Dec 5th, 2012

Google has announced a new upgrade for Google Now, and while the new goods weren’t available in the Play Store as of the time of this writing the search giant did well to inform us what to expect. This update focuses on new automatic and voice-activated features to make holiday traveling easier.

For starters, Google Now will automatically tell you what the weather will be like at your destination so you’ll know what type of clothes to pack before jetting off to the airport. I could have used said functionality when taking shorts and t-shirts to a near-freezing Vegas last year, but it’s better late than never!

When you get near your airport Google Now will automatically bring up your boarding pass so there won’t be a need to stand in those long lines or use those kiosks unless you’re checking a bag. The feature is not functional yet, but when it does go live it will be launching with support for United Airlines only. We’re told that other airlines will be coming soon.

Finally, Google Now will let you know where to go for fun and sight-seeing once you’ve arrived at your destination. They’ll either tell you about events going on at that moment or direct you to websites where you can find out where all the touristy things are for you and your family to sink your teeth into. Should you wander into a museum, Google Now can bring up more information on certain pieces by simply capturing it with Google Goggles.

On the voice activated side of things, Google Now can identify what song is playing using “What’s this song,” scan a barcode using “Scan this barcode,” and update your Google+ status message by saying “Post to Google+” followed by whatever you want your message to say. We’re keeping our eyes peeled toward the Play Store for the upgrade, and will update this post once it goes live. [Update]: it’s live! Go get it!

[via Official Android Blog]