HTC M7 gets detailed: 4.7-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera, 2GB RAM, Sense 5, and more


While you’re probably just getting settled with your HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, or Droid DNA, the world of Android slows down for no one. As we enter into the new year, the rumor mill is already churning with talks of Android’s “next big smartphone.” The manufacturer? HTC. The phone? The HTC M7. According to anonymous sources at both Unwired View and @evleaks, the M7 is said to pack every high-end spec you can think of, in an attempt at getting a jump on the next round of high-end devices by a solid few months. Here’s what HTC could be doing to raise the bar.


The HTC M7 is said to carry a 4.7-inch 1080p full HD display with an estimated 468ppi. That is nothing short of amazing. When it comes to the display tech being used, HTC has something up their sleeve they’re calling “SoLux.” Whether or not that’s something different from the SLCD3 being used in the DNA/Butterfly, remains to be seen. If you were hoping for something a little bigger (around the 5-inch+ mark), keep in mind this will be HTC’s flagship, targeting the average consumer (as a flagship should), not niche market.

Processor and Software

HTC’s not skimping when it comes to processing power. The M7 will release with a higher clocked 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon (we’re going to assume S4 Pro) CPU. There’s also talk of a new version of Sense — dubbed Sense 5 — that will come atop Android 4.x Jelly Bean. Although there are no details as of yet, I’m excited to see what HTC has come up. Let’s hope it will come out of the box with 4.2 so non-Nexus users can finally start snapping some Photo Sphere shots.


HTC’s camera tech is some of the best in the business, and it looks like they’re only going to improve on that by upping the resolution of their rear facing camera to 13MP. The new lens will come with an even larger f/2.0 aperture. HTC’s real draw will be in their improved camera software dubbed “Cinesensor,” allowing for slow-mo video capture, and even HDR video recording. The front facing camera is improved as well. At 2MP, it can  capture 1080p HD video and although there was no mention of it, we’d expect to see HTC’s new wide angle lens as found on the HTC 8X and HTC Droid DNA.

Storage and Audio

There’s still more here to love. You can look forward to 2GB of RAM which should handle even HTC’s aggressive RAM management. For storage, it’s looking like the M7 will come equipped with 32GB — not the 64GB of the HTC One X+ — though hopefully enough to pacify most media enthusiasts. Of course, the Beats audio software will be making another appearance highlighted by the devices unique stereo speakers and enhanced call quality with Sense software HTC is calling “Clear Words.”

Wireless, Network, Battery

Looks like HTC is finally starting to give a little when it comes to larger capacity batteries as the M7 is said to come with a modest sized 2,300mAh lithium ion. When it comes to wireless, the M7 will come equipped with LTE — as any flagship device should — as well as compatibility for the new 802.11ac WLAN networks. Right now, the device is rumored to arrive on Sprint and Verizon Wireless, although I find the latter a bit odd as Verizon recently launched a similar spec’d Droid DNA a few short weeks ago.

The HTC M7 is rumored to be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress in February at which point will learn more on this legendary device. Guess the only thing left out is a leaked image of the device, which we’re sure @evleaks will deliver as we approach the device’s official unveiling. What say ye, Phandroids? Anything you think this device is missing (aside from the kitchen sink)?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Great Picture! But the specs on this phone look great. 13Mp Camera and 1080p especially.

    1. Imagine looking at the photos you’ve taken on the gorgeous display.

  2. I was holding my breath until I read the battery size and i’m surprised to say they actually put a good battery in it this time! This phone looks promising, can’t wait to see more of it.

    1. Sense, TouchWiz, Blur — they aren’t going anywhere. Only Nexus devices will ever be “stock” from here on out.

      For those that want a stock experience, I think it’s Google’s responsibility to make their stock apps downloadable from the Play Store.

