First image of LG Optimus 3D 2 surfaces, new specs revealed


In advance of Mobile World Congress the first image of what is said to be the LG Optimus 3D 2 has made its way online. A point of emphasis with the new design is the device’s thinness. Last year’s Optimus 3D suffered from the fact that the handset measured in at 11.9mm thick. This year LG has reportedly shaved that number down to 9.8mm, reducing the Optimus 3D’s weight in the process. The Optimus 3D 2 will feature a hi-res IPS display, likely the same as the HD screen found on the Optimus LTE.

The Optimus 3D 2 (or potentially Optimus 3D Max) will find its place next the Optimus Vu as one of LG’s MWC booth darlings, but the company may have some surprises for us yet. With Samsung staying low key this year, does LG have a chance to steal the show?

[ETNews via OLED Display]

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  1. Hmmm…wide bezel with rounded corners…Is it me or does it vaguely resemble an iphone?

  2. apple is gonna sue the hell out of LG!

    1. No since Lg makes a lot for them, plus apple took LG’s original prada design, so they will get fu**** lol

      1. Samsung makes a lot for Apple as well and it isn’t stopping them from suing eachother.  

        1. LG makes more, I think.

  3. Battery size?

    1. Likely “small” or “poor” as they have done the very bright thing to address a completely useless feature such as..:
      “the handset measured in at 11.9mm thick. This year LG has reportedly shaved that number down to 9.8mm”

      Why can’t phone manufacturers learn that 2,1 mm doesn’t make a phone better? It only makes it thinner with LESS battery capacity and room for better features (camera optics/internal speaker/water and dropping restistance).

      This thinner-is-an-improvement madness (sadly also highlighted and made “overimportant” by websites/reviewers like Phandroid/Engadged/TheVerge etc.) needs to stop!!

      Who was actually satisfied with the Zippo-lighter sized Nokia phones 10 years ago, that had 1-3 row LCD screens that got lost in your pockets?
      Now suddenly everybody markets that we should have phones that can slip through a hairfine crack in the floor or that can disappear in a stack of papers??

  4. Looks cool, but my main question is battery life…

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