Rumored HTC M7 to have 5 inch HD display, quad-core processor and 13 megapixel camera

Samsung and HTC have forced everyone to step their game up as we head into the 2013 calendar year, and it looks like the latter will look to take things a step further sooner rather than later. New rumors suggest HTC is working on a flagship device called the HTC M7. Said to arrive Q1 2013, the M7 is supposed to come with a 5 inch 1080p HD display. That particular spec is nothing new as the same company introduced a 1080p phone when it launched the DROID DNA on Verizon.

Alongside what many consider to be one of the best displays in the business, we should also expect Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro and a 13 megapixel primary shooter. The phone’s internals will be housed in an aluminum unibody chassis, as well, so this thing should feel solidly premium all around.

HTC is said to be aiming for mass production at some point early next year with devices hitting store shelves before the Spring months are over. None of this is too surprising, timing wise, considering we have some pretty big events coming up. There’s CES, but HTC tends to let carriers take the shine for new smartphone announcements at that particular show.

Mobile World Congress is historically HTC’s biggest show, though, and we can be sure they’ll look to at least unveil the device no later than that point. Anything can happen, of course, but if we know HTC then we know that something will be shown off at these upcoming events, and you can be sure we’ll be there to cover every last bit.

[Focus Taiwan via HTC Source]

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  • David Pat

    Don’t call it a comeback


    Kinda like the OneX and OneX+ ?

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I hope HTC is able to get all carriers to bring this device to the market.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Yes, I’m so tired of exclusivity in the USA. It needs to die.

    • scarshapedstar

      I hope it’s literally nothing but the DNA with like 64 gigs of storage, and that it comes to Verizon, and I can die a happy man.

      Well, okay, if they give up on the capacitive buttons, that’d be nice too.

      …unfortunately, I know that none of this will happen.

      • scoter man1

        Why the heck do you like soft keys? Loss of screen real estate…

        • veccster

          Why the heck do you like bevel? soft keys disappear when necessary (games, video’s, pictures, etc. Capacitive are always there. I’ve had both and will always want soft keys.

        • Don_SoLow

          He said “if they give up on the capacitive buttons, that’d be nice, too” as in he doesn’t want soft keys.

        • MrSpoiler15


  • Matt Thomas

    still gonna suck GO SAMSUNG

  • Ben Guenther

    HTC does not understand what flagship means. They’re going to perish if they don’t emulate Apple and Samsungs flagship strategy. They committed to fewer models and they still churn out an assload, making me doubt their ability to support them with software updates down the road. Sad, cause I used to like HTC.

    • Matt Thomas

      yeah htc sucks hate sense and eveything about it

      • BOB

        I actually like Sense :/ LOL. But i might get a Sony next

        • S.Rambo

          Don’t go there Sony stock is junk and there phones never get updates and att seems to be the only ones who sell them

          • BOB

            Htc have been over taken by Sony here in the British phone market .But i just hope this M7 is the phone to buy next year. Sony’s new flagship though, sounds really good. But i like Sense and i don’t think i could get any other skin

      • ScottColbert

        Your Mom sucks more.

        • ingua2

          sore little fella.

      • DavidVarghese

        Personal preference I guess..
        I personally love Sense, and I believe it’s UI (other than stock Android) is the best and most functional I’ve used. HTC has some beast phones with solid build quality and sexy specs, not sure what’s not to like other than HTC’s weak-ish battery and no sd card slot (except on the Evo LTE)

    • S.Rambo

      Thats the problem there new phones have been like apple no sd slot no removable battery they need to add back sd slot and let me take out the battery thats all they need to do be more like Samsung not Apple

      • The Maker

        Amen brother!!!

      • ingua2

        not sure why that is considered a problem when the MILLIONS of people using phones without removeable batteries or removable SD. Still amazed that people think their opinions on these things matter when the masses say otherwise. Devs will keep making phones to appease the mass market. Most people don’t want to remove a battery or SD card. Period.

        • DJ Pylloz[O]::[O]

          That’s pure bullshit. Most people want the removable sd and battery.

        • Tom Secreto

          An SD is a must and removable battery is a close 2nd. I really like HTC the only droids I have had first EVO 4G noW EVO 3D (NOT giving up my WiMax here at close to WiFi speeds 1-14 down / 3-4 up). AND must be true unlimited not tiered or throttled.

