pawar

    Well , if Samsung is able to price this device smartly , they just might hit the sweet spot (as usual) .

  • Nick_Lopez_Loya

    If I see you holding that 8 inch phone to your ear, I’m gonna beat you over the head with it… lol. And then see if the gorilla glass held up