    2. Either A) Don’t buy HTC or B) Root your HTC phone and get rid of Sense.

    3. Unfortunately, firmware updates will still lag by 6 months to a year (if they get them at all) even if they DID put all Google Apps on the Play Store. The problem with skins is not just losing Google apps either. Serious internal firmware work like Project Butter, 3rd party app compatibility, and security upgrades will be horribly delayed. Let’s not forget the carrier bloatware as well. It’s the OEMs and carriers that are spoiling Android- not the other way around. They could easily put their apps/launchers on the Play Store and limit those apps to their own branded phones, as Google Play knows which model you own. If OEMs and carriers would stop screwing with the firmware, developers would be happy as there would be LESS FRAGMENTATION, and users would be happy because they could have the same “Sense, Blur, Optimus, Adwareskin, etc” experience with fast firmware updates. Plus, it would be easier for them to update their own apps/launchers by using Google Play- AND less people would ROOT to get their stuff off of the phone. There is no reason on Earth they should be baking all of that crap into the firmware.

  3. I remember a little over a year ago anything over 4 inches was called a niche market for smartphones. Now all of a sudden it’s the norm. Samsung has sold millions of it’s Galaxy Note series, nearly as many as the Galaxy S II, I’d call that more than a niche.

  4. Quad Core, 1080p, LTE, only 2300mAh? I don’t think HTC will put such a small non-removable battery. It will probably be around the Maxx or Note 2 size battery.

    1. keep in mind this is HTC we’re talking about – well known for terribly low MAH numbers.

      1. Also known for having the best screen-off times.

    2. They bought a billion 1500mAh batteries by mistake back in 07… They’re just now starting to run out of them.

      1. lol

  5. Follow up to the Evo LTE?

    1. Yup.

    2. I’m going to bet yes. Sprint and HTC are pretty tight, and might be gearing up to outdo the DNA.

  6. they can shove that Sense UI where the sun don’t shine in my own personal opinion

  7. This is the HTC One XXLVIII and im pumped!

    1. I’m still thinking the Galaxy IV will beat it…

      1. If it has a flexible display like they’re saying, im going to put it in my wallet.

        “whoa… You have alerts in your wallet?!”

        “Nope, that’s just my Galaxy S IV… It has a flexible display”

        “this iSheep just got Samsung’d”

        1. God I can’t wait to see the damn commercial lmao!

      2. They would need a much better display than whats on the S3. True RGB with 1080P and at least 441 pixel count and that would just match HTC. The processor would need to be the rumored 8 core to beat HTC’s specs and 4 gb of memory. Anything less is just another dim blue screen phone from Sammy.

        1. It won’t need eight cores the quad exynos 5 would be overkill!

          1. Really??? Have you seen the Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor with a Quad-Core Krait CPU in the DNA and the Optimus G benchmarks? They destroy the Galaxy Note 2. You think the quad exynos would be enough power in their flagship device till 2014?

          2. I said the exynos 5 not 4412 lmao!

  8. Can’t wait.. although if for Sprint I wouldn’t be surprised to see EVO slide into that name somewhere for launch. Sense, while a resource hog, is the best Manufacture UI in the Android community. I hope HTC jumps back into the market next year by streamlining their devices across all carriers with Memory options to please the crowds. Competition in the Android arena is only for the best. Long live neXus, Moto, LG, HTC, Hawaei, Samsung, and the other brands that randomly make a knee jerk appearance.

  9. Hopefully they’ll put a micro SD card on it and a removable battery. If the HTC one x had those, and some proper marketing, the galaxy s3 could’ve gotten some stiff competition.

    1. I really don’t think the GS3 did so well because it had those features — I think it had everything to do with the $1 billion Samsung spent in marketing the product ($2 billion if you count the Apple lawsuit).

      1. You could be right – I think the single phone across all networks is a good strategy. However, I have several “non-tech” friends who bought the GS3 because of the removable battery. For those high-adventure type folks, no device on the market can last 3-5 days without a charge, extra batteries are needed. I am off contract with a Thunderbolt and was looking to get the new DNA, but can’t because of the non-removable battery. I don’t like the Note-2’s size and the new Nexus doesn’t work on Verizon. I see the GS3 as old school tech, but can’t find any other phone that has a removable battery. I am hoping the GS4 is out in early next year or that HTC releases a phone with a removable battery soon.

