Dec 5th, 2012

While the Android 4.1.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is just now picking up steam, hitting S3’s on Sprint, T-Mobile and more recently AT&T — you may find cause to rejoice. You done feelin’ good about yourself? Good, cuz here’s something that might drop those spirits: owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 international version have already begun receiving Android 4.1.2. I know, that tiny “2” doesn’t sound like much of a jump, but let me tell you… it is.

According to owners of the quad-core GT-I9300 GS3 in Poland, Android 4.1.2 has hit their device, bringing with it the Note 2’s famous “Multi-View” windows for superior multitasking. There’s also a few TouchWiz applications that have been updated. Here’s everything worth looking forward to in the JZO54K update:

  • Multi-View
  • Page Buddy
  • New Gallery App
  • Notification Panel can now be customized (sweet!)
  • Brightness Slider in notification panel can now be disabled
  • Smart Rotation
  • Continuous Input in Samsung Keyboard
  • Paper Artist App
  • Group Cast App

The update, currently rolling out in phases, will be available in other countries shortly. I guess us Galaxy S3 users here in the US have something to look forward to in 2013, eh? While I’m completely content with my S3 not running Android 4.2 (with the exception of PhotoSphere) I have to say, Multi-View is a pretty sweet TouchWiz feature I could use in my everyday life. Wonder which carrier will be the first to push this out here in the states?


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