    • InspectorGadget80

      yep another reason not to BUY HTC PHONES

  • TechGuy22

    lol HTC DNA just came out. and now this.
    i dont see why they losing money *rolling my eyes*

    • Duong Duc Ngo

      Because Samsung does not do that at all am I right *rolling my eyes* Oh and the DNA is only on VZW

  • toomuchgame441

    Just bring it to all carriers and market the hell out of it… u can do it HTC!

    • Jonbo298

      They really need to take a cue from Samsung on that.

      • DavidVarghese

        It’s not HTC’s fault. The carriers pick and choose what products they want from HTC.. Samsung has a great position in the smart phone market and they’re seen as direct competition to Apple, that’s why you see the S3 on every carrier. HTC has to get to Samsung’s level in order to do what Samsung is doing

        • DonMcCall

          Samsung has been getting at least a variant of the same phone on all carriers since the original Galaxy S. Remember that the only differences were slight: cosmetic case variations and the names. Samsung was NOT selling any better than HTC until that phone, and they STILL got it on all 4 major carriers. HTC needs to make it happen, no excuses!

          • DavidVarghese

            HTC did have phones in the 4 major carriers, but yeah, they were all different. I’m not sure if it was stupidity that made them decide to make different phones for different carriers, or if it was the will of the carriers to make that happen.. Either way, we can see HTC is slowly making a turn toward’s Samsung’s direction of having one type of phone everywhere, hopefully within the year. HTC makes beast phones, and I really do hope they can get to the same level as Samsung in terms of success.

          • ingua2

            HTC will make beast phones, licensed by Apple. No thanks.

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            Hopefully their current upswing will give HTC some more clout — enough that other carrier’s begin to feel “left out” if they don’t bring HTC to their customers.

        • ingua2

          it is. They make deals with carriers. it’s well know. You should know that.

  • cigar3tte

    I’m guessing it’ll have a 1500mAh battery.

    • Mike

      Lmao and a scratchy back

    • bjc

      non-removable of course

      • ingua2

        doesn’t matter.

    • a)

      They figure that’s all an iPhone needs, so why not!

  • MITM

    Cant wait! If its not on all carriers, hopefully it comes to TMobile.

  • KyseJ

    Doesnt Matter S4 is going to be wayyy better

    • DavidVarghese

      Don’t say anything if there isn’t a removable battery or sd-card slot in the S4

      • ingua2

        who cares about removable anything… the millions of people buying phones don’t. Quit whining about it… devs don’t care. They’ll still sell millions of phones regardless.

        • DavidVarghese

          Who says I did? I actually own a phone w/o a removable battery (Evo LTE)
          I personally don’t care for removable batteries.. they allow the phone to be thinner and allow more room for other things… If only they went with Motorola’s route with making their phones have 3000+ mAh batteries.

  • Scott Zahlmann

    This is what the DNA should of been, why couldnt they wait a couple of months and put this out?

    • Cenarl

      Right now the DNA is a pretty interesting phone that will squeeze some sales out for the Christmas season. If they waited a few more months till this was ready they would have lost those sales and had to deal with the 800lbs gorilla that will be the SG4 that’s on the horizon.

      It may or may not have worked out for them but im sure that was their intention, to secure the free flowing holiday money.

  • Nehemiah George

    This sounds like the next EVO for Sprint to me! Woo hoo!!!

    • Tom Secreto

      Me too.

  • MarcusDW

    I guess 2014/15 will bring 4K screens?

  • Jacob Navarro

    I hope they launch on all carriers! Or at least T mobile!!!!

  • Mix

    From that description I hear no removable battery and fail.

  • ArmageddonX

    Love HTC & love their build quality but after the experience with getting ICS so late on my Evo3D and the fact that I will probably never see JB on my “Flashship” phone… I will probably buy a Nexus or a Samsung next year instead of a HTC.

  • a)

    Meanwhile Apple passes on HD displays saying that Retina Display Technology (RDT) is still far superior than of a MEASLY 440ppi screen. Then, say something along the same lines of why it took so long to put LTE in an iPhone.

    Apple: we will watch all these “crazy ideas” these Android OEMs are calling “innovation” at the wall and see what craziness sticks.


