Nexus Q in stock at Google Play Store, orders arriving in 3-5 business days

The experimental Nexus Q media orb is now in stock and shipping from Google, with deliveries expected to arrive within three to five business days. The Android-based social music and video playback system went up for pre-order shortly after being unveiled during the 2012 Google I/O keynote address. Priced at $299, the Q is engineered, designed, and manufactured in the US, but it’s high cost has left many tech industry experts questioning how big an impact it will make for Google’s Android ecosystem.

The general availability of the Q follows the release of Google’s first Android Jelly Bean tablet, the 7-inch Nexus 7. The slate had a successful launch, selling out quickly at several retailers. The 16GB Nexus 7 still remains backordered. Few anticipate Google’s Nexus Q experiment will see quite the same reception, but its launch is nonetheless intriguing. Already placed a pre-order or planning on picking one up? Sound off below.

[via Google Play | Thanks, Derek!]

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  • jaycemiskel

    Maybe if they cut the price in half I’ll THINK about getting one

  • JohnBurson

    nobody cares

  • Keith0606

    it’s just too expensive, more interested in that new vizio google tv device announced today instead. Need to find out a bit more about that first but it sounds like it will stream your play store movie/tv/music content among other things and only for $99.

  • Jarrett Vance

    This thing has awesome audio quality. I hooked one up to some of my existing speakers and the amp did a great job. I just wish I could stream music via bluetooth.

  • NorthVandea

    I’m all for “buy USA” but the price is ridiculous for an oversized smart “speaker”

  • endinyal

    Too expensive?? But it’s “made” in the U.S. using real American workers paying American wages!!??

    You guys criticize another popular company for using cheap, chinese “slave” labor, and now that one company (Google) decides to play the Made In America card, you cry uncle. I’m just cracking up at the hypocrisy I continuously read in these forums.

    • Chris Chavez

      I think you’re confused. It’s too expensive for what it DOES — absolutely nothing. :p

      • Ja

        however, we’re used to product that is “priced nicely for what it does” because it is made in china. If every single gadget is made in america, maybe this $299 price will be nice for what it does.

        • Mitch Samuels

          It would probably cost the same to make if they loaded the GoogleTV software on it (Which is much more functional)… so that’s not nice for what it does.

  • kev2684

    the price is too damn high.

  • bos

    Google has grown way out of touch with consumers if they think everyone is going to rush out and buy this thing just because it has the word “social” in the description. Save the “social” snake oil for your corporate advertising customers, google. They may be willing to pay money for a worthless buzzword, but consumers demand a product that actually does something useful.