Dec 17th, 2012

Today, Google announced an all new application for the iPhone called YouTube Capture. The app lets users quickly upload videos to YouTube, with easy sharing across multiple social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. While this is great news for iOS users, many Android users are feeling left out in the cold, but don’t worry — ours is coming too.

So, what makes YouTube Capture all that special, and isn’t it the same as uploading from the gallery app on Android devices? Not entirely. With Capture, users can trim and add YouTube’s special video enhancements like video stabilization, color correction, and background music — options previously only available from the desktop version of YouTube on your browser. Probably the best part about YouTube Capture is that it forces its users to shoot in landscape mode by default (although this can be changed in the app’s settings). As I mentioned before, Capture also lets iPhone users easily share to multiple social networks all from within the app ala Instagram.

Alright, so does this mean Android users should be expecting a YouTube Capture to drop in the Play Store some time soon? According to Google, most definitely. While I don’t think there’s any need for a separate video recording app just for uploading to YouTube, the inclusion of the once desktop-only editing features has me green with envy. Really, all Google has to do is simply update our current YouTube app to include all these features in the upload options. What still remains to be seen is if Android users will also be restricted to iOS’s 720p maximum limit. If not, you’ll finally be able to go back to gloating.