        1. Tell your adventurer friends to buy a sturdy external battery charger. That way they won’t need to keep buying batteries for their new phones, and it won’t matter if you have a removable battery or not. Problem solved.

          1. for most users, it doesn’t really matter. like the iPhone, it doesn’t have a removable battery, but it has a very good battery life. most android phone have terrible battery life, with LTE, quadcore processor, and 720p/1080 4 – 5 inch screen sucks the life out of most battery. People want choices, like opting for a better battery life. If these companies stopped putting things like ridiculous features like 1080p of display on a 4-5 inch of screen and prioritize battery life, then most people will complain about the non removable battery. I do like excellent screen on phones, but the battery tech is lagging behind.

      2. Most android phones have terrible battery life. A friend of mine had to buy an extra 3600 mAh battery (which really adds bulk on the phone) to have 1.5 day at most of battery life compare to 5-6 hours of use with 1700 mAh of battery. I was gonna ask you about the 1 billion spent on marketing that you said(thinking that you meant about the damages Samsung has to pay for the lawsuit, which is still doesn’t make sense since this lawsuit publicity doesn’t reach average consumers, except tech people or writers), and it really sounds ridiculous if you don’t have any proof to back the 1 billion marketing expenses. I didn’t said that it was the only reason it did so well on the market, I did mention that HTC needs to do some proper marketing on their device, which Samsung did a pretty good job on advertisement and commercials.

        1. I get 19-26 hrs on my HTC Evo LTE, who needs removable batteries!

  10. Yep… I’ve had just about all I can take of Sense… next device will be a nexus even if it means switching carriers.

  11. please come to T Mobile…. I beg of you. This would be the perfect upgrade to my Sensation

    1. gave up on mine

  12. Nonetheless, this will be a beast phone. Apart from the specs, I can’t wait what HTC has planned with Sense 5.. hopefully a little more vanilla than previous versions, but still with some of that Sense flavoring.
    … I’m getting hungry…

  13. Nice

  14. I was a staunch Nexus user, but I just happened to use HTC Desire X (my review on lessapple.blogspot.com), and I was impressed. Sense, while not as elegant as vanilla Android, does at last deliver some ‘value added’ features which those advocating custom skins harp on about. The net result is that outside of Nexus devices, I am prepared to consider only HTC devices as my next phone, which is something significant. It is good to see that despite a tough 2012 HTC haven’t lost their mojo

  15. I think all be satisfied with my note 2 forever muhahaha.

  16. Battery too small.

    1. too small for what, exactly?

      1. HD content.

        1. oh ok, yea I doubt you’ll be able to watch a whole season of Dexter in HD on one charge -_-

  17. If they made the battery removable and add a sd card that be great!

    1. ^^This. I refuse to buy ANY phone that doesn’t have a removable battery and SDcard slot.

      1. The time of removable batteries and sd card slots are leaving….Samsung is just about the only company doing it now and they might get rid of it for the S4..

    2. They do, its called HTC Evo 4g LTE! Sent from my beast dual core 2.1 ghz Jellybean Evo lte …

      1. It has a 1.5 ghz processor…

  18. I hope when it gets released, they promise key lime pie for it, and then wait for a year hoping everyone forgets about it, and then just encourage everyone to buy their new phone at that point. That’s exactly what I hope for in a manufacture, and so far given HTC’s track record I think they will follow through!

    but seriously…never again HTC…never again…so far ASUS is the only brand I have been happy buying for my android experience other than a nexus…at least they provided multiple updates! Other manufacture’s should take note.

