LG Optimus Vu pictured next to the Samsung Galaxy Note, may get stylus support

Move over Galaxy Note, LG is about to make even your gargantuan proportions seem pocketable with their upcoming Optimus Vu. The handset, which we first saw teased last week, is seen here pictured next to the Note. The two phones feature similar display sizes, but the 4:3 aspect ratio of the Vu makes for a much wider design. The newly leaked image also gives us a pretty good idea of the LG big boy’s overall stylings, which seem to take cues from the Korean manufacturer’s recent Prada Phone 3.0.

While we are still in the dark in terms of specs, an accompanying screen grab is suggesting a peripheral we may see, at least. If the above shot from what appears to be an annotation app is to be believed, the 5-inch display size won’t be the only thing the Vu borrows from Samsung’s Note. LG’s phone may also utilize a stylus, a popular input method for these devices with screen sizes falling somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the question, though. How big is too big?

[via Engadget, AndroidCentral]

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  • UniqueNate

    That LG phone is not attractive. It’s so boxy. So much bezel to.

  • MarcusDW

    Is there even a name for LG’s UI?  Or do we just call it a Touch Wiz knockoff and that’s it?  And that thing is too wide to enjoy as a phone.

  • J Dub

    I just picked up a used DROID X and I’m thinking the Note might be awesome. The X doesn’t feel large in the pocket and in the hand I can type much better due to the screen real estate.

  • billcollier

    Size is what surves your purpose. 5″ is the marriage between tablet and phone. I would like to see a 6″ tablet also, just because of the conveinance it would bring.

  • Sherry

    Is Verizon a possibility?

  • http://twitter.com/CyberWarFan agent k

    did someone put an acid tab in LGs coffee? its not the 1980s. Who the fuck would want 4:3 ratio ? 

  • http://gspirits.com/ Zod

    Still waiting to get my company to approve the acquisition of the Note for me soon!