7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 unveiled with Ice Cream Sandwich


The newest member of the Galaxy Tab family has been unveiled, a 7-inch slate that looks to be touted as the followup to Samsung’s first Android tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which carries many of the same specs as the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, will ship with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and HSPA+ connectivity. The tablet features dual cameras of the 3MP and VGA varieties for the rear and front, respectively. Oh, and it will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich.

We can expect to see the Galaxy Tab 2 on show at Mobile World congress, even if there will be no press conference to announce this or any other new device from Samsung. The new slate will first be available in Europe. Pricing and other details have yet to be released.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Oh hai thar, the real reason original 7″ GalTab never got ICS.

  2. I might have considered this if it came out a year ago… The specs are just too out of date for any self-respecting Phandroid!

  3. great, throw this in the pile of half ass spec’ed bleh bleh bleh’s

    im seriously just going to wait another year or two for android to do a tablet right…or at least till google brings out their official one…or if the ipad 9 is super sweet.

  4. i bought the first 7 GTab. biggest misssttaakee EVER!

    never going for samsung again. they just dont respect their customers.
    still waiting for an HTC ICS tab.

    1. Or Asus

    2. i still have the original tab 7 and i can tell you it runs just about every game out on the market. obv some wont work. but 99% of them do. i still haven’t came across a game that doesn’t run smooth. then again mine is rooted with a custom rom :P

  5. How is this different from the 7.0 Plus again? And why doesn’t my GT 7.0 Plus have ICS yet?

  6. Makes no sense to get this when the Asus Memo 370T has quad-core, ICS and is only $250.  I’ll wait a few more months for it to hit.

  7. Besides ICS, can someone please explain to me the major differences/improvements between this tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus? In fact the 7.0 Plus is slightly thinner, has a slightly faster processor (1.2GHz) and has a higher resolution front facing camera.  Wouldn’t it be smarter for Samsung to simply upgrade the 7.0 Plus to ICS?

  8. Brilliant move. The Galaxy tab 7.7 bests this in every possible area except ICS and it will be upgraded. Why not just make the superior 7.7 available in the US. Who would buy this with last years specs?

  9. This is a serious slap in the face for the US market if it’s not sporting the Exynos processor or something faster. G Tab 1 users are still waiting for an official update to 2.3. La la la la.

  10. the phone icon makes me think this is bogus…

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