    Apple: oh?…what’s that? We are losing our asÅ¡es? Sue them but at the same time, incorporate their three ideas, “perfect” them, file for patent, and watch our iSheep baahaa

  • funkyblue

    Who cares? Bring us a HTC One X with a battery that lasts a whole day! I am dead sick of crappy battery life. Higher specs are useless without a actual proper battery. 10 hours screen on (average) should be the minimum!

    • Dvrcowboy

      Why do you need the screen on for 10 hrs?

      • funkyblue

        Meant to put on average. IE not the usual 3-4 hours you get. If your out and about using maps/gps/music etc you will find you often need a spare battery or a charge. It is just not good enough. Proper all day usage is needed, without a being a brick like the Note 2 or stupid CDMA/Verizon crap like the HD MAXX.

        • tomn1ce

          HTC doesn’t learn look what they did to the DNA. If the DNA would have a 2500+ mAh battery and bigger storage at least 32GB internal or the current 16GB internal paired with a (32GB+) microSD slot the phone would be more appealing to people. But they failed…The screen is nice but what’s the point of having the best screen if you can not use it how you want to because of the battery limitation.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Hopefully this one will be on AT&T. Verizon have too many GOOD DAMN PHONES. if it have a shitty battery i’ll pass. HTC can never learn bout putting BIG BATTERY in their phones. is the reason i never bought the ONE X

  • jessez93

    I hate the way this guy writes his articles. too much unnecessary crap.

    • ingua2

      I hate the way people chose to berate a site they seemingly frequent and post useless comments.

      • bjc

        You are one of those with the useless comments. Non-removable batteries are a preference that you seem to agree with, but they’re not for everyone, so deal with it. Based on sales, Samsung has the right plan, HTC doesn’t. So go troll somewhere else.

  • jerry Joe johnson

    Sounds like an EVO LTE successor to be honest?

  • JH

    It better come with a car battery

    • JonANDROID

      lmao.. agree

  • blest

    What’s the battery and storage going to be like?

  • PhineasJW

    The M7? Really? Why can’t HTC figure out that in order to create a brand and a following you need to have a single, identifiable FLAGSHIP product line. Is it that hard to understand????

  • Jeremy Davis

    Can we stop with the 5 inch screen bandwagon and get back to normal size premium phones like a 4.3? Please?

    • ToxMarz

      Or maybe even a 4.0 inch long phone. When will someone think of that.

    • ingua2

      no.. that’s an apple thing. where less is more.

      • Jeremy Davis

        Except, that’s not an apple thing. Phones such as the galaxy nexus, incredible 4g, even as far as the gs3, those are appropriate sizes for phones. 5 inches? That’s too big, you might as well be using a tablet.

  • talhamid

    For me, it’s a no brainer. They just have to essentially re-badge Droid DNA and suddenly they have the best international phone in the world. In fact I am counting on them launching it in January. As for naming, maybe M7 is a codename; One X HD or One X2 will make more….Sense!

  • DonMcCall

    HTC needs to build a “no compromises” phone. Every single so-called “flagship” phone they have released over the last two years has had some compromises compared to the competition. Take the screen and processor from the DNA, the storage space from the One X+, and copy the camera quality of a Nokia, the memory of a GS3 (or MORE), and battery size of a Razr HD Maxx and they have their phone. Bonus points for adding a MicroSD slot, removable battery, truly unlockable bootloader (like Samsung’s…not this half-hearted mess they currently have), and physical camera button (like they used to have). THIS phone, if built with typical HTC build quality, would sell like hotcakes. Will they do it? Nope!

  • erni74

    Hope this Smartphone-model will bring HTC back to success!

    • Chris

      Same. I hope these specs are right, but it has one name, and looks the exact same and is available on all the major carriers. And also if they add SD Card slot back, and give it a 2200+ battery.

  • vperl

    I WOULD LOVE, a pure Android phone, no carrier, or phone maker skin. Just stock Android, LTE, LARGE REMOVABLE STORAGE & HUGE REMOVABLE BATTERY.

    Then go from there…..

  • kev2684

    if this is still an at&t exclusive you’re still going down you know.

  • ingua2

    HTC M7 – Powered By Apple licensing. No thanks.

  • Casey Persson

    Dear OEMs; Please stop making screens bigger. 4.5 is big enough.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I hope they go back to removable batteries and sd slots. That’s the only way I could go back to Htc.