Knockoff DROID X360 suffers from an identity crisis, but hardware isn’t half bad


What do you get when you combine the PS Vita, Android, and Microsoft’s popular Xbox gaming console? The DROID X360, at least when it comes to names. The device, which lifts its design from Sony’s PS Vita, comes to us courtesy of Long Xun Software, and as is typically the case with items like this, likely won’t be found anywhere outside the electronics stalls of a Chinese marketplace. Still, the boldness associated with such an obvious ripoff is only accentuated by its branding.

Hardware and software-wise the DROID X360 isn’t all that bad. It carries a 1.5GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and front and rear cameras. The icing on the cake: this little clone runs Android 4.0. It also comes packed with software emulators for older Nintendo, Sony, and Sega consoles. Despite being a fairly capable knockoff, it’s still a far cry from any of the devices referenced in its name and design.

[via Engadget]

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  1. China is so creative…

  2. haha look my psvita is running android…

    1. I was under the impression that the OS the PSVita runs was already Android based? Or at least an EXTREMELY altered version.

  3. is Apple Chinese….I bet Apple sues them and says it infringes on iPad/iPhone patents because it has a screen

  4. If this had a good processor and more ram I’d probably get one.

    1. I was actually thinking that too. But 1.5 Single-core wouldn’t be good for some of todays’ games. Or would it? I doubt the RAM would be too much trouble since I wouldn’t be doing too much at once with this. Lyk why would I have sync on in the background? LoL!!

  5. So its like a psp running android yet its named droid 360 >.> pretty cool concept only thing needed is better hardware

  6. PS Droid X360 Uii SIII

  7. That’s perfect if you play the -oid emulators. It’s a Frankenstein’s-monster, Vita-xbox360-Verizon-knockoff-thingy. I can’t imagine this thing would fool anyone. Like a Rollex watch.

    1. lol @ a rorrex…jus sayin

    2. that’s how we rorr, that’s how we rorrr….it’s what we rike….

  8. They should have picked someone who has played video games before for their video…

  9. I seriously may get this… no joke.

  10. does it have google play

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