Developers already testing the Nexus Q’s limits, media orb hacked to run apps


During Google’s reveal of the Nexus Q, the company noted that the device featured a USB port to encourage “hackability.” The developers in attendance took the statement as a challenge, and given that all in attendance got to take home the Q it’s no surprise to learn that things are already moving along. The latest development takes the gimped media player and turns it into a full-fledge apps machine, pointing to a future that could position the Nexus Q a hacked Android desktop.

With a bit of tinkering it was discovered that the Nexus Q could easily recognize input devices like keyboards and mice, which paved the way for controlling apps such as Netflix after the device was hacked to run such APKs, greatly expanding the capabilities of Google’s orb. Of course, the hack doesn’t come as simple as it reads, but for anyone with a bit of experience the process shouldn’t be too hard. Another hack brings us QRemote, an APK that can be pushed to the device that will allow remote control via a desktop browser.

Certainly exciting developments for anyone with a Nexus Q pre-order waiting to ship. Much has been made about device’s price versus the service it provides, but this slight bit of hacking brings an added value to the device that you won’t get out of the box.

[XDA via Engadget]

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  1. this thing is stupid and it will be $99 in 3 months and still won’t sell.

  2. Its to bad because google could have made this a Nexus google TV device. Its really to bad they didn’t

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