My Verizon data widget back in action, now tallying Share Everything plans

When Verizon overhauled its data offerings with the introduction of new Share Everything plans, the data monitoring widget offered as part of the My Verizon Mobile app took a summer vacation. The holiday was brief, however, as a new update restores functionality to the widget while providing support for VZW’s sharable data plans. A caveat is that the widget will no longer automatically update in the background. Users will need to manually refresh.

For Verizon subscribers with older Android devices lacking Ice Cream Sandwich’s built-in data monitoring the widget should come in handy, especially for those using a shared plan or with a limited monthly data allowance. Users with unlimited data have less reason to keep an eye on consumption, but checking in on the data totals never hurts.

[via DroidLife]

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  • edoggy

    Apparently not for the Galaxy Nexus version….

    • Havoc70

      Not working on my Nexus either, maybe because i am running JB?

  • bakdroid

    The widget never went away. Bad reporting.

    • typikal82

      it didnt go away, it just didnt work correctly for a week or two

      • bakdroid

        Always worked fine for me. Never had an issue.

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          then you never upgraded my verizon… because it went away.

          • bakdroid

            There never was an update that removed it. App was always up to date.

          • Crimsonshadow774

            Actually the update at the end of June changed it to say “Important Message” instead of reporting your usage.

  • Brad W. Cooper

    Galaxy Nexus version also does not work at all either. So I guess I will be using the built in ICS one.

  • Mark Seven

    It’s stupid that it doesn’t update on it’s own. That was the whole point of having that ugly widget on my screen..