  19. what about expandable memory? The only way I would forgive no expandable memory is if it comes with 64gb internal. I am rocking with a 16gb note 2 with 64 card. I have tons of music, top notch games and a few hd movies. being a 1080p screen the movies will take more memory

  20. Maybe, just maybe, those specs will overcome my hatred of Sense.

  21. I think I see the Licensed by Apple text at the bottom.

  22. Great Specs! Hope that Android-smartphone will come soon!

  23. Have a dna with a case and screen protector pre ordered…. Now I have to cancel

    1. I don’t see why u can’t stick with the DNA. Very similar specs and a bigger screen. And it will get the uSense 5 update

  24. I get that Minecraft is somewhat popular… but I feel this design aesthetic is a little too retro. amirite? ^_^

    1. I see what you did there….

  25. This would make a great upgrade for my Rezound… It would be nice to see this on Verizon.

  26. I have the S3, but still having my upgrade in my pocket. I doubt Verizon will get this since it has the DNA, but i’ll be keeping my eye on this one for sure.

  27. Oh GOD, I need to upgrade my phone!!! hTC One X is too old already =P

  28. If this goes on Sprint, I hope it has the unlocked GSM like the Droid DNA on Verizon!

    1. Amen brother. That’s a killer feature.

  29. SD card? FM radio? Kickstand? Dedicated camera button? Fingerprint reader?

    1. Who wants a fingerprint reader, what you think youre James Bond or something?

  30. 4.7 inch? Give me more screen?

    1. That screen size is perfect for me!

  31. And yet still have crappy battery life

  32. Just stuff in a 3000mah+ battery and it’d be perfect!

  33. good to see a phone packing bigger specs and not necessarily a bigger screen. 4.3-4.7 FTW…

  34. IF this is real…

    Then HTC would have come through for believers such as myself. I don’t care for Sammy. I’d rather get an iPhone than get a Samsung.

  35. It should be a big success as long as it’s available on all 4 major carriers.

  36. Mine release day! Upgrade on deck for it! Yeahhhh Budddyy! Lol

  37. I guess the only thing missing for me is wireless charging. I know this hasn’t completely caught on with everyone, but I really like being able to just set down and pick up a phone quickly while it’s charging. Especially with Nokia’s JBL speaker.

  38. The HTC “M7” (This is the stuff that would make it perfect in my eyes at least)

    Just a few things I would love to see in the new HTC “M7″ that I know are probably not going to make it into this phone :-( One… can dream at least. (Pun intended)

    1. Quad Core A15 Processor (Exynos5, Tegra4 etc.) but the A9.5 S4 Pro is still nice (not a deal breaker) although microUSB 3.0 (supported only on A15 processors) would be epic!
    2. 64GB storage space (like the One X+) and not a GB less more would be ok though :) Unless they include an SDcard slot! Then 32 or even 16 are ok… (This would be a deal breaker like the DNA)
    3. Screen size of 5″ would be nice but 4.7″ is nice as well good pocket-able size (to me both are good, I just like 5” a bit more)
    4. Big Battery!!! At 2300mAh the tiny battery (look up: RAZR HD) might be ok but IF it’s any less than that it will NEED to be removable! (Deal breaker for this too)

    A few things that I always see popping up that pi$s people off are Storage Space and Battery life/size (and yes, battery size) even though each phone consumes batteries at different rates people just like bigger batteries period. Same with STORAGE! Cloud sucks, fine its ok BUT if you have data caps and speed issues and coverage issues and… Ahhh damn it just put more storage in the phone already!

    I probably won’t be getting this phone because of HTC’s track record; they always have a nice phone with a few MAJOR flaws/items missing that would otherwise make it a bomb shell great phone… wtf HTC…

    Hint for HTC: best of “J Butterfly” + best of “One X+” + a real battery = Perfect high end halo phone! (Notice: I didn’t say Droid DNA because lack of SDcard slot hint hint). It’s not like they don’t have the tech/stuff to make a phone like this, they just need to put it a SINGLE phone already and release it with no modifications on all the carriers. Kind of like Samsung… Hmm and I wonder why Samsung sold so many phones. You know it’s not all about advertising (a good chuck of it is), you also have to have great hardware not just ok hardware that’s not up to par in ALL aspects.

  39. hello,HTC the new Android Teknik kalite and system iz best mobilTelefon in the world.

  40. I’m not impressed. I need more storage 32GB is so 2012…. Hope It’ll come with SDXC slot… And coming up a few month later with a M7+ that does have a bigger battery and storage capacity would be the last drop to me.

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