T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 getting multi-view update December 19th


The marvelous feature known as multi-view on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 finally looks to come to T-Mobile users starting December 19th as the carrier has confirmed the news on its support site. This feature allows you to use two select apps at a time. For instance, I could be watching a YouTube video while browsing my Facebook time line at the same time. It’s pretty remarkable.

By select apps, you’ll know that this feature will be limited to most Samsung-created apps, possibly a few Google apps and possibly a few third party apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Verizon users were shocked to find out that absolutely no Google apps, nor Facebook or Twitter, were available to use with their version of multi-view so nothing is guaranteed.

Developers can add code to an APK’s manifest to make the apps compatible with multi-view, but most apps in the Play Store are not coded in this way. You could petition your favorite developers to figure out how to added support and deliver it in an update, but know that it’s not guaranteed to happen, and that it might not be the best solution even if it is guaranteed.

Those who opt to root their devices might have already been enjoying multi-view, and with that would come the ability to use multi-view with any app you download. This is obviously the most ideal setup one could ask for, so if you don’t have a problem rooting your device then it’s something you’ll want to explore.

You might ask why Samsung doesn’t just allow all apps themselves, and the answer is simple — they don’t want to be liable for poor performance, bad implementation of apps or be bombarded with silly questions like why users can’t play Modern Combat 4 will doing their homework in S Note. By limiting apps to carrier and Samsung approved apps they can assure users are using multi-view with apps that work well with the feature.

Thankfully they made it easy enough to manipulate if you’re willing to get down and dirty with your device so don’t be too vexed about it. Other changes in the update will include a fix for an issue where exchange calendar events were not appearing in the built-in calendar, as well as an issue where users were unable to swipe through Gmail messages. The update will roll out over-the-air and via Kies so you should have no issues pulling this one down come Wednesday.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. yay! My Note2 will be even more awesome!!!

  2. Another device getting an update as my One X continues to lag!

    1. Well, you should be happy HTC or whoever is your current carrier is testing Jelly Bean extensively. JB on my GS3 is super buggy. I’d rather be back on ICS :/

  3. This makes me happy!

  4. About time! I’ve been waiting for this update before I rooted and started tinkering.



    1. It’s killing me man, I want it on the S3 so bad

    2. At&t/Verizon Galaxy Note 2 don’t even have it yet, and you’re complaining about the S3? C’mon man…

      Luckily I flashed stock international to my At&t Note 2, but if you have Sprint… http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1917402
      EDIT: Hyperlink didn’t work as planned..


  6. I want this on my Sprint S3

  7. At&t eh? When!

  8. This update should last me until the galaxy s4

  9. Some of you may actually use it I guess. I found it to be pretty much useless. Even with the large screen for a smartphone it’s still far too small to be an effective multitasking function. I eventually went back to another ROM for stability, though I will say I don’t think it was multi window that introduced the instability. It just didn’t make a dent in my UI choices. Perhaps if you have the multimedia dock and a monitor. then I could see it’s place. On a phone, it’s just another “look what my phone can do” feature that you never actually use.

  10. I got the update. Now what do I do with it? I admit I have only played with it for like 4 minutes but I dont really get what the big deal is?

  11. Now I love my phone much more. Can’t wait for the note IV

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