YouTube Capture app released for the iPhone – Android version coming soon [VIDEO]

Today, Google announced an all new application for the iPhone called YouTube Capture. The app lets users quickly upload videos to YouTube, with easy sharing across multiple social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. While this is great news for iOS users, many Android users are feeling left out in the cold, but don’t worry — ours is coming too.

So, what makes YouTube Capture all that special, and isn’t it the same as uploading from the gallery app on Android devices? Not entirely. With Capture, users can trim and add YouTube’s special video enhancements like video stabilization, color correction, and background music — options previously only available from the desktop version of YouTube on your browser. Probably the best part about YouTube Capture is that it forces its users to shoot in landscape mode by default (although this can be changed in the app’s settings). As I mentioned before, Capture also lets iPhone users easily share to multiple social networks all from within the app ala Instagram.

Alright, so does this mean Android users should be expecting a YouTube Capture to drop in the Play Store some time soon? According to Google, most definitely. While I don’t think there’s any need for a separate video recording app just for uploading to YouTube, the inclusion of the once desktop-only editing features has me green with envy. Really, all Google has to do is simply update our current YouTube app to include all these features in the upload options. What still remains to be seen is if Android users will also be restricted to iOS’s 720p maximum limit. If not, you’ll finally be able to go back to gloating.

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  • Larizard

    very nice. I’m bothered by the fact, though, that this move resembles the “Facebook Camera” move a little bit. Why a separate app for a function that can easily be embedded into an existing one?

    But then I remember Talk, Messenger, Voice, and Messaging. …

    • Kevin Makens

      Actually makes more sense here considering most people don’t actually bother looking around the app and Apple’s own solution is horrible.

  • Lennatron

    Why iOS first???

    • Kevin Makens

      Because Apples built in solution is horrible.

    • JulianZHuang

      Google make more money from iOS???

      • Vipin

        Since iOS version has limited features and Android version will have more features

      • kascollet

        Yes, quite simply. iOS users represent more income for Google. The best client deserves the best effort. Sad but sooooo simply obvious.

      • Randy

        Correct, Google only looks for money. No matter it comes from their competitor brand. And those looking to download it for their iOS devices, here is the link,

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m guessing there are 2 teams developing apps over at Google — one for iOS and one for Android.

      Given that there are less variations of iOS devices, it’s easier to test and develop for.

      When it comes to Android — we all know there are more handsets with various hardware configurations that all need to be tested. If it’s an update to the existing YouTube app, Google’s gonna have to make sure it still works on the G1, Cliq, etc., as well as on the One X, Razr, GS3.

      • PhilNelwyn

        I prefer the idea that iOS users have now become beta testers. :-P

        • DroidDoesnt_2

          Try to spin it any way you want to, fandroid; your own company treats you like second class citizens :-)

          • Ken Bosse

            Can someone translate what this guy said? I don’t speak sheep..

          • Widowmaker

            he said “baaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Well if it isn’t “Dumb and Dumber”……

          • PhilNelwyn

            My own company? ^_^
            Do you think Apple is your own company?

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Correction: “Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest”…

          • PhilNelwyn

            What a repartee, that’s impressive.

      • Daniel Collins

        As a developer for both I have to say that, unfortunately, I can develop something twice as fast in xcode than in the abomination that is android’s hacked-up eclipse solution. That’s even before you begin to address the fragmentation issue listed above…..

  • Nathan Bryant

    Why the heck didn’t they build this into the YouTube app already like you said? And to limit it to 720p smh. I mean it’s a cool app but I feel they held back.

  • Jonbo298

    I’ll just leave this here

    • Chris Chavez

      Must share on every social network, email every contact, SMS to every person on the face of the earth.

    • bmg314

      Mila Kunis will never be old and ugly. SHE WON’T!

      George Lucas is not a jerk.

      LOVE the picture of John Goodman. John Goodman is the sh#t.

      Fantastic video. Well done, sir. =D

  • shonangreg

    And I was thinking this was a way for me to capture a youtube video on my phone so I could play it without buffering or downloading again and again . . . Oh, well, my students just love watching the buffering arrow chase its tail around ;-(

    • Chris Chavez

      Protip: If you save a video to your “Watch it later” list, you can have YouTube “pre-fetch” the videos and save ’em so that the YouTube app doesn’t buffer. It’s in the settings of the YouTube app :)

      • shonangreg

        Thanks, Chris. I’ll try to figure that out. My first attempt, even after reading two pages online about how to use the feature, didn’t work. Cutting the connection still caused the youtube app to stop playing. And on my N7’s youtube app, I can’t even find my “Watch Later” list. There is nothing about this in “Settings” there.

        EDIT: Ah, “Preloading” is available in my Galaxy Note’s Settings, though entirely absent on my N7. I also cannot access the “watch later” list on my phone. It is here on my desktop youtube page ((left side menu somewhere sometimes…) ), nothing from within my mobile youtube apps, though. I have to bookmark the above link in the browser to access my “watch later” list.

        • Chris Chavez

          YouTube app > Settings > Preloading > Preload watch it later? No?

          That’s on my Galaxy S3, LG Optimus G, Galaxy Note 2, and Nexus 4. O_o

          • shonangreg

            Not on the Nexus 7. My phone, though, yes.

            I edited my comment, Chris, so maybe you replied by email seeing only the original.

            I still can’t see how to access my “watch later” list from within the youtube app, but the bookmarked page in the browser does suffice as a workaround. More details are in my original, edited comment. But you did help me to see another feature to my phone that might be useful when I want to show videos from my phone only . . .

          • Rrrrac3r

            Save them on your device:

  • John

    Why in the hell is Google releasing software for the iPhone first???? Are you serious.

    • kascollet

      Ever heard of the new Google Maps (first delivery = iOS) ? Android is the second platform of interest for it’s own creator.